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Readers Respond: Have you had a haunted Christmas or seen Santa?

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From the article: Haunted Christmas
Have you had a haunted Christmas when you have had an experience with ghosts or poltergeists? Or have you had a genuine sighting of what you believe to be the real Santa Claus?


When I was younger ( in 2007), I remember hearing bells, and a couple of years later, I found a white bit of fluff on the carpet outside my bedroom door.
—Guest Estelle

The mist in my picture

I had put up my Christmas tree a couple days after Thanksgiving. I always take pics of my tree to share on Facebook so my family in different cities can she it. My grandmother handmade Christmas ornaments for trees. I only have one of them, and the rest disappeared after she passed away. I kept looking at my tree, and I KNEW something was missing. It hit me that I didn't have her reindeer on my tree yet. I always put it in a special location, so I don't lose it. So, I looked arounf the tre to find the perfect location for it. I placed it on the tree, and turned to get my camera. I snapped a couple pictures of the tree..and of my granny reindeer. I decided to go ahead and put the pics on line..and to my SUPRIZE..there was a light pink mist around the side of the tree where I just placed that ornament. I shared the pic with friends to get their opinions.. the most common was "Thats the outline of a body" I just think it was my grannys way of letting me know that she is still with me.
—Guest Tabatha LaFollette

Christmas eve sighting in car

One Christmas eve night I was out doing last minutes late shopping with my mother when I was 15 years old. Then after the shopping was done we got into the car, and drove off. When we were in the car, we looked up and saw every color imaginable and claimed it had to be an airplane. How could an airplane have every color imaginable? My mother and I then decided it wasn't an airplane...it was something else. I told her it was Santa's slay because it was soo close above us. She thought we were going nuts, but I believe we saw something like no other till this day and I am 18 years old now.
—Guest Yilly

Christmas Eve

I was lying in bed Christmas Eve last year (2010). I was 17. It was after 12, so it was basically Christmas. I was wide awake and really thirsty, so I got up for a drink. I reached the top of the stairs and was about to walk down when I found myself staring at this thing, which was a 3-D shadow or silhouette. The hallway was in darkness, but this thing stood out as it was darker than the hallway, like a jet black. It must have been at least 6 feet (as I later in the month stood were it was). As soon as I saw it, I froze and just stared at it before thinking "f@*K this" and running to my bedroom. I don't think it would have disappeared, and although it had no features, I knew it was looking straight at me. As it was a shadow, I can only describe its unnaturally wide shoulders and a pointed head, like it was wearing a hood or a hat. As soon as I had seen it and jumped into bed, my heart was pounding against my chest and I had goose bumps. Took me hours to pluck up the courage to go down and get that drink.
—Guest Mark

Santa is FAST!!!

I was about 9 and was lying in my bed on Christmas Eve. My bed was facing my bedroom door (which was open) and my stocking was on my dressing table which was right next to my bed. I couldn't get to sleep cos I couldn't wait for him to come. When I heard bells above the roof, I was sooo excited; I had never heard bells before! Then there was a thump on our roof, I got a bit nervous. Then I heard footsteps below my room (where the mincepies and the milk were). I started getting really scared. I ducked my head under the cover for about 15 seconds, maximum, and when I pulled the covers down there was no sound, and my stocking was full. Santa is fast, I repeat Santa is FAST!!!!!!!
—Guest 123chubby9

The Mysterious Disappearing Presents

I was about eight or ten and was in my house with three of my other siblings. There were five of us, so it was a busy family. The other sibling was on a trip to the dentist with our mother and father. It was the day of Christmas Eve, too. I was never one of those kids who believed in Santa, but I just found myself staring at the Christmas tree. It was empty. That's why my parents left that day, to go Christmas shopping and take my brother to the dentist. I then saw presents appear under the tree all of a sudden! It was really weird. The next day, I went to the tree and the presents had disappeared, but the presents my parents bought me were there. There was this one present that I remember seeing from the time I was staring at the Christmas tree; it was still there! Same wrapping paper and ribbons. It also didn't say who it was from. Strange, very strange.
—Guest Karen-the-Snowman

Hunting Christmas About Santa Claus

When Joyce Was Living with her my Grandmother I thougth i heard Santa Claus on top of my Grandma House I was
—Guest Joyce Crum


I was 10 years old, I remember it like yesterday. It was christmas day about 1:00pm, I heard the door bell ring. I ran to the front door and there was Santa. He smelled funny like a hint of alcohol and peppermint. He handed me his half empty can of budwiser and stumbled up the stairs to my moms room. I guess he had a present for her too. I drank the wonderful beverage that santa gave me and said thank you and waved bye to him as he left. Sitting watching my favorite Cartoon TMNT, I started to heard some ruckuss above me. Sounds of lamps breaking, chairs knocking over, and windows being smashed startled me. I stood up and hurried upstairs to investigate the erie noises when I hear my Mom scream, "AHHHHHHUuuggghhh". Her voice rose quickly then fell softly and went silent. My body started to tremble when I musterd up the courage to open the door. The door inches open, creeking and crackling. I peek in side the room to find Santa knawing at my mothers neck in some twitching, jerking manner


Hee hee hee! Nobody sees Sandy Claus! Hee hee hee... AND LIVES TO TELL ABOUT IT, AT LEAST... Hee hee hee~ I'm coming to get you, naughty children. Hee hee hee~
—Guest Santa

my wierd christmas

i was 5 and i was spending christmas at my nans house.....i remember seeing an old lady at the bottom of the garden and i kept telling everyone but no 1 would belive me... a little while later my mum and my nan were flicking through old photo albums and i saw i a photo of the lady i saw my mum explained that it was my great nan...i will always remember that christmas.
—Guest katybubz

Weird reindeer shaddow and bell noises

i am 13 years old and in 2005, christmas eve me and my mum heard what sounded like bells coming from outside my aunties pub (as we were living there) We just thought it was my auntie putting up decorations for the pub outside. about 2 minutes later we saw a shaddow that looked like a reindeer and in a matter of seconds it was gone and we heard the beels again. I was 8 and i was so exited to see what santa had left me oooooo x
—Guest choccolate

For Some Reason

my mom was tellin' me about ghost nd stuff and there was this one story that i remembered for some reason...It was 2009 and I was ten and my mom told this story she said was true she said " i was driving and I saw this little boy sitting on a trash can but when i drove closer to it nothing was there how strange right?!?!" and i never forgot that story for some strange reason.
—Guest hello kitty

oh wow...

it's hard to believe a story when you can't even spell half the words...
—Guest brittany

A wired Christmas eve

me and my friends where spending the night at my house and we all said we wanna stay up all night bc tomarrow was Christmas so (there where 5 with me in the 5)only 3 of us really did stay up but me and my 2 other friends were waching a movie and then we heard a big crash! of the roof. it was so loud that it woke up my parents and my other friends, we all went out to look what it was and will me and my friends all held hands walking out behind my parents but by the time we got there there was noone there. but there was shoe prents in the snow and from this day on we still dont know what it was.
—Guest yukigirl121


i livein a 500 year old house and nothing has happened yet so i dont beleive any of this stuff.
—Guest hihi

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