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Readers Respond: Do street lights go off when you go by them?

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Ever since I can remember I have been responsible for setting off many lightbulbs. Many were and still are street lights and in all the homes I have resided I have watched lightbulbs dim or just blow. I also am responsible for causing radio signal interference when I am standing in front or close to a radio. Certain items have just burned out such as hairdryer or even the fax at work would just go on the whack. I wish I knew the reason for this since it can become pretty creepy to friends and family who don't understand. I have also had experiences when driving where huge seagulls, birds would fly straight for my car and in two instances flew straight into my windshield. It's pretty freaky and it has not stopped. I would be watching TV and recently it just turned off on it's own while I was watching.
—Guest VAL1003

I'm not alone!

My friends and I always have street-lights go out on us when we walk together. We barely even notice it anymore, but other people with us freak out. And I got a watch a few months ago, and an hour after I put it on I realized it stopped working. It started working again later that night. I'm glad I'm not alone but this is pretty weird.
—Guest Kelly

Street Lights Go out and I see 111 all t

Street lights go out and I see 111 now all the Time . About 5 years ago it was 666. But street lights have been going out ever since I can remember. My sons and wife joke about. They are awair of it as well. They have seen it happen many times.
—Guest Bill

this happens

To me every night as I drive by these three different street lights. Its scary knowing when I'm close to them cause I know its gonna go off or turn on. Its scary cause I don't know what to think about it. This has been happening to me since I was 16, it also happens in my home town at these 3 certain street lights.
—Guest garry

street lights go off...

Yes,I have street lights go off ...For me..I am a 55 year old women and am a psychic,have been my whole life.The street lights started in my 20's.For me it only happens when I feel I am on high psychic wise...excess energy escaping...Sometimes if I'm standing under a street light it will go.One time I was standing in a parking lot with a friend getting ready to go in and eat.We were standing under a parking lot light,and I was telling her how this would happen to me and she did not believe me at all..I admitt she did make me kinda mad,lol because she didn't believe me.When I got upset, the light above us blew and it made both of us jump.LOL she believed me after that... This is how I see it.As part of my gift of being a psychic.
—Guest Melissa


it used to be all i could do was see shadow people, but then it got to be feeling others emotions, and premonitions. Now whenever i'm upset or about to cry, lights flicker. How can i use this to my or others advantage?
—Guest MM

Very creepy indeed

It's a bit calming to read about all these experiences. To date, the strangest experience I've had with this phenomenon is having an entire row of lights on my campus shut of and turn back on as I walked by each. Later, I asked the maintenance crew if they were motion sensitive---maybe they were glitchy or something---but no such luck. The same happened while driving along a lonely stretch of highway: for about half-a-minute, every highway light blinked off and then on when I passed. That was awfully creepy.
—Guest June

Yep. Me too..

I found this article by accident. I noticed this happening to me from a very young age. Living deep in the countryside you notice the light going out I can tell you.
—Guest Darren

Yeah, so...

How about all the streetlights in a row, and they flip on when you are about 150-200 feet away from them, still coincedence? Multiple times? :D.
—Guest Shadow

i didnt mean to turn you on

wow all these stories sound like me. i have been told about being a conductor due to my killing any watch placed on my wrist. i am a nurse so the watch is kind of necessary, but i've given up using them. the light thing is an even worse problem. everywhere i go, i burn out lights. my car lights burn out or freeze on, even when the battery is disconnected from the terminal. street lights all turn off when i go under them. today alone i have gone through three bulbs in my room, every one pops when i touch the switch. i have to get my mom to change them and turn the switches on and off. i am 30 but had to move home due to an ELECTRICAL fire in my apartment. it seems i cant escape it. in my apt before that, i burned every single light in the whole house in a matter of a few minutes, i was stuck in total darkness. Im trying to laugh it off, but im starting to think its ruining my whole life. should i become amish?
—Guest didsomeonesayslider


i seam to have similar experiences as described but it seams to get worse when my girlfriend puts me in a bad mood the whole street light thing happens quite often as has been witnessed by many people who travel in the car with me it is not uncommon to notice at lease 20 or so lights go out in a drive. i noticed such things becoming more and more frequent but maby i was just looking for them more so then the average person. i did notice that light bulbs at home always blow after a short ammount of time usualy about 2-3 weeks the energy saver ones are the worst and i get better life out of the old style bulb but in saying this the odd thing is i have only replaced the light bulb in my bed room once in 9 months and thats the old style bulb with a dimmer i was just under the impression that perhaps the quality of light bulb manufacture has just gone down in quality.
—Guest xlink

Lights and Speakers

I just started noticing lights flickering, going out when I get upset also like for about the past month everywhere I go speakers are buzzing like there is a cell-phone nearby ringing but it is happening all the time everywhere I go when there is no one nearby with a cell phone. I never really noticed this happening before then again I wasn't really paying attention. My sister told me once she got very, very, very upset and the moment she did a light bulb exploded on the inside. Any explanation for this???
—Guest Jessica


It was interesting to read the information I have seen on the web. My experiences have been much like those described. Sometimes I have gone back and forth under street lights just to see what happens and sure enough, they go off and when I've walked a few yards away, they go on again. I can repeat this with many, but not all lights, frequently. If I am really frustrated, highly excited, or very angry, then Fax machines I am trying to use won't work (someone else comes and I step back and they work right away. I have stood close to people using interacts and if they are making me angry (for example, they have 'butted' in line ahead of their turn) then the interact won't work until I calm down and step back. The same with electronic car door locks. It's interesting and somewhat reassuring to see that many people have this experience.
—Guest Anne Hill


Ive been reading peoples stories and the say street lights go out maybe 3 time a week around them it happens to me 4 or 5 time a day always i can never make it happen it happen as soon as i slip into a day dreaming state or deep thought my friend think its just the street lights because it happens so often but they now relize it only happens when im with them im 19 years old this has been going on for years i dont even know when it started but i know it getting worse
—Guest Daniel

What does it mean

Street lights constantly go out around me and i sometime know the subject people are going to talk about before they start talking i would like to know what you know
—Guest Daniel

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