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Shadow People

My experience in 1973 is what I called an apparition. Sitting on the couch with my cat reading a book. It was 10 p.m. My cat was asleep but then sat up and stared. At that time I saw a tall lanky man of a defined see-through shadow walk through the outside wall, across the hallway and into/through the other wall. He had on a hat, with a pipe in his mouth and I got the impression he was a farmer dressed in overhauls. At the same time a cat (his shadow cat) followed behind him through the wall. Neither one of them acknowledged me. It was a new house on old ground and was very active/haunted but that was the first time I'd seen a shadow person. It did not scare me or my cat.
—Guest moonsister8

Black figure

Some ppl seem to think these things mean no harm. Well I'm going to tell you they do. From my personal experience it seemed as if this thing hated me. Everyone was asleep except me. I got this weird creepy feeling as if something was watching me. So I went to my bedroom where my boyfriend was at and layed down beside him. I started to nodd off but for some reason I opened my eyes one more time. Then I saw it. It was above my door, beside my vent. Which was right at the ceiling. My walls were white and there was a street light out my window that cast alittle light. I couldn't miss it. It was almost as if it was mad that I seen it. It got bigger, like it was coming through the wall from the bathroom. I was completely frozen bc I freaked and tried to yell and grab my boyfriend but nothing happened. Thats a horrible feeling. The only thing I could move at this moment was my eyes. Well it shot from there to above my face (still against the ceiling) and stopped. For only a second. Then it sh
—Guest Shaina

shadow people

When I was a child of the age of about 9 I would get home from school before my sisters and my parents. We lived in a big old house and I would play inside till someone would come home. My playmate was a shadow person. Almost every afternoon I would see it peaking around a door and I would spend hours chasing it a round the house. I would run to the spot where I would see it then it would move in another room just enough for me to see it and there I go running to catch it. This went on till the age of twelve. I see it from time to time, like last nite when I was laying in bed watching T.V. I saw it pass my bedroom door and turned to my wife and asked if she had seen it. She said no.
—Guest henry

They are Watchers.

The shadow people are watching us and when we have sleep paralysis they wait to see if we have the mental power to overcome their ability to hold us down. They have come to me many times since I was about sixteen. I beleive they hav been looking for people with extraordinary psychic energy. I was born in 1981, female, highly spiritual but do not beleive in god. My email is feilding.angel@gmail.com Anyone is welcome to contact me. Remember, You are not alone. I am here to support you.
—Guest Casey Hutton

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—Guest Raden Wisnu Nagoro

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—Guest Raden Wisnu Nagoro


when I was younger, I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, but I always seem to have a hard time falling asleep, and I was laying on my left side when I felt my bed beginning to shake and vibrate. Then I began to hear and feel energy, like the crackling of...static. So I rolled over and looked behind me and there in the darkness of my room was a shadow I had never seen before, it was in the shape of a hooded man and it was coming closer to me!! I laid on my back and closed my eyes, pretended I was asleep, that I hadnt seen it, I was trying soo hard to pretend that it wasnt there, then I felt it touch my forehead, lightly. I sat up and turned my lamp on and looked around but I was alone...

Shadow Man

I was asleep in my room, it was early morning and my partner had already left for work. I was asleep on my stomach and felt something on top of me trying to have sex. I thought maybe the door didn't close all the way and an intruder had gotten in when she left. I was absolutey awake and could still feel someone on top of me. I knew I was going to have to fight this person so I told myself to get ready, rotate your hips fast as you can, throw this man off and run for the door. That's exactly what I did, only when I rotated hard as I could was kept off of me and disappeared into the floor was a shadow person. I was absolutely shocked, expecting some human creep and instead a ...I don't know what? I absolutely saw it and was absolutely awake, ready to fight for my life awake. I just wanted to share my experience because I don't know what to make of it. I saw it, it moved very fast and was black, not transparent and reminded me of the black static on a tv screen, but blacker. Truth.
—Guest Natasha

Going crazy

These things seem to b all around me its getting to concern me, i also c tiny colored specks of light in the air like when its quiet at the night, sometimes even hear voices but cant make sense of what i am hearing i dont understand what is nore can make any sense out of this maybe im going crazy
—Guest 111456

Shadow people ?

I've never had any problems with our shadow people but I do have a question. We have been experiencing a small ( medium dog size) shadow darting around the house. Any idea?
—Guest Me

I have the answers that can save you.

It started when I was four, and I suffered the most unimaginable tortures my entire life until the age of thirty. I'm now thirty eight, and I can tell you how to end your problems. At first I had intended to write my account of the many years of pain, fear, and depression caused by these entities, but now I've decided to save those stories for another time. What matters is that you know these beings which appear as a void of light, a shadow even in a dark room, are not only real, they have an agenda. They wish many things: To end your life or to take control of it. In the meantime they will torture you, quietly manipulate you, ruin your health and your sleep, and eventually bring you to brink of madness. Allow me to explain precisely what must be done to end your torment. Rage will not help. God will not help. Fighting will not help. Pleading will not help. You must find the couragous serenety within to calmly face your attackers, whether in a dream or in waking.
—Guest Clinton

Animal in the Corner of my Eye

One night about 3 years ago I was wat hing TV and then all of a sudden at the corner of my eye I saw a black figure of a cat jump from the floor onto the table right next to me and I looked and nothing was there! I also have a gift to see and communicate with spirits,but I'm only 13 and not completely use to it yet! It still scares me to think about it.
—Guest bunnyboo13

shadow people

they have always been in my life...passing fast. so i can't explain why they come and go ?? lots of ???? but they do.

darkness creeps

I've. had 2 really bad experiences with black shadows.The first one happened when I was about 18 yrs.old.Me and my sister where in our room laying down talking.She was in a corner of the room in bed and I was on the floor on a mattres by the window.Eventually my sister ended up falling asleep so I later there staring out the window at the moon.In the corner my sister was laying at the light from the moon was shining .As I looked at the corner the wall began to turn pitch black n the hair on the back of my neck started sticking up.All of a sudden this shadow came off the wall n I could see these red pupils n it started flying around the room coming towards me with this horrifying scream as if someone was dying in so much pain .I froze up with fear couldn't scream or move I was terrified .I remember it was so eager to pull me off my mattress on to the floor n wen my arm fell off the mattress the floor was gone n it was a black hole .I started praying but cldnt finly I remberd n said it
—Guest Teena

Crouching/Creeping Shadow

approx 10 years ago during a major change in my life this happened... I sat in my living room (wide awake) watching tv and just trying to relax when i had this really strong urge to turn around and to check behind me,nothing was there but the feeling was persistent and got stronger and stronger so i got up and checked the the passage,i glanced upstairs as i walked back in to my living room,I sat back down and the feeling that something BAD was with me/around was still there,i tried to ignore it for a few mins but i couldnt.Then i sat forward and muted the tv thinking i might here something but there was no strange sounds,i then looked down to d floor and then looked up again,as i looked up i cought a glance of a dark figure above me between the ceiling and wall,It looked like a human crouching and creeping closer and closer towards me and then when it noticed me seing it it dissapeared.The figure felt evil and i have wondered ever since what it wanted or what this meant.Any suggestions
—Guest sunny

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