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Readers Respond: What is your opinion of the evidence for reincarnation?

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Enjoy it while you can

I think reincarnation is entiely possible, but I aslo think we should enjoy our current life to the full, and let the afterlife take care of itself.. why worry? Sonner or later we all pass on, we can worry about what's on the other side when the time comes. Just my own personal 2 cents worth.
—Guest Gameryo

More on It for you

Keep in mind too, my friends, that the Hindu or Buddhist idea is very different from that of the old Druid understanding. The druids knew it better, and the Romans killed them to keep this information away from you. The teaching of Reincarnation was protected though, you should read what happened to Alexander the so-called Great when he tried to invade India! The REAL story. Lol. Nah, reincarnation is plainly common sense. When you die, you do not reincarnate right away, and nor do you go to Heaven forever and ever after only one life. You die and then take a break. For vicious, young and mean soul-types, they will have to be born in harsher places, like starving in Africa, and the older souls who have earned stripes can have better experiences. Keep in mind the world has seen many things, and we are even our own ancestors, if you get me :) You are not your body. "Science" has come to mean "physics only" in this age... but science used to mean knowledge. Read, think... KNOW.
—Guest LibraCelt

It IS True

It is all true. Don't listen to frightened people who have no mysticism who are too lazy to think and/or investigate these things. My main answer? How can you stop existing? And next, why would God or gods only give you ONE chance. Why do babies die? Rubbish, you live more than once, simple fact. Liars and dissenters will tell you otherwise because they like to control you by your fear. Listen to your heart of hearts. I personally remember themes, eras and places that call to my heart. Why do I love Japan, for example, I have never been there as this 30 year old white Canadian man! And I'll remain humble and not list my memories, I couldn't do them justice with only 1000 characters to write. Anyhow, you can tell a soul's age and experience by what they say. People who refute things with the voice of fear who cannot even type decently do not intimidate, they are young and simply know too little. Worse, if they are liars.. lol, rubbish. Confusion goes away when you STUDY :)
—Guest LibraCelt

Something to think about

I personally think all this reincarnating stuff and evolution stuff is STUPID!i mean whats the point of life if u keep on reincarnating?n im sorry to burst ur bubble o happiness about thinking u c urself in the past life in a dream but that sounds like vu du stuff 2 me!now dont stop reading because its not what u want to hear,PLEASE read the whole thing!it actually could save ur life from believing all that past life stuff!now people believe in evolution,there is NO scientific evidents 4 it but scientists and public schools say its right,and nothing else!but think about this,if apes arent forming to humans anymore what made them stop?there r NO fossils of ape/human creatures!what made the earth explode?suddenly some RANDOM thing happened?and the earth exploded!im sorry but there is NO evidence!but think about creation,Noahs Ark was actually FOUND!n think about all those things that happened to u or some1 u know.im goin 2 finish on another comment....
—Guest Kaitlyn


I don't know that I fully believe in reincarnation because I have regular spiritual contact. I can hear them, smell them, feel them and sometimes, they visit me in vivid dreams. One example, I knew an elderly lady who passed away at 98 years and seven years later on her birthday, she had visited me in a dream to inform me that she has just turned 105 years of age. I wasn't even thinking of her! This experience tells me that when we pass, we go on living. Maybe reincarnation is an optional experience... My father still contacts me - despite 10 years since his passing. My brother also, has regular contact with my father. Our father informs us, what will happen in the future - so far he has been right.
—Guest Julia


I personally have always believed in reincarnation. I wish i could just remember Something about my past life though. That would be so neat...
—Guest Aly


I'm an extremely open minded person and ever since I was a child I had a complete mind of my own. I spent my life confused, and completely skeptical of everything. I went in and out of depressions knowing there's something more beyond anything anyone can say or do or be or think on planet earth. I recently have been researching reincarnation. And like many people, it sparked my interest. It has been the only thing I feel 100% sure about my whole life. I feel happy, but weird. I just graduated high school and I feel a strong soul connection with only one person (my boyfriend for 2 years now) and I feel like a weirdo for my beliefs. I hope to accept myself one day and venture on to do what I know I have to do; help people. I just wantedto share my opinion, because I'm too afraid to share it while being judged. This place, this life is complete magic. I hope everyone finds their nitch
—Guest Melanie

My impressions on reincarnation!

I believe in the eternal flow of time and the flow of destiny and our action to change or better the course of life. DNA of us pass on for generation to generations any way which is proved. MY THOUGHTS ARE FURTHER SPELT OUT IN MY BOOK WHISPERING MIND. WEBSITE WHISPERIMGMIND. COM BOOK WHISPERING MIND ETERNAL LOVE STORY OF YIN AND YAND availabe at Kindle and Amazon and Sterling Publishers. If you like to know more about life love spirituality and our mission in life and existential quest please do read the book and let us share the thoughts. What is life all about? Did we come invited or uninvited and why? Can we change the course of life and are we going to have another life if we have committed blunders? Can we forget and forgive thouse who hurts us? What are the root causes of sorrows and pain and how do get over them? Can we take life cool and take it the way it comes and strive hard to change the river of life and its flow? Can we spread fragrance of joy?
—Guest K P Shashidharan

reincarnated couple

i am very happy that i meet my past life husband in this life
—Guest Alekya

reincarnation of a couple

i meet my soulmate exactly in the same place i saw in my dream and as i saw him. I had the dream approx. in 1985 and i meet him in 2007. even the place where i saw him was constructed in 2000's. Unfortunately i find him but he could not - may be because he doubt his inner voice. its still a mystery as we are not together - the result is not yet complete - as the saying there are many between between a cup and a sip. ofcourse the world has changed so drastically that people want scientifically proved reports even for our feelings (even though they are pure and positive).
—Guest Alekya

reincarnation of a couple

yes. I am sure that soul especially soulmates reincarnate for each other and i experienced in my life. If face is index of mind then i can say eyes are index of soul. when you look into your soulmate eyes eventhough if it is accidentally your soul will immediately will find your soulmate through his/her eyes as its the love that your soul recollect at that movement. you feel the intimacy, love, affection and responsibility towards the other. but to take the responsibility will always depend on this body & mind we have it in this life, our present circumstances and the law of karma (result of our good and bad deeds, thought forms e.t.c). Other relations (friends or enemys) from past life will be there around but we can only find them by their behaviour towards us or if we can practice meditation or by divine blessings.
—Guest Alekya


I think that is could simply be that the DNA strand has been recreated, and when the DNA matches exactly, it comes across as reincarnation. Just a thought of course, wish there could be studies done on that!
—Guest m_marcer


i do believe that past lives are possible but we do not remember everything about them for a simple reason of we probably arent supposed to. the thing about past lives is i think that some people have them is for some unfinished business or something like that. past lives also seem a good explanation of why we are capable of why when sometimes we meet someone for the first time it feels as if we already know them reason being is that our eyes are the windows to the soul and in that our eyes always remain the same through all our lives there are only some who will remember one or many of their past lives for god only knows what reason and others dont remember anything but people really along with the thing about past lives i also believe in God i believe that although we could come back multiple times there is some final resting place, and that someone had to create all this at one point and that someone is the reason that we could come back. but thats just me you can believe it or not.
—Guest chelsi brown


I think reincarnation could be possible. I had dreams that seems that could have been a past life but I never really given much thought.
—Guest Kari


I feel that reincarnation is a definate possibility, along with NDE's, I believe it's as possible as electricity running through wires, voices coming over the radio, movies broadcast on TV, etc. We didn't have a clue about any of that stuff years ago but it was still possible. We just didn't have the technology to uncover it. Some day we may be able to prove reincarnation,spirits,etc.

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