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Readers Respond: Ideas and experiences regarding shadow people

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shadow people in my house

I bought a house 1.5 yrs ago and now I am living with these things in my home. The worst one was staring at me while I was asleep. I woke up because I felt the anger pouring out of that thing. It flew from my bathroom doorway to the hall, but first it was screaming at me in my head. (i don't know how to explain it) It started showing itself in the middle of the day & then I started seeing bright lights flash in the middle of the night. The entire house would fill with a haze & I'd hear things fall or knocking on walls but when I went to see what it was I couldn't find anything. I had to move out of my bedroom for a while. Anyone who went in there complained of pressure in the air and feeling sick to their stomach. Sometimes we would be touched or shoved. These things don't just watch, at least not the ones in my house. I finally found that washing down the entire inside of the house with sea salt & warm water, then blessing the house really helped alot.
—Guest SunlightShines

Shadow People

I have seen them since I was young. It used to be rare/brief. Now there are more of them, what is going on?!?
—Guest cas11

Thought everyone saw them

Since i was about 6 yrs. old , i saw the dark figures, became comfortable seeing them. It's when my dr. asked if i see things, i was amazed that he didn't see them, sometime their around so much i get frustrated, other times, i'm not bothered. Glad i'm not alone, crazy.
—Guest Marie nicole

Creeped out!

I have been followed by one of the shadow people for weeks now int thing I have seen clear is that these beings can move objects I have looked strait at one as it was running and seen branches move.
—Guest Phillip engelman


Have you thought about gtinteg some sort of exorcism to sort this out? I have a friend who got one because she used to have a ghost that threw books around the house at everyone.
—Guest SnGvyPhehFsnR

coming to collect

sorry, my keyboard shift keys don't work.i began having encounters with a shadow person after my 2nd attempt of suicide in 3 weeks. during my 3rd week at the psych ward he made his first appearance. however, i met a very spiritual woman who was there also.someone i would not normally befriend on the outside.she was by herself, 2 bibles in front of her, singing, not loudly.i walked up to her and asked her if i could listen in.i don't attend church and didn't ever read the bible.she told me nicely that it was personal, but we picked up a conversation anyway.i listened to her because she had the strongest spiritual conviction i have ever seen.she kept telling me we are being attacked, we are at war.no more baby stuff, read and learn from the bible. make myself a child of god. i took what she said to heart.i wish i could tell u more.anyway, we were released the same day.i did what she told me to do and the sightings of the shadow man eventually ceased completely.i have not seen sondra sinc
—Guest nebraskahickchic

shadow people

about 7 yrs ago was at my deepest depression sister died worried my daughter had cancer had to quit job. was walking to releive stress and i saw 2 dark shapes in the corner of my eyes preferal vision i prayed to god to get rid of them then they were gone. it was the most scared ive ever been. i have seen a ghost before but didnt feel like it was evil this felt evil. just wanted to see if others have done this too ive thought about that day alot. thx val
—Guest valentine manion

My own occurance

I have recently been through some really traumatic circumstances , number one being losing my father to cancer Dec last year , the next me being homeless , having a relationship breakdown , my third miscarriage & am in extremely bad health undergoing treatment. But in saying this I am get pretty uneasy at my mums , I'm staying in my old room & I know thetes something in there. The first couple nights was ok , but there after every night I'm kept up till 2:30-3am no matter what time I go to bed. And last night was the freakiest so far !!! Any comments ? /: Or shall I just admit myself to glenside ... ? Lol with me (fuck I sound like a crazy person) there is a chick folloeing me. She only appears between 12am & 3am & between those hours she will NOT let me sleep. Its not a Ghost , well maybe it ks but its a shadow a VERY VIVID dark , black shadow. I can't even describe the feeling I have when she's around. She is between 20-30 and female. And dont ask me how the fuck I know this...
—Guest Jj


I woke up one night as if I was laying in a hospital bed(very weird because I rarely sleep on my back),I turned my head to the left and this shadowy figure was like inspecting me(my whole body).It looked at me(I startled it),turned to the left and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Its body was humanoid,a complete shadow, I saw it face to face(no eye balls/red eyes),it looked like the alien being on the movie Signs(with Mel Gibson)but a complete full body shadow...
—Guest ISAIAH 44:5

they are real

I was 18 years old in bed woke up saw large shape of a man/shadow person i ran right through it went back to bed sister called me from her room asked me was i in her room she said some one walked in to her room and out again very strange .in the same house two members of my family reported being in bed paralysed by fear and a big dog sitting on them i had i similar expeierience except the dog was growling and clawing me never saw any thing again except while lieing in bed one night heard one loud bark out side my door in the hall dont beafraid of these things be strong they cant hurt u be strong u are not going mad!
—Guest d

I see them

I dont know what they are. Call it what you want. I dont give them a name or classification.I see them all the time,since as long as I could remember. I have almost "BUMPED" into them several times. Back stepped,straight stopped,almost tripped over them. Im not psycic or a medium. just a regular person. I have noticed they are more apparent befor someone dies. The closer the person to me the more apparent and frequent I see them.Its more annoying then anything. especially when im running around the house multi-tasking and they get in my way.Not that they could physically stop me, but its like when a cat is always under your feet. That kinda annoying. I dont believe they are demons or negitive. They are just there. I dont bother with them and besides getting in my walking path sometimes, they dont bother with me.I m not religious,or a believer.I know Im not crazy or nuts. It is what it is, they are what ever they are.. :)
—Guest Kristy

shadow people

When someone is going to die I see them the closer the person is the bigger the shadow. Does anyone else see them like that
—Guest turk

Shadow People

Most of these people are describing ghosts. Can't they make the distinction? I've never seen a shadow person but I have seen ghosts and there's no similarity according to the description given in the article for a Shadow Person.
—Guest Leah Ma

Shadow People

If these beings are real, my best guess would be that they're people from an alternate universe attempting to cross into ours. Science HAS verified the existence of alternate universes. So if they exist why wouldn't scientists there try to contact people here?
—Guest Janice Ma

Shadow man range cowboy

Saw him 1968 my dad n his friend came into my room one night late at night i herd my dad telling his buddy how much i liked baseball.they both had a ora around them i just thought they were gloeing becuse they had been drinking.the shadow man was standing right beside them flat hat black black leather range cout trenchcout like all the way to the floor he was looking at them.it was so black that i could see all details.my father n buddy left he followed right behind them . Nex morning dad introduced red a major league pitcher at one time. So thats when i asked about the cowboy he said there was no one else .i looked at that thing and he new i was looking at him .the whole time.he was knot afraid of any thing but i was not afraid eather.dont think it was evil.just not from here.or this time.it looked human to me but i know it could reed my mind.
—Guest Thomas

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