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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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Yes but what about werewolves!??

I believe in vampires and I lm sure it's fun to fly. I watched monsters and mysteries in America and a group of women saw one jump out of a building then take off in flight. I personally would rather be a werewolf. I've always dreamed the same dream of being one. Have it a couple times a year. Also the show Being Human is very well done:) I personally believe we all have physic abilities.why not focus on what we can do, rather that what we can't..
—Guest Kar

Although....come to think of it....

After my 'vampire subculture bashing', which I gotta say, be who you want to be, but dude...come on... I had a friend who lived in Belgium...and the landlord of the home she rented (a Lord? He had a title) was rumored to be a vampire...can't recall exactly, but she had some bizarre stories about him, and stayed far away from him as possible while staying there... But then if you read David Icke he says all royalty is a different species of flesh eating reptiles...so you tell me.
—Guest anonomyssy

Please...OMG the delusional masses

The delusional masses or "why heroin is such a hot drug now"...nutty people desperate for escapism...nothing wrong with Goth or role play, but a desire to become or emulate a blood (life) sucking parasite speaks volumes about a person's lack of a grip on reality. Think tapeworm...yuck. Think Lampry, think leech...yeah...yuck. If they do exist a la Highgate vampire they are void creating evil beings...again, why worship or desire to be that? Am I a downer because I have better stuff to do than play dress up?
—Guest anonomyssy

Only to be

I have always been fascinated with vampirism not because of the whole blood drinking thing,even though it doesn't bother me, but because I guess I desire to be in a relationship/seudo family relationship that is as strong and loyal as depicted ... Oh well guess society it's self will never be back to a point where we can just all love I e another and be loyal to those closest to us...
—Guest Daydreaming

We're Not Meant to Know

If vampires did exist, I highly doubt they would even remotely resemble their media depictions minus a very few qualities. And pretend they are real, why reveal themselves to someone who just really wants to meet a vampire? It'd be safer for them to never reveal who they are. Let's face it: if they did, there would be a constant hunt for them.
—Guest M. Thompson

"Real" Vampires

Your question will never be answered. From watching the Twilight series, it appears as the vampire are bound by "law" that they are not able to expose themselves to humans unless they plan on "changing" them or they plan on them dying. The "Volturi" coven is leader of the vampires. They make all the rules and regulations and take no exceptions. To say vampires are not real, is like saying they are real. Do you have enough proof or are you just "knocking" the quote/un-quote "fabrication" of them on TV/Film?
—Guest alli

I am one

We all know the mythical vampires aren't real but like the artical said you can crave human blood.
—Guest Lilly

i know its crazy

I wish i knew whether people were crazy or really do exist fore thousands of years, but here's a reply to a few people on here. If there is a real vampire...and no NOT like twilight but a real, vampire....not the rs either.....there are a few people who already live in total darkness...never really knowing love or don't want to. Always having their heart broken, always abandoned, left behind by those who are supposed to always be there....so is it that hard fetched to want to live with others who go through what humans do. Only the "vamped" are able to keep going. If your already a lost disconnected soul....then can't you turn that lost soul and help to build an amazing new world. Humans are just that human....they are bread to kill and destroy what is left in this world. If a real vampire is someone like for example since most know it..the originals,, like klauss...i think that would be amazing. There viscous, but with good reason...and besides i wish i could come across a real one,
—Guest lace up

waiting to meet a vampire

i love vampires i would love to meet one just to get to know more about them i mean they are people to just stronger and faster and has fangs lol
—Guest lulu


I don't know if vampires are real but I'm going to New Orleans to check some time in the future. I really wish I knew because the thought fascinates me and I am obsessed with vamps.
—Guest vamp lover


I believe that all things are possible. I've been in love with the concept since. Childhood would love to be a real one not a culy following hdjackmansgirl@yahoo.com Carpe Diem
—Guest mrsfifty

vamp world

how do i join the vampire world, its my life long dream to be a vampire
—Guest fran cook

I wish to be

Well I love to be one . Being a Vampire is my wish if any one know how to become one email me rojina.ghafouri@gmail.com
—Guest Alice


I am a vampire, but I have always believed it a religion, a choice to drink human blood, no special powers, obviously, but people do drink human blood. And some get quite devoted to that, so it can be called a religion.
—Guest Ender

make me

plz if any one can turn me into a vampire or help me just mail me plz : rojina.ghafouri@gmail.com
—Guest rojina

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