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Readers Respond: Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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I first noticed street lights going out when I was a young girl. At least 3 a night go out, sometimes a light will come on when I go under it. I am older now, I drive semi truck 48 states and Canada. This happen every night. It is not a coincidence. I have asked many people, they say it has never happened. Also, I cannot wear a watch, the old wind ones. Newer ones with batteries I can wear for a while. I stop watches. I cause credit cards to demagnatize if I touch them too much. What is it in my body that does this?
—Guest Carlene Hanson


This has been going for me as long as i remember. But something today happened that truely convinced me. I go for a walk almost every day, usually taking the same route, 1 particular lite kept turning off everytime I walked by it, so as walking today I said to myself i wonder if lite will go out. My son programed me some music on an mp3 player I bot so i lost track of where i was on my route, then it went dark and i was at the usual street lite. So thats y i decided to check the internet to check if any other people have had simular experiences.
—Guest Mike Rice

Street lights to name a few....

I have dealt with this my entire life and would love to know why... there are many things that I am gifted in, but this is just weird. Everything that I read says this is all in my mind, I am just more aware of it... but that can't be the case. I have started walking a certain path in my neighborhood and I repeat this path 4 times every night. As I am walking and see other walking ahead of me, as they pass this one street light... NOTHING... I have learned that when I get 24 paces in front of it... light goes out! When I pass 32 paces past it... it comes back on .... EVERY TIME, EVERY DAY, WITHOUT FAIL! Why ... can anyone tell me?!?!?!
—Guest SuzieQ


Everyday atleast 2 or 3 streetlights will go out before i go under them...it happens too much to be mechanical.. i am a slider
—Guest Joulian

Not exactly

I have never really noticed street lights going off. I have had several flicker as I walk at night but never bothered me so I don't know. I have had a lot of electronic devices go awry while I was around. For example, I use to have a VCR that would turn on and off, eject and pull in tapes, play tapes not inside it. It never really bothered me but I was usually very upset when it happened or thinking about stressful things. Often this will occur when there are people I know or care about pushing my thought for lack of better terms. for example My hubby tossed the VCR when he noticed it was "talking" (ejecting and re-pulling the tape out and fast-forwarding while playing) while it was unplugged. I have had many electronics display similar behavior and personally don't believe it is related to location as it has occurred since I was little and to many family and friends electronics, radio interference, could it just be a form of magnetism, like when someone drains watch batteries?
—Guest RHunnam

All the time, when I least expect it

This scenario has happened two times at different locations. My wife and I will drive to a restaurant. We get out of the car, the street light closest to the car will turn off. We go into the restaurant, have our meal, exit the restaurant an hour or two later and as we approach the car, the street light that turned off earlier, now turns on. The locations were Hyannis, MA and Ferndale MI. The lights don't turn completely off, they usually get very dim. I have seen lights turn off/on while driving past them at least once a month and have had several instances where multiple lights will turn off as I drive down the road and pass by them. Usually this happens when I approach them and am about to pass beneath them. Occasionally lights on the opposite side of the street will be affected. This is not something that I am thinking about when it happens. I do not think I have control over this, nor am I implying that I am the causative factor. I chalk it up as strange coincidence.
—Guest SolarMax

Yep I knock out street lights

I've been knocking street lights out for years, I also drain cell phones and have issues with the WII, to name a few. It does seem to be worse when stressed. I wish there was some way to control it.
—Guest Lavender123

So that's what I am

I have to disagree with the idea that it is an electrical charge output. What I have found is that it seems to cause a disruption in the electrical field not a surge of electric, when the disruption is over it’s the resurge of electric I feel when the disruption is restored that cause’s an overload and takes it down. In the case of birds flying into the car, it seem to be blocking the birds sonar in someway, more of an electrical interference or shortage then an overload just because of the way they crash into the car. Everything that I have read here fits me to a tee. From street lights to taking down electrical machines, birds always flying into my car, and car bulbs always burning out, and of course wristwatch‘s. For the most part keeping an inner peace stops events from happening uncontrolled. I think the worst event I ever had, happened playing slot machines. I took down 4 slots in one night. The casino people came over to check me out and said they have never seen this happen.

Thank You!

Sometimes having things happen to you that others don't is difficult. So glad to see I'm not alone. I have been psychic my entire life and the slidder thing just goes along with it. I agree it is intensified when I'm upset or deep in thought. Why is that?
—Guest Dawn

The watches

I had some kind of SLI experiences before,but now,it is getting worse!I can't wear or use any watch in my body because it just suddenly stop working!I have been buying different watches and changing batteries so often,but I'm getting tired of spending my money in new ones.I don't use any watch now for that same situation and it's stressfull,because now I have to check my cell phone to watch the time every time that I need it!And I'm afraid that my cell phone could start to behave the same way!
—Guest Daisy Varela


It Happend To Me About A Month Before Xmas. Me And My Sister Was Walking Outside Her Appartments And She Was Telling Me How It Was Happening To Her. And We Were Headed To Her Door And A Light That We Walked Under Constintly Flickered As Soon As She Tokd Me. And I Believed Her Cause I Remember T.vs And Lamps Used To Go Off All The Time Around Her. Me And Her Went Our Separate Ways Since Then And Now I Know Its Happenin To Me. Like A Week Ago I Was On The Road With My Bf. And I Was Thinking About The Lights On The Streets I Looked At Them And Zoned Out Into Them And A Whole Row Just Shut Off. And I Already Blew Out My Bfs Bathroom And Bed Room Light In The Last Couple Of Days. This Is Only A Month Of Stuff I Have A Crap Load Of More Storys. And Also Idk Wat It Is But I Noticed Lately That When I Look At Something Its Backwards And When I Look At It The Next Day Its Normal .(exsample. Numbers Letters Disighns Shaps)This Only Happend To Me 3 Times In The Last Month And I Know Im Not Disl. Let Me Know Why? !
—Guest watever

Where the hell are the 150 responses?

*Flies in with drooping wings* All I get is this message to share your experience but I want to read experiences now since my life is complete here. :( Back to my flustering curse to make life as confusing as possible on any attempt to make my inner spirit grow. Damn! *Flies out with drooping wings* However there is the possiblity this article was written at the time I didn't accept my life was complete despite my youngish Adult age so therefore my curse affected this site since it's something in my intrests.
—Guest Kyle


I CAN control this with old street lights, and a few other things. I have to think about it really hard, and think abut stuff that pisses me off/makes me extremely happy though. I have gone out at night with my friends to show them this, s...o they can vouch for me. I am almost positive emotion/adrenaline has something to do with it. I use skype a lot, and if i am upset my girlfriend can know instantly, because the quality gets horrible really fast. so far my worst experience was last week. I was in my AP geometry class (the teacher is a moron, i swear) and the teacher starts ranting at me about the difference between a test and a quiz (i called it the wrong thing, big whoop) and she threatens me, then all of a sudden, the lights in my class start flickering around me, but not on the other side of the room.. mostly i hate it, because It ruins so many things, like my phones. I have to charge them like 3 times a day, that and I am a guitarist, and it always interferes with my amp.
—Guest David vonohlerking

Street lamp interference

I do experience this alot, but i've never given it any thought until I read about it on your site. I've gone through alot of light bulbs but assumed it was old electrical wiring in the house but that has stopped. What i've noticed is street lights going out alot when i'm driving, but I think they are just bad street lights because they are the same lights that always go out but they happen atleast once a week. It seems like the power goes out for a second and then it takes a few minutes to achieve full brightness, they never go out completely.
—Guest Mike


It has been happening for many years at the same street lights near where I live as I walk and drive every day every time I pass them. I have watched to see if others are having the same effect on the street lights making them go out…and they haven't. Also at lights further from where I live I will see 2 or 3 go out for every mile as I come near them and pass by... even on the freeways. It happens consistently, not sporadically. And I also have an effect on electric devices When I was younger, I used to deliberately make mini lightening storms play out under my bed sheets. It was fun. Siblings got frightened and years later, my husband was not amused at all When I was preschool, my siblings used to wake up in the middle of the night with me and we would watch our toys dance under our bunk bed. I don’t know which of us was doing it but it gave us great delight till we got caught playing in the middle of the night and got spankings for it. We never did it again
—Guest Barbara Fahrenkrug

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