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Readers Respond: Ideas and experiences regarding shadow people

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i never went to sleep it was there and m

i was laying next to my boyfreind looked to the l of his feet to see like a small side veiw od bright weird blue watchin g it it moined i seen it stand withtwo bue eye looking at him i jumoped and gasped waking him it wa gonne an no longer pitch black in that corner of room. seen other blue neet colored people surround me nemerous times awake standing
—Guest jesica


I have seen this silhouette 4 times once when I was 11yrs. old it was standing at the door way, when I was 26 yrs. of age still standing at the door way again staring at me? Than again mid. 40's I believe? This shadow was right next to my bed looking at me it stands about 4 ft. high this time I went to see if it was my daughter if she was sound asleep and she was I went back to sleep thinking nothing of it? Until a good friend told me it's shadow people not knowing what they are? So still thinking nothing of it until last year some time it came back but, this time standing 7 ft. tall must say it did frighten because of the ht. Look it up don't know what to think, so I think it wants to visit don't know why? I just wrote it off?
—Guest Margie Francis

Evil feeling from them

Hello. I have one big, black, blobby shadow person that won't stop watching me. I swear, I've got one that is freaking me out. Two weeks ago, this black blob was standing by my bed when I woke up in the middle of the night..like he was watching me. When I saw him, he disappeared. I lit incense and prayed and chanted the next day and figured that would be the end of it. Last night this great big black humanoid form was watching me through the sliding glass door in the backyard. Whoever, or whatever this thing is...it feels malevolent and it gives me the super creeps. It just watched me...then disappeared. My dog, Louie went ballistic and has been for a few nights now. He's with me every minute. I told my husband and he told me to burn sage all through the house. So I did and prayed to God and Jesus for protection and also asked Archangel Michael for protection. I also visualized white light covering me, my home, and my neighborhood. Then I asked for protection for my fami
—Guest melzvox


I have seen a shadowperson 2 times in my life. The first time I was 7 and I might been dreaming but I saw one howering over my bed, and I got really scared and a scence of dread and evil and screamed and it wanished when my mom came. Now I'm 25 and I really never forgot this, then i heard of the shadow people and discovered that others had similar stories to what I saw. Then one night when I was going to bed my boyfriend were in the bathroom and there was no light in our appartment beacause we were going to sleep. I was laying in bed when I thougt my boyfriend was coming into the room and I could only see a dark siloeth. I sat up in bed and smiled in welcome and then I heard a noice behind it, this was my boyfriend, when he came into the room the siloeth crept allong the wall and disapeared at astonishing speed. But this time I did not sence anything bad from the shadow. If they are real I dont think they mean any harm, mayby they just reflect our own emotions, it only seemed curius.
—Guest yoyo

they are djinn

I have seen these shadow people a few times in my life but some times goes by before another sighting. I bellieve they are djinn. Out of phase but watching us.
—Guest capt k

A black ball with speed

As I came out of the bathroom one evening my husband was standing with his back to the bed and hear was this black ball on or bed behide him. I said to my husband what the beep is that he said see what theres nothing there that black thing on our bed only I could see it. then it went up my bed and onto ny side table and was gone.As a child I have experienced a lot of things and into my older years but I have never seen anything like this before .Anybody out there know what this is or what is it's meaning.


Have you found out any more information about this figure you have seen? Because I have seen one similar. It was black, tall, and had electric blue eyes. It also had long pointy fingers. other than that, there were no other features to this "being."
—Guest Mckenzie

ignorant Rocket Man

If it is a weather balloon..Why is it inside of my living room closet??


Well I can tell you this, I have lived in mass and everything about the places there i've been to have a lot of history and a lot of bad vibes. While I don't know much about tgat area, I do know this, odds are you got a local haunted house. They don't sound like shadow people but they do sound like ghosts. There's not a lot of things you can do about haunted houses but there are ways to try to get people who know a thing or two about paranormal activities. First, if the problem gets worse, show those pics to some paranormal investigators and see where you will go from there. If you know nothing about the paranormal, DO NOT engage them by yourself. Let someone who knows what they're doing take care of it. Help can be found just start looking for the answers, that's all. Hopefully I got you a step in the right direction, hope it helps.
—Guest Mike

Red blazing eyes

This experience is of great concern. I saw a woman looking at me through the outside of my sisters window looking in, while eating dinner at her house. I wasnt scared but more mad because why was this lady looking at me with those red eyes and grinning. Why me???? Im
—Guest Lady Dip

moving in

just moved back to mass.had a hard time finding a place but i did and i am moving in tomorrow.honestly if i had another place to go i wouldnt b moving in. when i saw it i liked it but there was something not right. i couldnt figure it out, i went back the following day and went inside and took a few pics. well when i left the property my son and i looked at the pics. i was shocked at what i saw< in the window which what would b my sons bdrm you could see a mans face looking in he had long hair dark rimmed glasses and a goat tee. and in one other picture which would be in the hall of my sons room you could see a woman wearing a long dress blk flat shoes and she had been hung. im petrified moving in there with my son but as i said it was unusually affordable for the area,its on the water ( beach ) and also an old prison is very close by but recently closed, I would appreciate anything anyone can tell me about this or how i can find out about this property. please help if you can,as im ru
—Guest Lia

.........Now I know I saw them..........

The house I grew up in had a huge picture window. My couched was positioned so that I could see out it perefely left eye. Lot of times - espcially while minding my brothers I would see this shadow women out of the corner of my eye. It wasn't just once, it was multiple times in 5 minutes to make sure I saw her. I never knew what they were till now. And yes, they do call out your name.
—Guest katie

Yes, they follow you

I know I shared my opinion already but based off my own experience, I can say this; yes some shadow folk follow you, but consider why they follow you. Maybe they want to help you, maybe they want to screw around with your life, you got to understand. We want to scurry about because in our fleshy forms, we have a shelf life. They have all the time in the world to do whatever interests them. They just consider if following you is worth it. Whether good or bad intentions are intended, they'll consider those options. After you realize that, then it comes time to consider your own options and once again DO YOUR'E HOMEWORK!
—Guest Mike

I have harmless shadow people and or per

maybe 1yr ago my daughter in law and son was staying. with me temporarily and she stated she saw 3 figures. a man woman and. child I have since then only seen glimpses out the corner of my eye they have never been mischievous or harmful and any nature although I have felt playfulness and caring from them. I was down in the dumps 1 day had an orange on my coffee table it wouldn't have been able to move off the table I heard a noise it was rolling on the floor they were trying to cheer me up I told them to stop playing but thank you for caring. recently I was very upset and crying sitting on my sofa then my sofa started to move slowly rocking me when I came up to my room home and lie down my bed was slowly rocking me I felt someone sit down at my feet to comfort me it was awesome I am not afraid of them we share the same home we can coexist I have 2 dogs who don't react negative
—Guest zarina


can shadow people follow u for years? I have one that has been around me for at least 20 yrs. follows me to work,anywhere i go it is there.
—Guest travis

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