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Readers Respond: What is your opinion of the evidence for reincarnation?

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Modern science Vs Buddhism (Reincarnatio

What modern science and psycology prooves of reincarnation today had been taught and preeched by lord buddha about 2500 years ago. Reincarnation is not new to Buddhists and hindus. In fact, I have read and do believe that Jesus is the soul of to be lord buddha-maithri bodhi sathvayo. There is no religion, but philosophies called buddhism, christianity, muslim. We all worship and believe in the same divine spirits, but in different ways and in different customs. Only a person who had realized what the life is, would understand this.
—Guest Amela


The strongest evidence for reincarnation is the spontaneous memory of past lives by children. The other evidence seems pretty flimsy to me, particularly hypnotic regression. I didn't think much about reincaration until a middle-aged acquainance told me about his childhood memories of dying shortly after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. He was demolishing a building with explosives, and accidentally killed himself in the process. Historical records show that his was a fairly common and misguideed way to fight the fires to occured immediately after the earthquake. This man's story seemed plausible and sincere. The person he was was not important or particularly interesting, except for his demise. After hearing this story, I reseached the topic and found the careful work of Ian Stevenson. Finally while discussing this story with some friends, an acquaince told me he daughter remembered a past life in San Francisco, as a young hippie woman who was struck by a car.
—Guest me

reincarnation can be checked out with

You can get your Nadi (google it) shastra, which are about 1000 years old writings by rishis in India. These are available to get read in Colombo - 009411 2586180. Read about 'Nadi shastra' in google and you will be amazed of what you will see and hear if you ever got your nadi leaves read at 42 Kotalawala Mawatha, Bambalapitiya, Colombo. My wife's, my parents' names are given accurately in my leaves, and much more, than anyone could tell. Each individual has his/her own leaf, unbelevable. But check it out yourself. If you do post your experience here. The cost of reading is a nominal sum, like $25 for all 12 chapters. One chapter is on previous lives and there is a remedial chapter for your bad karmic influence and recommended treatments for any illnesses.

Evidence, Acceptance and Belif

In the 1950s ‘The Search for Bridie Murphy’ seemed revolutionary. It wasn’t; in Classical times belief in Reincarnation was nearly universal, it remained in the East, but Tibetan Buddhism hadn’t much reached here then. Today there cannot be many people who have not heard of Arnall Bloxham, Arthur Guirdham, Michael Newton, Brian Weiss or Ian Stevenson, to name a few. If anyone hasn’t heard of these visit http://www.MikeVoyce.com or any of many other Internet sites. What is interesting now is the refinement of our knowledge of Reincarnation; interest is mushrooming, listen to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mikevoyce/2011/09/03/reincarnation-the-secrets-of-past-lives or other Internet radio shows. Both personal and public evidence grows at a rate to make disbelief ‘irrational’ – to quote Prof. Dr. Robert Almeder. In a recently workshop I held, all but one person was able to bring forward at least 1 past life with at least 1 other group member. There was no particular connection in this lif

Yes Reincarnation Explains So Much!

When I was 10 years old, I had a vivid & lucid dream wherein I was a young woman of about 20 birthing a baby in an old-fashioned hospital surgery in the 1920s. I was on the delivery table attempting to push and was very tired. I recall the walls were yellowed-glazed bricks and there was very old equipment about the room. To my left, I saw small windows which I looked toward and noticed it was nighttime. The room was dimly lit and there were medical staff pacing about me. (At 10 years of age, I didn't know how one birthed a child.) When I had my fist child in 1980, the memory came back - the experience of giving birth was exactly as I experienced it in the dream, except the delivery room, of course, was very modern and brightly lit.

Hope for the best

I hope that this really exists because I would hate to be in Limbo waiting for the world to come to an end.
—Guest ram. castillo


I believe I have lived many life times. A High Priest in Egypt, a Crusader for the Pope and a few other lifetimes.
—Guest Roseanna

Don't tell me it's not real

I have emasculate proof that reincarnation is real my daughters due date was the date my great grandmother past away my cousin 6 year old cousin had a dream that there was a party for my grandmother and she told him she was coming back as a baby my daughter was the next baby born my daughter will stare at my grandmothers picture endlessly out of all the pictures and things in my aunties living room that picture looks exactly like my daughter many many people have told me she looks like her and I've been told that my daughter has an old soul and that she's been here before now tell me that's not proof of reincarnation I strongly beg to differ only the lucky ones get to be reborn and my grandmother was the sweetest person you'd ever meet. If you can believe god made the world in 7days how can you not believe he can rebirth a soul? So don't tell me its not real cause it is.
—Guest Kimberley

Reincarnation and Christianity

It is true that the Christian faith today does not include reincarnation as part of its beliefs. But prior to when Emperor Constantine made Christianity a state religion, it was much closer to Buddhism and much more nuanced. The Gospel of Thomas, one of the gospels that Constantine threw out because it emphasized the individual, contains many pronouncements by Jesus in which he says that anyone may become fully realized as part of God by following the Christian faith as HE explained it. Yes, Constantine formally made Christianity the state religion of Byzantium, but he also dumbed down and reduced the spiritual freedom it originally promised
—Guest Reincarnation

I wanted to know

I know I had a past life. Something inside me was burning badly. I had dreams. I see some people whom I don't even know. I really don't know what is it. I'm curious to know. I strongly believe in past lives. We die, but our soul, never. Yes, believe it. But I want to know who I am.
—Guest rose

To anglo 1948, on past-life recall

Some people remember easy passings, there is one of mine in the first chapter of my book, Michael Newton and others also refer to easy deaths. I think one cause for a difficult passing is a strong emotional attachment to that life, so there is a struggle against death. This will pull your present memory back to that life more strongly than you will be drawn to a life from which death was easy. Memory of this life can play tricks, it does not make all memory fantasy, but you are right to question. For myself I looked for evidence, you can too, and some very interesting facts have come from verifying past-life recall.

Proof and Belief

Having seen criminal cases in court over many years I have never found a conviction which could be beyond 'reasonable doubt'. I define doubt as requiring an explanation, consistent with evidence, that does not require guilt. From that experience I came to believe proof, in human affairs, is a matter of belief not absolute fact. The evidence for Spirit existence, survival of death, and Reincarnation (the 3rd depends on the other 2) is for each overwhelming but not enough for sceptics. It is not for me to tell anyone what to believe, but, from experience, 1st, 2nd and 3rd hand, in the words of trial judges, I am "satisfied so I am sure" that reincarnation is a fact.


By accident I was pitched in to past-life regression. I was lucky, the life was of a historic figure. I could check what came to me, sometimes against obscure original sources I could not possibly have known. I am a lawyer and believe in evidence. Cross-examining that evidence forced me to believe in it.


Hi, I'm Alyssa. I'm only 14. But I've always had thoughts about reincarnation but doubted it very much so. Because I thought you can't be a Christian and still believe in reincarnation. But I see these people's stories and how I know they must not have made them up. And when I dream I see places and people that I never knew as me, Alyssa, but I don't know if I knew them before or if I just can't believe in it because I'm Christian. I want to believe it and explain these dreams, but can I be Christian at the same time and still believe I go to heaven?
—Guest Alyssa(ForNow

Food for thought........

How can you tell the difference between possessed by demons, mentally afflicted, a borderline case or highly intelligent? Who decides?

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