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Readers Respond: What do you think of the vampire subcultures?

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From the article: Are Vampires Real?
With the popularity of the Anne Rice novels, Dracula movies, TV shows like True Blood and the Twilight series, vampires are more pervasive than ever. What do you think of this growing phenomenon? Do you know a vampire? Are you a vampire? Share Your Opinion


guys vampires are real i am a vampire why do u say this crap i have fangs and i have all of the effects ._. stop
—Guest guest123456


Do you want to become a vampire... or do you just want a taste? Whatever your desire, we can fulfill it! Contact our Mystical Vampire Home at vampiremystics@outlook.com Be sure you want it, because there's no turning back... Our highly skilled vampires can alter your very essence, turning you into a real vampire.
—Guest Merlibat


i have studied every thing about them and find their characteristics in peoples , they resembling peoples don't have all the features but a few.....
—Guest adeel chadhar

are vampires real?

By history and reaserch vampires are not real but reaserch has been rong many times befor. Now do I beleaven vampires? Yes I do beleaven vampires. And that history in vampires are eather storys or they are real. Now I can't say what you beleave but that is what I beleave
—Guest vampireknight001


To those who claim themselves as vampires: All your answers are not consistent with each other, you know..*sigh*.. Others say they don't burn in the sun while others say they burn after 3 hours or so and etc.. If you're going to lie then at least try harder. Also, does favoring dark colors have anything to do with being a vampire? I dont think so.. And guys, what's with the-'please, please change me!!' comments?? Could you not just be thankful that you're alive? Anyway, in my opinion - vampires are demons, I guesse..?

not real

If their is such a thing ...it is a demon..& wishes to posses ur souls...be careful what u wish for.. I pray u find Jesus...for he loves u so much he gave his life...so u & I would be reconciled to God...God Bless u all
—Guest hope

Believer but searching

Ever since I was younger I've believed in vampires. I'm 19 and quite honestly if they do exist-- I'd love to partake in such a life. Please, with the truth , email me at moonlight.trinity@hotmail.com
—Guest Wants the truth


I known that vampires are out there its in the Bible. There will come a generation who will devour people with sharp pointy teeth. Also in zech 14. God plagued people who rose up against God's peopleby their flesh rotting and eating their neighbors. The closer we come to the end the more the creatures from hell are escaping. Read your Bible it tell you about these creatures.
—Guest joe


I have been living for 1000 years , and now you people say that there is no damn vampires??? ,,, dont worry , i will make u a vampire myself , just email me on this Marpeetch@hotmail.com Dont worry , it doesnt hurt a lot :D
—Guest Dracula

Vampires are Supernatural HUMAN BEINGS

Well,don't you guys think that vampires are nothing but the humans with supernatural powers! it may be like they are the ones with slightly different DNA coding or may have able to activate their minds more than a normal human being or more than any scientist like Einstein I guess Well if they are more than this or anything else then kindly tell me too!! I WANNA BE ONE !!! I am at meghagahlawat@gmail.com
—Guest Megha


The vampire race was destroyed over 300 years ago by Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. You people need to learn your history. THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES LEFT. It was a viscious campaign but jolly St. Nick and the big fuzzy rabbit prevailed. Thanks to them, we no longer need to worry about wearing garlic t-shirts. The sun is warm, the grass is green, God is in his heaven and all is right with the world.
—Guest Tom

I am a vampire

I am a vampire.I drink human blood..from a donor..I don't hurt anyone and I live a peaceful life..
—Guest shellseeker


Honestly this whole "Twilight craze" and other vampire-related phases have really become annoying to me. I am NOT a vampire. I do not know any, ehh I know posers, but no legitimate ones. I feel so sorry for those people who believe they are vampires. I believe they are real, but I know for certain they are NOT like how movies, and books portray them. So kids, go back to your twilight roleplay games and stop pretending to be what you're not :/
—Guest Miss


I am wondering if Vampires are real. I've read histrorical accounts about them- mainly how after someone dies they can be seen by some people afterward, following most Vampire rules, like not being able to be invited into a home with a threshold. These Vampires would suck the energy from these people- mainly psychicly. If there is any truth in the prototypical pop-culture Vampire of being physically superior in every way, and not inherently destructive and evil, then I'd love to be a Vampire. If you'd like to email me it's gdroff@gmail.com. I'd love to hear the truth about the way things are- thanks :^}
—Guest Greg

I believe

I believe in vampires and would do absolutely anything to be one, so please change me, I would do anything. Come find me down western way in letchworth in Hertfordshire, my door number is 300 + 47 I know I would make a good one, email me at mercybeston@googlemail.com oh and my bedroom window is always open :)
—Guest Mercy Beston

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