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Readers Respond: Ideas and experiences regarding shadow people

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Red blazing eyes

This experience is of great concern. I saw a woman looking at me through the outside of my sisters window looking in, while eating dinner at her house. I wasnt scared but more mad because why was this lady looking at me with those red eyes and grinning. Why me???? Im
—Guest Lady Dip

moving in

just moved back to mass.had a hard time finding a place but i did and i am moving in tomorrow.honestly if i had another place to go i wouldnt b moving in. when i saw it i liked it but there was something not right. i couldnt figure it out, i went back the following day and went inside and took a few pics. well when i left the property my son and i looked at the pics. i was shocked at what i saw< in the window which what would b my sons bdrm you could see a mans face looking in he had long hair dark rimmed glasses and a goat tee. and in one other picture which would be in the hall of my sons room you could see a woman wearing a long dress blk flat shoes and she had been hung. im petrified moving in there with my son but as i said it was unusually affordable for the area,its on the water ( beach ) and also an old prison is very close by but recently closed, I would appreciate anything anyone can tell me about this or how i can find out about this property. please help if you can,as im ru
—Guest Lia

.........Now I know I saw them..........

The house I grew up in had a huge picture window. My couched was positioned so that I could see out it perefely left eye. Lot of times - espcially while minding my brothers I would see this shadow women out of the corner of my eye. It wasn't just once, it was multiple times in 5 minutes to make sure I saw her. I never knew what they were till now. And yes, they do call out your name.
—Guest katie

Yes, they follow you

I know I shared my opinion already but based off my own experience, I can say this; yes some shadow folk follow you, but consider why they follow you. Maybe they want to help you, maybe they want to screw around with your life, you got to understand. We want to scurry about because in our fleshy forms, we have a shelf life. They have all the time in the world to do whatever interests them. They just consider if following you is worth it. Whether good or bad intentions are intended, they'll consider those options. After you realize that, then it comes time to consider your own options and once again DO YOUR'E HOMEWORK!
—Guest Mike

I have harmless shadow people and or per

maybe 1yr ago my daughter in law and son was staying. with me temporarily and she stated she saw 3 figures. a man woman and. child I have since then only seen glimpses out the corner of my eye they have never been mischievous or harmful and any nature although I have felt playfulness and caring from them. I was down in the dumps 1 day had an orange on my coffee table it wouldn't have been able to move off the table I heard a noise it was rolling on the floor they were trying to cheer me up I told them to stop playing but thank you for caring. recently I was very upset and crying sitting on my sofa then my sofa started to move slowly rocking me when I came up to my room home and lie down my bed was slowly rocking me I felt someone sit down at my feet to comfort me it was awesome I am not afraid of them we share the same home we can coexist I have 2 dogs who don't react negative
—Guest zarina


can shadow people follow u for years? I have one that has been around me for at least 20 yrs. follows me to work,anywhere i go it is there.
—Guest travis


Worked security at a govt facility in galv. Tx with video cams. Caught a shadow image on video. Sitting still in lunch rm. Went to see who was there in the middle of the a.m. arrived in lunnch rm and saw noone returned to control center and the image got up and moved. This was recorded on security surviellance.
—Guest bryon

The Darkness Houses Everything Dark

Just so you know, darkness isn't evil or a thing to be afraid of, most of all the galaxies are just lights being held up in this dark cosmos. Demons, ghosts, yes even angels take to the darkness either shinning against it like light or being one with it. The only real way to tell what they are, is just your own intuition. If it is or you think it is something terrible and demonic, odds are it is and you should consider thinking what to do about it. But they have just as much a choice to be there as you do, shadow folk or otherwise, we're sharing this existance with them whether we want them or not. People need to stop thinking they have all the power. The best we can do to make them go away is sit down and do your homework. What do demons hate, use it against them till they finally get tired of trying, they'll go away. But they're more animals than people only by nature, only thinking about feeding off fear or sadness. Shadow folk are way more advanced, we just happen to live here too.
—Guest Mike

How do you get them to go away?

They have always been there. I remember watching the light images separate when I was in my crib. The first time that I saw a shadow was when I was 7. I was looking at the dark room when the shadow of the dresser gathered and turned into a bear and walked. Have seen them mostly in "human" form. They will not leave. Every moment of everyday. I see them, feel them. As a child I swear I felt them "take" me. As soon as I was almost asleep, they would come. I felt them and braced myself, pushing them away. It felt like a horizontal rollercoaster. Anyone ever get them to go away? I have moved several times. They follow me, the last move was 1000 miles. Trapped.

the black thing

i always thought i was the only person,who still believed in these things.though my story lasts over a period of time. i do not believe they mean any harm.

yes they're out there

A dark shadow use to follow me home it would move so fast n hide behind trees, I'm not sure why it tried to spook me or what it wanted. My mum also saw "it" at the front of our house when coming home from work, there it sat at the front of our house possibly having a cigarette, she got frightened and panicked but before you know it the shadow darted down the road leaping two fences in a row like some sort of animal...well that's how my mum described it anyway..she said no human being could have been able to move that fast.thanks for your cool page about shadows hope it can bring some answer to what lurks in the dark and unknown places
—Guest kael

shadow person

in all the time i have investageted i have only seen one shadow person . I did not get it on tape but real . THey are
—Guest lowell

home video

A picture is worth a thousand words. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0nLJ1hBK9g

Shadow People in Photos

I have photos of shadow people taken by an outdoor motion-cam. Don't know who they are or why they're here, but they show up frequently. In particular, there's a woman that's been captured several times. She wears a dark cloak with a hood, and sometimes her face is visible. And then there's the man in a hat. You never know where or when he'll show up, but he's in the photos too. I'd like someone to analyze these photos someday, or have a psychic look at them, just to see what kind of explanation they come up with.

Shadow people

Shadow people are real I have had many incounters with them over the years. Only one has scared me and that is because it was a black shadow and it was like a big man but the head could be seen so I do not know if it was male or female. It was about 5 feet behind me one night when I was talking to my brother on the computer actually it was him that told me to be careful something was behind me and when I turned sure anough it was there and it was there for about 4 or 5 seconds. I have seen many of them and for different reasons and at different times.. Since the death of my brother the shadow people have not been around much not sure if he was my channel or not. I would love to know if he was but have no way of knowing it. Take care
—Guest Darlene McKerral

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