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Shadow people

I have seen shadow people since I was very little(7). As I got older I was able to focus the contact a bit more. However, some can be relatives passed or other entities. When you really need to worry is when you sense smells. I have experienced two times where I have smelled burning sulfur, those type of scenarios you really need to worry about. I am not devout in my religion but I do believe certain things are here on this earth we do not fully understand. These shadow people are not always friendly and can open the door for other things that may or may not visit you unwantedly. Just be careful when you have these visions uncontrolled contact can be potentially harmful spiritually and bleed over into reality. I have noticed one of my son's have mentioned he has started to see shadows. I am not really concerned I always tell him to ignore them and they will eventually fade.
—Guest Kyle

My pic

I have a crazy pic that would like someone who has some understanding of some this. In order to shed some lighr on my photo. Contact through email at Hags32@hotmail.com
—Guest Chad

shadow people

at first I thought it is my imagination. that is years ago before I even heard of shadow people. This became more frequent. They are extremely fast. One night I had a very realistic dream, where a shadow person appeared to me and it was a demon with real bad intentions. So that I now believe what they are
—Guest Ernst S

shadow people

My daughter reported feeling watched by shadow people before having a seizure. I have never seen them myself but have heard my daughter express fear of going to sleep because they ate watching her.
—Guest maria corrales

I see shadow people

(2) These new experiences all happened within the last year, but the worst of it has been the sleep paralysis. At least three times in the past year I have woken siddenly, unable.to move, unable to feel myself breathing with a heavy weight on my chest. I try to move and scream but.I cant, and I feel like I'm going to suffocate. Eventually I can take a ragged breath, or I either pass out or go back to sleep. Now I think these experiences are all connected. I know the shadow means me harm in some way, I can feel it, it is like being around someone who detests you.
—Guest Auatealian Shadow Seer

Shadow things

I have seen and felt a shadow man in the bush in the day about 14 years ago. My friend also saw it and my dog, who was 11 at the time and gentle as anything sensed it as well, tucking her tail between her legs and growling really low and dangerous. Now it is back, bothering myself and my friend again. More disturbing, though, are the shadow creatures I have seen twice. One appeared like a black cuttlefish in the water, but different. When I shined a torch on it it conpletely dissapeared before my eyes. The second thing looked like a clump of shadow tenderils on my wall which disolved when I looked at it. I would think I was insane, but my mother, who doesnt believe in the paranormal at all, saw something that resembled a moving black octapus moving up her wall. She screamed for my dad and it vanished. She only lives three streets away from me. I started looking around and found info on shadow people. I want to know if there are animals also.
—Guest Australian Shadow Seer


Have seen shadow people when out jogging . At this time I was very very down with life and to help my brain to b in tune with my body I would go running at a spot called coopers hill . Wen I first went running the three shadow people who were joined togetherwith no shape or form would run very close behind me! But as I did more running my energy was greater and the shadow people would b further and further from me until one day when I felt so much better they actually disappeared and I have not seen them since .At this point in time it was found dat my vitamin B12level was at a dangerously low level and had diabetes so not sure if this was a contributory factor in allowing me to c the shadows !!! These things are real and come about when you have no hope left inside you . I never thought they were here to hurt me . But to let me know there is a desperate problem within oneself that needs to be addressed . They had three pointy witches hats on n day was amalgamated into one .
—Guest Neas

been seeing them for years

I started seeing these shadowy characters when I was 15 (I'm now 20). they started off looking more animal like, and would only come at night but in the past couple years, they've been coming in human form. They generally come during the late evening or night, and I can sense them before I see them. I heat up, and my muscles grow a bit tight. I just get this rotten feeling, like they're bad news. I cant seem to figure out why they come so frequently, and sometimes I get up to five in my room at once-they're never solitary and are often being guided by another figure, who's more solid, and red and black and insect like. It's flat out terrifying! I feel threatened by it, and not safe. The shadow people have bright, usually red but sometimes yellow of green eyes too. Whats weird though is that one of my 2 room mates has never experienced any of this, while my other one does. It just makes me wonder why these "people" or "beings" choose to go to some people but not others.
—Guest evelynn

Strangers and shadow people.

My friends and I call these shadow people "Strangers" and usually we see them between evening and morning twilight, when it's dark outside. However, I've noticed white or grey Strangers during the daytime, sometimes I've seen an entire person, with jeans and a t-shirt, walking... then on the second glance, they aren't there. This happened when walking by a small car dealers lot one day. Recently my friends have seen a stranger inside our house, usually walking in my roommate's room at night. I have only seen his shadow, but they have seen his full form a couple of times.
—Guest Shadowmist

Hope to never see this again

I don't understand why some people think these shadow things are good. What I seen had no shape exactly. It was more like a black cloak or blob. Hard to explain. I woke up out of no where and seen it right below my ceiling. There was a street light outside my window and my walls were white. So it was easy to notice. At first it was as if it was looking in my room. Then it got bigger. It was like it got mad that i had saw it. It flew across the room to right above my head and stopped. I couldn't move this whole time. Not sure if i froze up or what. Then it flew at my face. I closed my eyes and thought for sure it was over. All of a sudden i slung my arm up to grab my tv remote and turned it on. None of that would've helped me but when your scared you don't think. It was just gone when I opened my eyes. I never seen it again. I hope I never do either. I was hysterical all night. Not to mention paranoid for months. That thing scared me to death. I swear it wanted to hurt me. I know this sounds crazy.
—Guest Shaina

I've seen dark shadows

Several years ago I started working 3rd shift in a nursing home. At first, I only saw white/grayish shadows. These didn't scare me, only startled me. If fact, I'm pretty sure I know who the first one was. Then, I started seeing the dark shadows. They were always from a distance, which was fine with me because they had a different "feel" than the white/grayish ones. They seemed malevolent. The white ones seemed to figure out that I could see them and began coming closer. I was advised to tell them to go toward the light and that seemed to help. Today, I saw a dark shadow near my home. My son and I were driving and it moved from the grassy area along the road into the woods. I was very relieved to find out that my son and husband would NOT be hunting there later. I'm just concerned about this being so close to my home and causing problems.
—Guest Annie

black images

seems as if what I had experienced as a child is coming back .I am a spirit filled Christian and I don't understand what they are...I had just gotten back into bed and closed my eyes when I saw in my minds eye a black thing the shape of a plane about 4ft in length and withed fly over me....then last night same thing happened but this time the shape was of a tube which was the size of a coffee cup.i have also seen black shadow out of the corner of my eye .they move when I turn to look ...anyone know who I can ask to find out why these things are happening to me..please help
—Guest elaine


When i was 16yrs old,my brother and i got a car accident. I spent my my whole week in a hospital. After a months passed. There is a strange feeling and experienced that i encountered. I see something that is like a human appearance like shadow and i can see it only on vision in side ways. I always see them in dim and sometimes at noon time. The most scariest thing i seen is at night. When i was asleep, i felt someone is walking around my bed.And the sound of the footsteps is like dragging or slipping there foot on floor and ended at my door.I was just pretending that i was asleep and i wonder who is that walking around my bed? So i turn my head where the door was but still my eyes were closed.So the time i decided to open my eyes to see it, i was shocked from what i saw!? It looks like a myst like heat vapor in a dessert with a human like figure, and all i can see is her face! A face that i could not 4rget..It looks like a vengeful spirit , her facial emotion is angry and eyes r big re
—Guest RIC1985

Shadow Man

Early one morning, I was sitting on the back porch having my morning smoke, when I looked out beside my dads car and saw what appeared to be a little kid shadow, his eyes were blacked out and I got an uneasy feeling.. and thats when he told me that he was going to kill my sister. The way he told me wasn't audible though, it was like he sent the message straight to my mind.. Anyway, at the time my sister had Cancer and a year later she actually did die.. I've never really mentioned it to anyone because I thought I was just crazy, until I actually researched it. I still do not quite understand it though.
—Guest Haley


My friend keeps saying shes seeing these shadow people, i wanted to look more into it, she said it dident have eyes or features just a persons outline its been happening for a few weeks &out of all honesty I'm terrified for her.. PLEASE help me... Idk whats happening....
—Guest Littlemisswoods:)

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