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Readers Respond: Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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Just happened to me.

I was just driving home from the store and wondered if the SLIder affect would happen as it usually does. Two lights went out on me tonight. The highest yet was 14 lights in one night while driving for about an hour. I always thought this couldn't be isolated so its nice to find out that others have had similar experiences.
—Guest RichardR


I have broken it down to whenever someone i am close to is going to get hurt....lights start going out. driving, walking.... does not matter where i am at. I can drive by the same light, walk under the same light. or it can be completely different. I am not sure what to take of it
—Guest ESPpossibly

Happens all the time.

This happens all the time to me. Almost every single time I walk home at night, 3 or 4 street lamps shut off or turn on if they're off already. Its usually random, but lately I've been trying to control the effect, with some success. I was standing at the bus stop once and tried walking up to tge closest street lamp, which immediately shut off, in full view of everyone standing at the bus stop. Only one old man really took notice, however. I've turned off three lamps in a row at times, which immediately turn back on when I walk far enough past them. And I've had the experience of watching the same street lamp turn on and off twenty times, again while I was waiting for a bus. I also practice Reconnective Healing, which produces unusual effects in human beings and animals, such as eye flickering, twitching of fingers, feet
—Guest bustemup

emotions are linked

this still is happening to me. it doesnt even matter what time it is. i had another experience when playing a game and new my friends hand begore they did. i even said while stopping his hand from drawing that i knew the piece. regardless if he decides to choose another. black q for kingd cribbage. thst is only one example. i find that my emotions play a huge role and when i stopped working for a year and had no finacial burdens or money thoughts. i was doing lots of genuine good things. extroidinary things happened. a friend of mine during this period. everytime we got close for a couple days while she visited. the lights would violently hiss and flicker. it is a fairly new home 2006 8. it was pretty funny so much so that her friend commented on what was with. the game cube and television wouldnt even work or wireless net if we got close.... sigh finaces at the end of the year forced me to move. i dislike bankers and believe people should be motivated by there hearts. emotions are
—Guest artemirr

Yup im different

This happens to me all the time, I will take walks in the park downtown at night and there is one that goes out when i walk by it once then back on the next loop. My friend says that doesnt happen when im not there. Also a motel in town has the lights that come on at night and when i deliver pizza there at night there is one that starts flickering like crazy. Also there is one street light downtown that when i drive by it it will go out. I had a friend tell me too look this up and see that it is a real thing and I am honestly shocked that its not complete coincidence. Its odd to thing and I really want to know the reasoning behind it.
—Guest Clayboy

I turn out street lights

I have been turning out Street lights on a rearguard based all my life. I first noticed it in my late teens. It would usually only happen when I was out late or was overly tired. Almost as if I was draining the energy because I was tired. I have heard all the coincidence theories but the one thing I could never explain is that for many months almost every night I would stop next to or pass the same street light and EVERY TIME I would turn it out just as I pulled up and it would go back on ad soon as I pulled away. That is something I can now explain away. I am now 48 and it still happens on a regular bases and always when I'm tired.
—Guest Melanie Pellegrino

slibunny is right

slibunny is right. When I go out walking and get in to heavy daydreaming(night) lights go out everywhere. I'm 100% it has something to do with daydreaming or thinking of something super emotional.
—Guest Delaney

Identical interference

Very interested in this phenomenon. The strange thing is, my husband and i both have had these experiences for years, among others.Upon meeting, we felt instant knowledge/bonding & have been together since. We are both left handed, artistic, introverted people. We have both had these street light/ electronic equipment interference episodes since long before we met. Neither of us can wear a watch needing a battery, as they stop working within days.
—Guest marzv8

I shut off streetlights almost daily

Didnt start noticing it until I was of driving age, but streetlights go out randomly when I drive by them. And it happens everywhere. Recently, I was at a backyard BBQ and their year has a stree lamp that hovers over their back wall, the light flickered on and off all night while I was there. I knew Forsure that it was something significant, but didn't know that other people had similar experiences. If it matteres, I am both a sun and moon sagitarius. So, the most purest of sag, not influenced by another sign. Not really into astrology, but it would be interesting to find out what some of your guys' signs are. Id like to know more about my energy, and if it can be controlled.
—Guest Jess


I have noticed this to the point of searching it out online, i also noticed that my bank cards only last a few days before the readers have trouble reading them.
—Guest Rick

Always knew something was up

I've notice street lights going off around me for years. My sister thought I was nuts when I told her about it until she witnessed it. I can't do it on demand. Some electronics will also act up around me, but not all. I always thought it was electrical energy that I was putting out.
—Guest towerflower

intuition RH -

Just curious - how many of you are RH negative (blood type)?
—Guest Mrs. PS

who am i

there are two locations app 2klm apart where i drive under these lights and they switch off just as i drive under them,only one light goes out and it,s always the same light

Not sure I want this

I have had this ability since I was a child. But as of late it has become expensive and causing my children and myself to worry. The other day it happened at least a dozen times. In the last 4 years I have gone through 2 vcr/dvd players, 3 phones, 2 microwaves, numerous lamps and now my car is reacting to this. My car's electical system shuts down (everything, gauges, steering). I had it towed to the shop and when they are in it, it runs just fine and said they can't find anything wrong. I took it home and the next day it did it again. I just want to know if I can control it and how. My kids think I'm a mutant (kinda funny).
—Guest Magenta

Happens To me...

I always walk around my neighborhood and streetlights always go off around me. I have no idea why, it doesnt seem like it happens to everyone. I just got back from a walk at about 9 o' clock and 2-3 streetlights went off. I dont control it obviously but when I walk by they just turn off. Also, my alarm wakes me up by playing the radio, when im laying in bed its all staticy but when i sit up (getting closer to my alarm) it gets clear...This always happens every morning....
—Guest Jake

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