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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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Believer but searching

Ever since I was younger I've believed in vampires. I'm 19 and quite honestly if they do exist-- I'd love to partake in such a life. Please, with the truth , email me at moonlight.trinity@hotmail.com
—Guest Wants the truth


I known that vampires are out there its in the Bible. There will come a generation who will devour people with sharp pointy teeth. Also in zech 14. God plagued people who rose up against God's peopleby their flesh rotting and eating their neighbors. The closer we come to the end the more the creatures from hell are escaping. Read your Bible it tell you about these creatures.
—Guest joe


I have been living for 1000 years , and now you people say that there is no damn vampires??? ,,, dont worry , i will make u a vampire myself , just email me on this Marpeetch@hotmail.com Dont worry , it doesnt hurt a lot :D
—Guest Dracula

Vampires are Supernatural HUMAN BEINGS

Well,don't you guys think that vampires are nothing but the humans with supernatural powers! it may be like they are the ones with slightly different DNA coding or may have able to activate their minds more than a normal human being or more than any scientist like Einstein I guess Well if they are more than this or anything else then kindly tell me too!! I WANNA BE ONE !!! I am at meghagahlawat@gmail.com
—Guest Megha


The vampire race was destroyed over 300 years ago by Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. You people need to learn your history. THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES LEFT. It was a viscious campaign but jolly St. Nick and the big fuzzy rabbit prevailed. Thanks to them, we no longer need to worry about wearing garlic t-shirts. The sun is warm, the grass is green, God is in his heaven and all is right with the world.
—Guest Tom

I am a vampire

I am a vampire.I drink human blood..from a donor..I don't hurt anyone and I live a peaceful life..
—Guest shellseeker


Honestly this whole "Twilight craze" and other vampire-related phases have really become annoying to me. I am NOT a vampire. I do not know any, ehh I know posers, but no legitimate ones. I feel so sorry for those people who believe they are vampires. I believe they are real, but I know for certain they are NOT like how movies, and books portray them. So kids, go back to your twilight roleplay games and stop pretending to be what you're not :/
—Guest Miss


I am wondering if Vampires are real. I've read histrorical accounts about them- mainly how after someone dies they can be seen by some people afterward, following most Vampire rules, like not being able to be invited into a home with a threshold. These Vampires would suck the energy from these people- mainly psychicly. If there is any truth in the prototypical pop-culture Vampire of being physically superior in every way, and not inherently destructive and evil, then I'd love to be a Vampire. If you'd like to email me it's gdroff@gmail.com. I'd love to hear the truth about the way things are- thanks :^}
—Guest Greg

I believe

I believe in vampires and would do absolutely anything to be one, so please change me, I would do anything. Come find me down western way in letchworth in Hertfordshire, my door number is 300 + 47 I know I would make a good one, email me at mercybeston@googlemail.com oh and my bedroom window is always open :)
—Guest Mercy Beston


Well if ghosts and aliens and big foot are real--don't see why vampires wouldn't be. Then again, we cannot physically see any of these.
—Guest vampirelle9o

i might be a hybrid

I might be a hybrid vampire as of whenever someone gers cut and there is a small amount of blood my mouth ALWAYS waters and I feel tempted... and when ever I walk into a room I always feel refreshed and in class I sit right next to this girl whenever I. Sit down and look over at her she always looks like I'm draining the life out of her because her eyes grow heavy and she seems to be breathing deeper than she already is and stuff like that. However I'm not saying I do have fangs but my k-9 teeth seem to be a lot bigger and a lot sharper that most people, and btw I don't have black eyes I have green and I am not pale like most other vamps I tan very well in the summer and if you would like to ask me any questions my email is poisonedmuffin2@gmail.com OH and one more thing I am not in any cult and I do not wear black. And one more thing I have a question for you, I'm only 13 and I was wondering if it might be possible for me to even be a vampire
—Guest sabrina

My bad

Sorry but I meant my email is abdul_rahman9@hotmail.com


I have no idea whether vampires and werewolves are real, I was just looking for answers on this site but there is something I am sure about demons. I have seen more than one possessed person and two of them were related to me I've even helped im the removal of a demon from a possessed body. If anyone wants to discuss this email me please. Anyways what Im trying to say is are vampires real or not? And when I say vampire I dont mean a stupid psycho human that goes around drinking blood I mean another being completely whether they were previously human or are an entirely different race. And if there is Im not just going to take your word for it email me at Abdul_rahman@hotmail.com and we'll arrange a meeting. But if vampires are supposed to be kept secret from humanity I'll give my word to keep it a secret, and I always do the best I can to uphold a promise and if it doesnt work like that maybe I'll become one.

i want to know if vampires are real?

i belive they are but im not sure. i have friends here that saw i am a vampire. i like bitieing and the taste of blood. i mostly like my soon to be husbands blood
—Guest salvoria22

i want to know if vampires are real?

i belive they are but im not sure. i have friends here that saw i am a vampire. i like bitieing and the taste of blood. i mostly like my soon to be husbands bllod
—Guest salvoria22

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