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Readers Respond: Ideas and experiences regarding shadow people

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dark shadow figure next to doorway

when i was growing up, i always could feel "things" around me. i heard noises and voices sometimes. when my grandpa died, i saw him in my dreams for a whole week. i felt him in my room or sitting on the edge of my bed all the time. i was not afraid because i knew it was grandpa. i also always dream about him every year around his death. i don't tell a lot of people about these things because i don't want people to laugh at me or think that i am just strange and make things up. i always know when the others are there because i always get a feeling when something is watching me or something else is around besides human. i have visions in my head sometimes of how they look like. an image would just come in my head and tell me that it is a short gray haired old white woman. how did i know all the specific? i didn't know. it just wanted to tell me that it was there and it was not threatening me. they were always not threatening, so i just start to accept my special skills until
—Guest WhyMe

mom passed awayed

i was simply stating that may be she could have one foot in this world and one in the other i was with her when she passed and it was the most peaceful; maybe because she got to put two feet inn one world for a change and she wasn't afraid to go anymore???
—Guest wray0-sunshine

Shadow Man

____continue 2____ Then at the age of 15 or 16 can't remember. I was asleep then I woke up because I felt someone on top of me holding me and kissing me. So I slap that person, but then I realized it wasn't a person . Because it was cold, like cold air. So I open my eyes immediately. And it was the Shadow, he flew away so fast. I was so shocked I fainted. And now this year now I'm 27 yrs old. One night I woke up as always(I was fully awake). It was so dark and out of nowhere this man figure kiss me I mean he kisses me. I felt it it was real. And I kiss him back for about 1min straight. I felt warm inside. But suddendly I fainted. It felt like my energy drained out. Then minutes later. I woke up again but weak. I saw my husband walk out from the bathroom. And I told him that was the sweetest kiss I ever had in my life. And he says "What kiss?" Now I'm thinking What the heck is going on? This is 2nd time this is happening to me. Who is this Shadow guy. And why? Why me?
—Guest Jen

Shadow Man

The very first time I seen this shadow guy. It happens when I was 10years old. I had a cold. Its was about maybe 2am I went to the bathroom to get napkins. But there were none. So I decided to go the kitchen. Once I walk to the kitchen I saw this guy figure (shadow) sitting on the sofa in the livingroom. I said Hi to him. Because I thought he was one of my brothers. And he turn and look at me. So I continue walking to the kitchen to get napkins. (I was never afraid of the dark) Then I turn around to head back to my bedroom. As I look back to him. To say Goodnight, but he got up look at me. He was tall he have long hair not too too long. So I froze because from there I realized he wasn't my brother. So he headed straight to the back door. Instead of opening the door he walk thru the door. When I saw that I ran to my room. I was terrify. Then at the age of 15 or 16 can't remember. I was waking up from my sleep. ___continue_____
—Guest Jen

I have seen them since I was a kid

I have always seen these shadow people and came to terms with thier existance long ago. I have noticed here recently though they are appearing more often. What I have a real problem with though is on night recently I was saying goodnight to my girlfriend, and i saw a couple of them in the area but when I turned to go to my car there was 1 right infront of me. and it changed it went from shadow to colors and it had features. It was mostly red and white like it had alot of makeup on. It scared me . has anyone else ever seen this
—Guest jalan47

suppernatural, perhaps?

My friend has been seeing a mexican girl in a dark red dress, in her dream's she sees her with a knife ( or a dagger like knife). She says that her boyfriend abused her. My friend says she was all bloody. A few weeks ago one of the wild dogs that live around her house was killed by a car. She says there is barley any cars that passes by her house. When she walked closser to the dog, She was a knife in it neck. When she touched it, it disappeared. She is getting scared. A few weeks later she walked into a forest near her house, she looked up apond a tree and saw the girl. The girl disappeared and got in front of her. She had a knife and staped her. she got scared and the next thing she knew. She was lying on her bed.
—Guest emma

Shadow people

Iv been seeing Shadow People for many years now. From my experience they are not bound to one house or room. When i was 8 years old i saw my first shadow person, it scared me for a few years. i would see them frequently, not just once or twice. Then when me and my family moved i thought i wouldn't see him again, but i did. I was 10 years old and i saw him again running through the house. A week later i saw him watching me as i slept. and i saw him often for two years. then i moved to florida, where i am now. 13 years old and the same Shadow Person still watches me. I am no longer afraid of him as i once was. Iv seen him in many places of my house. the last time i saw him was just a few nights ago. He stood over my bed and watched me as if he were guarding me from something that may or may not have happened. Shadow People are indeed real. I hope he gets comfortable with me seeing him and will stop running away when i see him. you can talk to me about them at jaw7991@gmail.com
—Guest Jesse Williams

they are definatly out there

I have always seen a small boy or girl. It had short hair so I am not sure of the gender. The shape of the hair style looked like a bob. If the shadow person is from way back either sex is possible since little boys also had longer hair. I have seen it head on for at least a good 30 seconds. I didnt see any eyes. I was a side profile of it walking slowly down my hall way. It stood about 3 1/2 foot tall. I was laying in bed and opened my eyes and watched it w/ out it seeing me. I have cought out of the corner of my eye at least 6 times pryer to the acual watching it head on. One time I was talking to my husband from the doorway of the hallway and something cought his eye just as I felt a cold breeze pass behind me. He thought one of the kids were up. But not a chance. I was once Catholic but have over the last year changed my faith to Wicca. I have cleansed my house with the smudge stick and reading. I have not seen another one since in the house and that was at least 4 months ago.
—Guest ginnylc

My son, carpooler and I have seen one

I have psychic abilitiess, since I was a child. We had a shadow taunt us this year. I never saw it, but I would feel it's presence, it would call my name & answer thoughts in my head. Then my 3 year old son saw it. He said a "black" man with red eyes opened the blinds in the bathroom and looked at him. I asked him if it was nice, he said no. Days later my carpooler told me she saw a figure outside in my neighborhood as she drove off twice at night. Her description was exactly the same as my son's. I "knew" it was male and evil. It enjoyed taunting me & knew I was doubting my sanity. I am religious, so I relied on my faith to get rid of it. I sprinkled Holy Water in EVERY room in my home & bought a St. Michael medallion to wear around my neck- it never comes off. As I sprinkled Holy Water, I said "This house is protected by God & no evil is welcomed here. My God is more powerful than Satan." It left and hasn't been back (4 months ago.) I pray every night for protection stil
—Guest Guest T

They are not all DEMONS!!!

I am so sick of hearing how they are all demons, one saved my life, how do you explain that? They are as different as you and I. I think it's ignorance in the tenth degree to say they are all demons. Get a grip. that is a ridicuous statement. thanks
—Guest frypan100

3 witnesses

My wife, my daughter and I have all witnessed the exact same shadow person at our former home in Kentucky. This figure was approximately six feet tall, slender, and "his" head was slumped over, as if "he" were looking down at the ground. This entity was witnessed on at least four occassions by myself, twice by my wife, and at least one time by my daughter. This figure was always seen walking past the front window by the front door of our house, as if it were about to enter the house via the front porch. Yet, when each of us waited for someone to appear at the door, the figure seemed to vanish! No one was ever there.
—Guest we believe

seen it

I saw a shadow figure tonight. I was sitting in my patrol vehicle when a tall slim dark figure with long arms that seemed to get narrow and curved like a hook walked across the road and toward my vehicle. I am filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and HE immediately spoke through me and the figure vanished. I sat with no fear then spoke " I bind every unclean spirit near me in the name of Jesus" and my skin nearly crawled off my body.
—Guest believer

shadow people

Yeah- The devil and his demons are real- You might ask yourself what gave them the legal right to enter your homes. Did someone die in your home? If they did there's your answer. A dead person is no good to the devil and his demons. The devil and his demons need a live physical body to be able to operate on planet earth. The devil and his demons are spirit beings. They are spirit but they do not have a physical body. That is why they have to possess a person do be able to operate here on earth. It's real simple. Read the Bible-It warns us all about the devil and his demons. Don't let the devil and his bunch bother you. Get yourselves saved and then you will have the Holy Ghost power to cast them out! It's real simple!

true ghost stories

Saved people have ministering angels that guard and protect them. However, the lost are open to demon possession. There are angels that guard and protect us but the demons come to bring harm to anyone who is willing to serve satan! Ministering angels are sent to earth to protect the heirs of salvation. The demons are sent from hell to bring harm and they are sent by satan to do just that if you have allowed satan into your life-He is looking for an open door and if he finds it he will come in. Harry Potter kids experience these things because they have opened the door to satan thru playing around with witchcraft! These things give the devil legal entry into your homes rather you believe it or not! Pornography invites the devil into your home as well! The devil has to operate out of a legal system and he is just hoping that someone will give him an open door. One woman was reading one of those Harry Potter books and a demon came in and tried to kill her infant that was in his crib.

true ghost stories

Believe it or not there is a very real devil and very real demons-The devil and his demons are spirit being's- They do not have a physical body Therefore, they have to use a physical body to be able to operate down here on planet earth. So whenever someone dies the devil and his demons cannot use that dead physical body so they leave that dead person's physical body and go find another body to possess. The term haunted house is simply when a person dies a physical death in that house and the demons no longer have that physical body available because it is a dead physical body. They need a live body in order to operate down here on earth. So yes there is a devil and his demons do his work for him down here on planet earth. There have been nurses and doctors who have witnessed the grim reaper leave an un-saved person's body at the moment of physical death. If a person is not saved the devil owns that person and he and his demons have the legal right to possess a person that is not saved

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