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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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vamp world

how do i join the vampire world, its my life long dream to be a vampire
—Guest fran cook

I wish to be

Well I love to be one . Being a Vampire is my wish if any one know how to become one email me rojina.ghafouri@gmail.com
—Guest Alice


I am a vampire, but I have always believed it a religion, a choice to drink human blood, no special powers, obviously, but people do drink human blood. And some get quite devoted to that, so it can be called a religion.
—Guest Ender

make me

plz if any one can turn me into a vampire or help me just mail me plz : rojina.ghafouri@gmail.com
—Guest rojina


there is no real vampire in this world. if there is show them,
—Guest keethi

are vampires real?

I believe vampires are real. I am not one but i would like to make friends with them. They fascinate me.
—Guest nancy

Vampire is not real,

They can't be real ,Because when God created man , He made like him , so Vampire can not be lik God ,,, isn't clear enough ?
—Guest Joseph

This Vampire is Real: acacius albinus

There is a real vampire who has finally come public about his existence and his name is Acacius Albinus. He has a book on amazon and answers questions on his website: http://askavamp.com/
—Guest Sidney R.

Oh Please...

Vampires aren't real. They're a "sub-culture" like goths, emos, skaters, surfers etc. Sharpening your teeth, wearing black and avoiding the sun don't qualify you as a vampire, because there is no such thing. Perhaps those deeming themselves as vampires need to get some vitamin d and fresh air. When you grow up you'll look back on your "vampire" days and cringe with embarrassment.
—Guest Vampire Schmampire

vampire subculture

i thnk vampire aren't real creatures but in other way it is possible that they exists 4 eg here at my town der r mani cases of people actin lik devil n drinking human blood
—Guest Daniel

true are not does it mater

Everything points to no they do not exist,the say it comes from the plague times the word vampire has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years that name came from some were didn't it. ether someone had a fantastic imagination way back then are it's very real.
—Guest Michelle waring

Count can't 'type-pula'

Why are all the self-proclaimed vampires on here--type as if they were a 12 year old who is in desperate need of an English tutor? Vampire or not learn how to spell and use proper grammar.
—Guest Get Real


If you ever see the vampire and stay alive your legs gona start too run .............yes they are real
—Guest hmmm

are vampire real

i dn't think so vampires are real but i want to believe in them. Can't help it i luv vampire diaries.
—Guest AAshi chauhan

i really want that are vampire real.

i want to know if i am a vampire,i was confused by my self in reasently.
—Guest jane

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