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Readers Respond: Ideas and experiences regarding shadow people

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I was in my car driving with my friend and we both her a male whispers in our left ear....It was eerie. What does it mean. When I was a small child I saw ghosts. But my friend never experient anything like it.
—Guest Lucy

shaodow people

There is more than the three dimensions. The third dimension that we are at right now, that we have a good hold what is right now, is seperated by the fourth and connected to the fifth which is luminosity and interconnectedness. We are human beings that have created a world and are becoming aware of our time increase (not enough hours in a day) to the time of not only the Mayan calander end of days (Aug. 25, 2012) to also the last pope. The increase of the "shadow people" (the red eyed ones) which may be malevolent to some are ancestors or past members of the family wanting a right done from a wrong. However if there is no "connecting " (eg. making a wrong right or even praying for them )with these beings then the only option is, is to banish them. The ones that have the white eyes or of a non "overly eerie note" are the ancestors that have information for you.
—Guest windsong

Also had these experiences

I have experienced these "shadow people" but only for a fleeting moment. I was visiting my boyfriend in Maryland, his house is built on a Native American burial ground. We were kinda playing around when I saw out of the corner of my eye a shadow like there was someone in the doorway. I tried to catch it with my regular vision but as soon as I looked toward the doorway it was gone. There were no footsteps, as he's got hardwood floors. He has also experienced things falling over where they shouldn't. Like, they appear to be knocked over by someone but there is no way for them to be knocked over. He had his house blessed supposedly by his cousin but the activity hasn't stopped. The entity hasn't harmed anyone yet but it scares me because they have a little baby in the house.
—Guest Samantha

My Experience With Shadow People

Well one night me and my boyfriend had got in a fight. So I slept at his feet, he slept by mine, on the bed. We fell asleep. Then I heard my bf groaning, and i opened my eyes real quick and seen 2 small hooded creatures floating away from his body. They acted as if I wasn't there. They just hovered away from his body towards the other side of my room and slowly disappeared. These little guys were like a foot tall, very short and pudgy. I couldn't see their faces because they had a dark cloak on. I did however see the tips of their feet pointing straight down as they floated away. It was one of the weirdest things I've seen. It almost felt as if they were messing with my bf and agitating him in his sleep. I know its hard to believe, but really crazy things like this do exist.

Shadow People or Spirits: The Truth

I have been reading some of the resplies and people don't seem to understand the difference between Shadow People and Spirits. I have been dealing with seeing Ghosts or Spirits ever since I was a child and have had many encounters throughout my life with different spirits. Some were good and some were bad. Just recently a spirit clawed my back to pieces. I woke up with as many as 70 claw marks and some were so deep that I still have scars. I believe people think that all shadows are the "Shadow People." Spirits also appear as shadows. The Shadow People we are talking about are tall and very dense in color. Some wear a hat and the ones I see are wearing a hood with a robe or a cloak. I see their shadows and they even have arms and long thin fingers. I have seen many times them coming through doorway or a white light. They are escorted by smaller ones and these look almost human and will run and hide when noticed. They won't communicate or speak and all they do is watch us.
—Guest jtrader312@yahoo.com

Since I was a litle girl

When I was about five I was laying in my bed and I felt this presence. I looks over and saw this thing looking at me I realized itwas a shadow then I saw it walk across my door but no one was there. Ever since that night I have seen this shadow everywhere I go. I had gotten concerned so went to my church to talk to the preacher and he told me to say "go away in Jesus name" so I did but it only works a little while of course I say it everytime I see or feel it. But wake up with scratches and bruises which makes no sense To me.I hear things I see it. It breathes on me when I lay in my bed there is no fan no vent an windows are closed. This is no imagination. It used to scare me nltuen it didn't now it terrifies me. I don't know what it wants!!! Email me if you can help me I'm desperate!!! Jessica_joann33@yahoo.com

I have witnesses!

Back in 2006 I was employed at an "Oldies" radio station in an old house in the middle of a big field.Being night owls, my buddy and I went to my office after 12am one night to clean and organize my office.He was sitting at my desk, I was sitting on my desk, and I looked up when I saw a very tall, lanky "shadow man" walk past the door. I managed to see him straight on.The radio station cat was looking up at him and running alongside him.Next to my office door was a large window to see into the lobby: when the shadow man walked past the door, I could still see him, straight-on, walking past the window.I paused to assess what I had just seen. I told myself, "Oh, just a weird light effect," and sat there staring, in silence, confused.I didn't say a word about it.At that moment my buddy, who was sitting behind me, put his hand on my shoulder and said,"Lila, I saw it, too. It was tall and dark, and it went that way,"as he pointed in the direction the shadow man had walked.No drugs or alcoho
—Guest Lila

My dog saw it too

I sleep with my mother and my dog in the bedroom. My dog likes to sleep under my bed. One night, I remember it was quite early, probably around 8 pm, my mother was already asleep and I was sitting in bed reading a book. After a while, I lay down and closed my eyes. After a while, when I opened my eyes I clearly saw the shadow figure of a man sitting at the foot of my mother's bed. The TV was on and I had the distinct impression it was watching TV. I did not see it from the corners of my eyes. I saw it straight on, as clear as day. The silhouette was very clearly that of a person, with what seemed to be a bald head, shoulders and arms. It would be easy to conclude that I was probably dreaming or imagining things, if not for the fact that the moment I saw the shadow figure, it started slowly to fade and as it was fading, my dog started to growl and snarl loudly as if he were seeing an intruder. He was looking at the wall, exactly where the shadow figure was.
—Guest Myra

benzo withdrawal

Like millions of other people, I found myself addicted to a class of drugs called benzodiazipines. They're prescribed for anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks. Withdrawing from benzos is a very tricky business, nothing at all like withdrawing from other prescription drugs, and I joined an online forum delveloped for and populated by people who were trying to get off benzos. I discovered that among my many symptoms of withdrawl was a visual disturbance experienced by hundreds of people on the forum. There are subtle variations of the symptom but from person to person but the common element is seeing something dark and moving at the periphery of vision. Most members reported that the dark movement would disappear when they tried to look at it head on. I experienced the disturbance as small scurrying animals. Benzodiazipines, which include Xanax, Klonipin and Valium, are routinely prescribed for the slightest little issues and millions of people take them regularly.
—Guest Mary

im splitting up here

ive been seeing and experiencing things the past few months...impossible things always have a feeling im being watched seeing shadowy figures...just black silhoutte blobs that dissappear...silhoutte tails swaying over a shrub go over to look nothing is there...i saw a figure 2 nights ago once again a silhoutte at about 12:15 which was a long trench coat with what seemed like an oversized fedora...thinking its just my imagination playing tricks on me and i realize there's something called the hatman that fits that exact discription...so many other wierd things happening...i dont feel fear i feel as if its time to defend myself and sudden rage and aggression...i feel as if im being pulled two different directions...i just wish i knew what was going on or if it means something...i feel like there's going to be a change soon...i was always skeptical about this kind of stuff...but now im utterly lost
—Guest gfanon

Shadow People

I've seen the shadow people for years, and have repeatedly called them to me, hoping to know better what they are. It feels at times that they are feeding from me as I sleep, but I survive, show no ill effects, and they seem to need it, so I don't mind. So long as they don't actually hurt me I welcome them, and get quite a rush out of the fear. I wish I could know exactly what they were and what they were doing... I don't believe they are demons in the Christian sense of the word.
—Guest Anon


Okk hi my name is Miranda Daney. I'm here to tell u bout shadow ppl ever since I was a kid I've seen them a lot not once in a while lik everyday. I tryed tellin my friends n family but of course they laughed. I also called them shadow ppl 2 I tryedd to find answers n never could. But I'm determened too find more answers


20 years ago my dad was bedridden and senile and yet he said he had been up walking both the dog and I and my mother saw nothing but heard footsteps in my own house my children said they saw people i never saw anyone but the dog would bark at someone now 20 years later i have seen shadows one was standing in front of me i was taking a nap and saw it when i started to open my eye.s how could my dad say he was up walking around and we heard the footsteps ?
—Guest mor

Responding to Shadow People

I am empath with some psych. backgound. I have been studing different type of spirits all my life, some thru experience and some thru other stories. The shadow people are very dangerous expecially the "Tall Hat Man"! Darkness is the absent of light. That is why they don't usually appear in well lit spaces. I got rid of my shadow top hat man after 6 HELLFUL months by taking a spiritial stand. I went thru each room with the holy bible. I would sit and take a deep breathe, than invision a bright light all around me until it filled the room, I would repeat "In the name of Jesus Christ I demand you to leave" He is in me and I am in him" and I felt a holy peace. I prayed for enlightenment and forgiveness from all my anger, than opened my Bible and read anything until I felt the room was empty and lighter, I did this often over the next few weeks. I am happy to say the nightmares have stopped and the Shadow man is gone. Always remember negitive feeling like hate, guilt and fear feeds them.
—Guest Pammiez

Frightened for life

I have been seeing and hearing these things since I was 5 years old Ill be awake late at night or in the middle of the day and out of the corner of my eye I'll see a dark shadow but no one is there when I turn around. Two years ago it really got bad they were begining to be more upfront they would chase me and from wat I could tell attack me lately one will attract me to it and large numbers of them will swarm me I really need some help.
—Guest Mr.Existence

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