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Readers Respond: Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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Combined power

It just occurred to me.... What if all of us that seem to have this strange ability got together in the same place at the same time? What could we do? What would we be able to do as a collective? Why would nature create beings that defeat modern technology?
—Guest Archangel

thought I was alone

For a long time now I have noticed that street lights will go out as I pass them. I have also had televisions and computers turn off and on (dvr's will actually pause) and many other electronic devices go haywire around me. I thought I was alone until in 2003 while stopped at a street light I saw a car cross in front of me and the street light winked off (but was suspiciously ON when I came back an hour latter) that I started to think that I was not alone.
—Guest Archangel

Always some interference...

I'm glad to see this phenomena taken more seriously. Since my early childhood I've had this occur on a regular basis (read: pretty much daily); I'm 30 now and this still happens. It's not limited to street lights: I've noticed that, when I'm unusually stressed or upset, I go through light bulbs like crazy! They blow as soon as I touch the lamp, or if I'm suddenly angry/upset, they flicker and then burn out. The same will happen with my computer, tv, the radio... anything electronic. It's shaken most of my boyfriends. I started really taking notice in my teens, as I'd go for long drives when upset or stressed, and the street lights would simply blow or go out when I'd look up at one. I've read of this happening to others, but don't personally know anyone else that has experienced this. I still go through light bulbs in my apartment like crazy!
—Guest Jeni

Street Lights Going Off As I Walk By?

Usually they don't. Depends on what I am going to do and what I'm going to do when I get there. Sometimes they will go off before I open the door, other times as I drive off and I can see them come back on after each one is passed and they stay off, as I return, they come back on, again, as each is passed. They have always done it, since street light were installed in the subdivision.

Good to see

About once a night, when I am driving home from wherever, I always notice a stop light I pass turn off. Some I am passing directly under and some of off a little further, and it aways kinda freaked me out. But it's interesting to see people with the same experiences. Some of you have there really strange things that happen with you and electronics, but the only thing I've noticed are my stop light incidents.
—Guest Nathan


Anyone who believes lights are in any way affected by looking at them or walking past them has a very vivid imagination, but is wrong. Any person who claims they can do this could easily film the event several times at several different locations and submit the video for proof. Which won't happen because it can't be done. If a light ever flickered or went out when you walked by it, it's just a coincidence.
—Guest Visara

Just Chance?

For years we have teased my sister about lights going on or off when she was near. Then about ten years ago I started working evenings and noticed that street lights would go off when I drove under them, sometimes as I approached them. I can't really say that I was stressed, but it is fair to assume that, as it usually is stressful working that shift. I have had mixers, light bulbs, etc. short out when I am using them. We have always assumed it was just a family trait. Our mother was a sensitive; she died when I was 10. She did use her gift, where neither my sister nor I have gone down that road. Neither of us remember our mother having this kind of thing happen to her. I wonder if this is because she used and directed her energy, where neither my sister nor I did? My sister also had the ability to make it happen at will. I remember her snapping her fingers near a lamp or a radio and having it turn off or on with out her ever touching it in anyway.


This also happens to me. We should probably meditate to try to understand the purpose. I also have ADHD. One of the traits is noticing details that others don't. Could it be that we are just noticing it more and creating a pattern because brains are trained to look for patterns? On the flip side, I once (with my son next to me) saw a light dim up ahead, said, "One, two, three!" pointed at the light, felt an "energy" leave my finger as if it were a magic wand and out went the light. Freaked my son right out. My partner doesn't believe it, even though it happens double when we're together. He'll even notice them when I don't. His explanation is, "Things break down." Do we want to have special powers so we are looking for them? Or like a previous commenter said, is this the level before mind reading?
—Guest KeeperofTheChildSpirit


I have noticed street lights going out when I am near for a while now. It has gotten much more frequent over the past few months; was 1-2 times a week, now its 1-2 a night. I also recently had walked through a parking lot and the cars started beeping like the alarms were tripped, but when I walked away they quit. An hour later, I walked back to my truck and they did the same thing. Weird thing is, I knew they were going to before it happened. I even asked myself if I asked for it....
—Guest minnivinni

Can anyone help?

Ok, so it's me again. I need help. I was in school Friday and Monday, but today I was absent. On Friday and Monday the power went out in my school about 3 or 4 times. But not only the lights, my teacher's laptop, and this kids' cell phones turned off. I was thinking about the girl mentioned earlier. Today I asked my friend if the power went out today and he said not at all... I think I did it. We will see tomorrow, won't we? If anyone can help, please do.
—Guest Troubled

No one believes me!

About a year ago, I began noticing lights, not just street lights, either go on or off when I'm looking at them. It's as if they're waiting for me to look at them. I began crossing myself every time it happened, which is about 4-5 times a night, but now I have accepted it and am not scared of it anymore.
—Guest Aylin yin

Agree it's genetic ability

My dad (now 89) has always had this happen, so much that we would joke about it as kids. He also can't wear a wristwatch and have it keep accurate time. My brother seems to have gotten that trait; I got the lights-out thing. My very favorite time it happened, just a few years ago: Mom, Dad, and I were going out to eat at Christmas night. It was dark, and we parked under a light to get in and out of the car easier. Just as soon as Dad had helped Mom out of the car, the light went out. We laughed and went in to eat. Afterward, we were talking about how it would be a lot easier to get back in the car if that light was on, and sure enough, it came back on! Mom and I were like WOW, but Dad just said, well of course.

I didn't believe it

I'm sixteen. I have asked my parents and my friends about this... thing. Kinda scared me at first. I noticed street lamps dulling and illuminating in my presence. Today I was in my kitchen and I got news that a girl I really loved was killed. I clinched my fist and punched the wall. I left a large hole about a foot in diameter. My hand didn't even touch the wall. Something else was in the way of my hand as soon as I punched the wall. The lights turn on, bulbs pop, my blender (unplugged) turned on, the garbage disposal roared, my phone shut down, the refrigerator bulbs burst, ice maker geared to life-making a loud loud sound. This went on for about 1 and a half minutes. Then everything shut down. Everything stopped, and the power went out in my house. But not only my house, but three other houses power went off, on a sunny day. Was it my fault? I don't know. Has anyone else experienced this thing happening to them. Had anyone else had an electrical thing shoot out of their fist?
—Guest Troubled

It's not a ghost?! lol

Wow, I really started believing I have a ghost in this house or one seriously messed up electrical issues, but after stumbling upon the examples of SLIDer phenomena tonight, I do believe it's actually me! I have a large home and must blow out a light bulb a day -- can't keep them stocked around here. Not only this, but lights will be seemingly blown out for days or weeks and start working again -- including tonight in front of my 8-year-old twins: a whole set of track lighting above us wouldn't work, although it works every day and has never even had one of its 6 halogen lights out in 5 years. I tried the switch numerous times, asking myself how all 6 bulbs can be out at once?! Then 5 minutes later my son tries the switch and they all work again! Crazy stuff! Street lights have always flickered or turned off with me near, and I often know the phone will ring just before it does and know who it is because a thought of them comes to mind at the same time. I really did think I had a ghost!
—Guest Rhoni

I guess I must be a SLIder!!!

For years street lights go out when I am almost upon them or under them. It also happens with my 2 children who are adults themselves now. If we are together more then one streetlight will go out as we go down a road. I never thought about the mood I'm in when it occurs, but generally it's when I am NOT focused on any one thing. When my mind is wandering and I'm thinking of a bunch of stuff, not being focused on any one subject. And now since I've learned the computer, I have noticed other strange occurrences as I answer an email or delete a file. I'll be going down the column in either the inbox or spam column and inadvertently push the wrong key and think, "Dammit, I didn't want to do that." When then I realize it doesn't delete itself. It's like my thoughts knowing I didn't want to do it, at the last second, undoes the deletion and I get to save what I thought I had lost. This has happened A LOT and I wonder if my mind is electrically hooked up to a different wave length of some kind.
—Guest Judy Hurta

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