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Readers Respond: Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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Can anyone help?

Ok, so it's me again. I need help. I was in school Friday and Monday, but today I was absent. On Friday and Monday the power went out in my school about 3 or 4 times. But not only the lights, my teacher's laptop, and this kids' cell phones turned off. I was thinking about the girl mentioned earlier. Today I asked my friend if the power went out today and he said not at all... I think I did it. We will see tomorrow, won't we? If anyone can help, please do.
—Guest Troubled

No one believes me!

About a year ago, I began noticing lights, not just street lights, either go on or off when I'm looking at them. It's as if they're waiting for me to look at them. I began crossing myself every time it happened, which is about 4-5 times a night, but now I have accepted it and am not scared of it anymore.
—Guest Aylin yin

Agree it's genetic ability

My dad (now 89) has always had this happen, so much that we would joke about it as kids. He also can't wear a wristwatch and have it keep accurate time. My brother seems to have gotten that trait; I got the lights-out thing. My very favorite time it happened, just a few years ago: Mom, Dad, and I were going out to eat at Christmas night. It was dark, and we parked under a light to get in and out of the car easier. Just as soon as Dad had helped Mom out of the car, the light went out. We laughed and went in to eat. Afterward, we were talking about how it would be a lot easier to get back in the car if that light was on, and sure enough, it came back on! Mom and I were like WOW, but Dad just said, well of course.

I didn't believe it

I'm sixteen. I have asked my parents and my friends about this... thing. Kinda scared me at first. I noticed street lamps dulling and illuminating in my presence. Today I was in my kitchen and I got news that a girl I really loved was killed. I clinched my fist and punched the wall. I left a large hole about a foot in diameter. My hand didn't even touch the wall. Something else was in the way of my hand as soon as I punched the wall. The lights turn on, bulbs pop, my blender (unplugged) turned on, the garbage disposal roared, my phone shut down, the refrigerator bulbs burst, ice maker geared to life-making a loud loud sound. This went on for about 1 and a half minutes. Then everything shut down. Everything stopped, and the power went out in my house. But not only my house, but three other houses power went off, on a sunny day. Was it my fault? I don't know. Has anyone else experienced this thing happening to them. Had anyone else had an electrical thing shoot out of their fist?
—Guest Troubled

It's not a ghost?! lol

Wow, I really started believing I have a ghost in this house or one seriously messed up electrical issues, but after stumbling upon the examples of SLIDer phenomena tonight, I do believe it's actually me! I have a large home and must blow out a light bulb a day -- can't keep them stocked around here. Not only this, but lights will be seemingly blown out for days or weeks and start working again -- including tonight in front of my 8-year-old twins: a whole set of track lighting above us wouldn't work, although it works every day and has never even had one of its 6 halogen lights out in 5 years. I tried the switch numerous times, asking myself how all 6 bulbs can be out at once?! Then 5 minutes later my son tries the switch and they all work again! Crazy stuff! Street lights have always flickered or turned off with me near, and I often know the phone will ring just before it does and know who it is because a thought of them comes to mind at the same time. I really did think I had a ghost!
—Guest Rhoni

I guess I must be a SLIder!!!

For years street lights go out when I am almost upon them or under them. It also happens with my 2 children who are adults themselves now. If we are together more then one streetlight will go out as we go down a road. I never thought about the mood I'm in when it occurs, but generally it's when I am NOT focused on any one thing. When my mind is wandering and I'm thinking of a bunch of stuff, not being focused on any one subject. And now since I've learned the computer, I have noticed other strange occurrences as I answer an email or delete a file. I'll be going down the column in either the inbox or spam column and inadvertently push the wrong key and think, "Dammit, I didn't want to do that." When then I realize it doesn't delete itself. It's like my thoughts knowing I didn't want to do it, at the last second, undoes the deletion and I get to save what I thought I had lost. This has happened A LOT and I wonder if my mind is electrically hooked up to a different wave length of some kind.
—Guest Judy Hurta

Into the night

I'm 44 years old and have noticed lights going out around me for about 12 years now. It doesn't bother me that one light goes out when passing by or just near them, but two or three -- c'mon. I've never said much until tonight . I was in Omaha seeing my daughter having a great time and at the end of the evening when I took her back to her apartment I parked in front of the building next to hers while she ran up to get some pictures. The buildings are all alike and all have the big square security lights on the sides. Including some dim sidewalk streetlights. As soon as she walked through the door I noticed a light in the mirror on the building behind me go out. A few seconds after that the far light on the building went out and I thought, "Here we go again." Keep in mind she went to get pictures for me to look at and my dome light doesn't work. By the time she got to the car and opened the passenger door the light on the same building directly in front of me went out. What the hell.
—Guest Ron

SLIder for several years

I noticed street lights going on and off a couple years ago. One night I was at Taco Bell sitting in the parking lot after eating inside. It was around 9 o'clock at night, already dark so the streetlights had been on for awhile. I noticed a light turning on and off right above where we were parked and was about to mention it to my boyfriend. All of a sudden, every streetlight in a 100 foot radius from our car turned off. This Taco Bell was 24 hours so theres no reason they should turn off, and it wasn't the whole parking lot, just the 5 or so around us. We got freaked out and left immediately. SLI happens to me almost every day, several times a day. Also, when I ride in the car with my friend who is also a SLIder, often times we will shut off twice as many stoplights. One night it was almost every other light we passed for about 15 minutes straight.
—Guest Danceqn844

Passing under streetlights

I have noticed this happening to me with streetlights, mostly. I started noticing this while I was in Germany, when I would be driving under light posts at random times at night. It would happen on or off of the military installation. While I was there, it would be one or two lamps at a time. Now that I am back in the states, it happens at the same intersection, where a section of about 5 or 6 lights on one side of the street will shut off as I pass by, and turn back on as I drive away. I have an anxiety disorder, and it almost always occurs while having an anxiety attack, or while very stressed about something. I mentioned it to my husband and told him that I've been having this really weird thing happen to me lately. I told him about it, and on our way to the movies, right before we got to the intersection, I said, "I bet these street lights go out, watch" and to my surprise, they went out. It was super weird so tonight I Googled it... it's crazy to see other people have had similar
—Guest samantha

At an advanced stage

Even though I have not fully understood this phenomenon, I can say for certain that it is linked to your thoughts and especially your emotions. When you are happy the light becomes brighter, when you think positive thoughts the light gets brighter as well and the reverse is anybody's guess. If you are capable of the advanced stuff, please please please try to check your emotions more than the way you think -- so you don't hurt anyone or even yourself. To everyone facing this problem. To ease your frustration with electronic gadgets, I would advise you to try not to ask them to do something by way of thought transfer [thinking it], period, and you will be fine. Controlling your emotions, too, is very important. [Try to be calm.]
—Guest OSY


I'm most definitely a SLIder. For instance, last night when I was about to do my laundry, I flashed my key card to get in and I made all of the lights flash for a minute, then the electricity went out in the whole apartment complex and the one next to me. Then I got into my car and my car lights started flashing. I have a key card that I use to get into the gym/laundry room and the security gate, and what's weird is most of the time when I use it, I make the gates mess up. Somehow I suck up all the energy. I asked other people if it happens to them and they say no and give me weird looks. I mean, it's extremely strange that I took out all the electricity in two apartment complexes. I don't know what's wrong with me. Everywhere I go, I make lights go out. Streetlights, lamps, my TV. Also, every cell phone I've had, including the one I have now, the battery doesn't last long. It's very strange.
—Guest kaylie

At an advanced stage

For starters, I would like to say that I am sure glad that I am not the only person facing this "problem." I would like to tell you what the advanced form of this phenomenon is, in my own humble opinion, as it applies to me. My hierarchy of this phenomenon: 1. Cause light bulbs -- including streetlights -- to go off, lose their brightness or become brighter. 2. Cause light bulbs to flicker. 3. Cause wristwatches/clocks -- analog or digital -- to freeze or stop working. 4. Cause computers to hang/freeze, go off or restart, electronic gadgets to malfunction, like causing your mobile phones to go off. 5. Disrupt the signals of TV and radios sets. 6. Blow up bulbs, blow up televisions. 7. Cause the radio or TV set volume to increase or decrease. 8. Cause TV screens to brighten or diminish in contrast and/or brightness. 9. Cause a blackout -- a minor type (over small area), and a major type that blows up a transformer and affects a much wider area. 10. Hear someone's thoughts.
—Guest OSY

Streetlights pop

I have always had this happen throughout my life. I've spent many hours trying to figure it out. I have found that it has something to do with how I am feeling at the time. When I'm really optimistic, feeling satisfied, feeling positive and excited mostly about my career, it happens more often. I had one instance that actually scared me. I stood by the street light and demanded that it pop. It popped immediately. I try to ignore it these days.
—Guest Becca

Is it genetic?

I'm so glad I found this place. I have tried to get to the bottom of this for years. I think there must be some genetic properties to this, since my kids and my sister also report this phenomena. I didn't discover this until it kept happening over and over one night on the way home and we shared notes. We have all found that it seems to be when we are more emotional for whatever reason. When my kids and I are in the car, it can get bizarre. However, we don't seem to have any control on this. When we walked by lights at a hotel and 5 in a row went off I knew something was not right. All my life I have had bulbs blow, camera and camcorder batteries are drained, etc. In fact, I bought another camera because I thought it was defective. Recharged batteries will not hold for me. I have never gotten through any of my kids' programs without it going out. My daughter has problems with printers and my sister with computers. Never can get my computer to load right when stressed and in a hurry.

Me too

I often look at a street light when driving and for a split second think 'turn off' and it does, I don't need to be stressed though. I also give people electric shocks a lot, and couldn't figure how I was getting shocks off of plastic and natural materials til I realised it was me giving the shock. My central locking always unlocks itself as I walk away from the car, and has done on previous cars, and I often feel the prescence of electricity inside me somehow. Oh and with a slinky I can change tv channels!
—Guest Sweetdelirium

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