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Readers Respond: Ideas and experiences regarding shadow people

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home video

A picture is worth a thousand words. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0nLJ1hBK9g

Shadow People in Photos

I have photos of shadow people taken by an outdoor motion-cam. Don't know who they are or why they're here, but they show up frequently. In particular, there's a woman that's been captured several times. She wears a dark cloak with a hood, and sometimes her face is visible. And then there's the man in a hat. You never know where or when he'll show up, but he's in the photos too. I'd like someone to analyze these photos someday, or have a psychic look at them, just to see what kind of explanation they come up with.

Shadow people

Shadow people are real I have had many incounters with them over the years. Only one has scared me and that is because it was a black shadow and it was like a big man but the head could be seen so I do not know if it was male or female. It was about 5 feet behind me one night when I was talking to my brother on the computer actually it was him that told me to be careful something was behind me and when I turned sure anough it was there and it was there for about 4 or 5 seconds. I have seen many of them and for different reasons and at different times.. Since the death of my brother the shadow people have not been around much not sure if he was my channel or not. I would love to know if he was but have no way of knowing it. Take care
—Guest Darlene McKerral


A relative of mine is mentally ill, and speaks in at least four different voices at this point..One day her and i were the only ones in the house it was about 12:30 pm mid-day.Well her and do not get along as she is suspects everyone is trying to kill her or whatever, anyway i had just got done yelling at her to go into her bedroom if she's going to walk around mumbling and saying evil and cruel things..Eventually she left to her room..All of a sudden i hear what sounds like demonic voices and jibberish comming from the room, so on my way to the bathroom and as i walk down the hall which is pitch black even during the day, right outside the bedroom door is the bathroom and as i make my way i suddenly bumped into someone,eventhough i knew we were the only ones here it was a reaction to say "oh excuse me" which is what i did but.all with in a second but seemed like a long time was a figure of a human only about 3@1/2 feet tall with bright yellow eyes standing outside her door


have experienced them out of the corner of my eye but I have also been helped out by angels in the past so I know paranormal stuff happens
—Guest w

shadow creatures

I see not only shadow people but shadow creatures. whats going on?They don't seem demonic
—Guest Marsha

My whole street apart from one house.

When I was younger there was a man at the top of my stairs in my old house. I used to go to the toliet every night between about 12 and 3 and he would always be there! He was a shadow on a mirror, and I was only about 4 or 5. But other people in my street have seen him, he's even tried to push one of them down the stairs! Since moving into the house over the road though I haven't seen or heard from him. I can't go in my old house upstairs, because there's a very unwelcome and hostile feeling to it. Although he never approached me. I have recently found out that we're built on an old burial ground, but I still can't work out who he is. I often experince things in the new house too, but nothing like the old one, or in the others. I've also seen him in my friends houses, and everytime he just stands there 'looking' at me, although there's no face, just a shadow. Please help I don't understand.
—Guest Lauren

Can shadow men be good?

Whenever I am bed ridden from terrible migraines, my son says there is a shadow man standing at the foot of my bed or by the window. We have lived in many countries and he always comes when my migraines are extremely bad or I am very sick. When my son was little the shadow man would make faces at him to make him laugh and would also tell him to be calm when he was being naughty. Now he just stands guard. I have never seen him, but my son who is now a teenager does. He doesn’t play with him anymore but does nod to him as if to say it will all be ok. We have tried things like asking him to leave but he just smiles and shakes his head, and waits until I am feeling better before disappearing. Is this a relative or an angel? He certainly is looking out for me and seems very kind, fun but with a job to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?
—Guest maric.28

My own experiences

Have encountered this phenomenon as well, once when I was 4 or 5, a humanoid form with blue green eyes and conversed briefly. Once when I was about 20, a coal black moth shape that darted up an oven hood in a surreal manner. A third encounter about 2 years ago in a dream, where I was driving, and nearly collided with an ebon colored childlike form with red outlined yellow eyes that largely ignored me. And finally, thus far, vicariously, as my wife had seen a form from the corner of her eye that quickly vanished behind a bulletin board, which my 10 year old child, while not seeing it, DID hear it call his name in a low toned voice. In all cases, there was an enhanced sense of dread and a cold feeling that lingered even after leaving the rooms affected. Get the sense that there was a capricious malevolence present in all cases, but that was also reluctant to engage in any kind of direct confrontation. The only one that produced any lasting fear, though, was the one in the dream.
—Guest MT


Hi im 27 and I have also experienced these things everywhere, i think i am going mad sometimes I also here people calling my name sometimes and there is no one there! I think what the heck is going on here but i try and ignore it, in the past i have seen a white line of a outline when i started going ghost hunting. :) im not scared of the ghosts or unknown as they cant harm you.
—Guest leepafc2007

I wish id known sooner

ive seen a shadow figure, and it always looked like he wore a hat. i was him irregularly for over 3 years. found out recently that he,- it's called "Hat Man". Has anyone else seen him, or am i really simply losing my mind?
—Guest Becki

My life story about shadow ppl

Hello  my name is Casey I'm 20 years old and since I was at a young age I've had many experiences with shadow ppl in my dreams, when I was awake, I have audio tape of it speaking to me and 2 of my old friends have also experienced the same person in their dreams. It stopped a year ago and now has came back.  I skimmed over your shadow people section on the site. I would love to tell my stories I have my own percerption on every experience I have.  I also know alot about it but I would like to talk to someone else about this subject many other people will not talk to me a bout. And I would like to over something else other then email. I have way to many stories to send on here. Plz contact me back.
—Guest Casey


Although shadow beings may start out seeming harmless don't be fooled. They feed off of negative energy and if you notice them they WILL notice you. They prey on the vulnerable, especially innocence. I have seen them for years, from out of the corner of my eye to full frontal immobilizing encounters. These things are not living and thrive, feed off off of your energy. Believe what you want but if you are being tormented know there is power in the name of Jesus. You are NEVER alone.
—Guest Bravado84

they do exist!?

well im 21..a few yrs ago i had some xperiences wif mates tht changed my hole view on what tru existance is, jus a young girl singing (not like she was dere) but her voice was nd since den ive noticed otha small things like a person appeared from nufin after callin out for it nd vanished again nd also shadow hooded figures floating in an empty farm field which i saw for abt 1 sec but enought nd da worse thing is the 1st 2 i mentioned i had witnesses who saw the same thing i did which was my turning point, there are logical xplanations 2 multiple witness accounts such as semi mental links caused by unknown phenomenon tht almost/every1 will c da same thing nd tink it was paranormal, thts da best skeptical view ive got (gotta look at all da arguments thoroghly) .. see the thing is if u want answers GOOD LUCK (tink of da implications it mite bring if harnessed properly) this topic is of some of the highest knowledge n u can fuck with so much so y wuld it b excepted as science ITS A WEAPON!
—Guest leeroy

Life with Shadow People

I was 4 years old (46 years ago). My brother and I were sleeping in my Grandparents' home in a bedroom, my bed facing the closet door. The room was dark, but on the wall next to the closet door was a window that was open to let in cool air, the bedroom door was closed because the adults were downstairs talking. I remember waking up because I heard the closet door squeeking and thought someone had entered to room to go into the closet. What I saw in the light from the window was the closet door opening slowly until it was wide open, the door covering the window. Out of the back of the closet I saw 2 red glowing eyes looking right at me. Then I saw it moving to the front of the closet and could make out a human figure that was dark but had a head, shoulders and body shape. I immediately started screaming, and within seconds my parents flew into the room and turned on the lights. I told them their was a man in the closet, yet they tried to convince me it was the wind blowing a shirt.
—Guest Mike in Phoenix

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