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How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Yes, you can learn to strengthen your psychic powers. Here are some practical advice and easy-to-learn exercises that can help you tune in to consciousness shared by all living things.

More about psychic phenomena...
Paranormal Phenomena Spotlight10

The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded

In January, 2007, the Central New York Ghost Hunters, based in Syracuse, New York, were invited to investigate an old hotel in upstate New York. The investigation proved to be one of the most intensely active the group has ever encountered, and produced an EVP – an electronic voice phenomena recording – that is remarkable for its terrifying content. It may well be the most intense, frightening EVP ever recorded.

July Fourth Phantom

"Last Friday evening, we were at the 4th of July fireworks at Fort Stewart, Georgia," writes Petra. "We sat in a parking lot with just a few other people. I was snapping pictures of my granddaughter playing and running with the two young boys of the man in the light blue shirt. When I went through to delete them, I came upon this shot! There was NO ONE walking past or standing there when I took the shot." Read more and see the picture in the Gallery.

Congo's Living Dinosaur, Mysterious Amazon Rings, Wyoming Mummy

Paranormal news for July 8, 2014: New evidence for Congo's living dinosaur... Giant Salamander sighted in Japan... Can you guess this howl?... A “Yeti” in Cuba in 1962?... Strange noises, unexplained cold patches... Branford’s Harrison House site of the unexplained... Mysterious earthen rings predate Amazon rainforest... Tiny, blonde, 500-year-old Wyoming mummy... more paranormal news.

Reader Reports: Encounters with Winged Creatures

There are strange creatures that skulk through the mountain forests, slog in the darkest swamps, feed in the ocean depths, even trudge through the polar snows. Then there are the unexplained creatures of the air – the winged beasties that defy rationality and which science says cannot exist. Here are some reader reports of winged creatures that are not of this world as we know it.

7 Reasons to Avoid Using the Ouija Board

There are good reasons to avoid using the Ouija board, but they are probably not the ones you've heard about or imagine. Much of the fear of the Ouija board is not based on objective reasoning, but on how it's been portrayed in the movies, exaggerated or misinterpreted stories of experiences, or simply fear of what is unknown. So if it's harmless, why should some people avoid using it? Here are seven reasons.

Shadow Entity Video, New Yeti Expedition, WikiLeaks and UFOs

Paranormal News and Views for July 5, 2014: Shadow entity caught on night camera... Grandmother's ghost takes 'selfie'... Haunted houses and shops... Yeti DNA analyzed, new expedition planned... WikiLeaks documents discuss UFOs... Farmer wants payback from aliens for crop circle damage... New clue to Amelia Earhart mystery... How to wake from sleep paralysis... Pope Francis makes exorcisms official... Movies based on real-life demonic possession... Ouija Board possession linked to drugs... more paranormal news.

Revolutionary War Ghosts

For how long do ghosts linger? Decades? Centuries? According to witnesses, ghosts in the U.S.A. stretch back to its founding -- and earlier. On this 4th of July weekend, here are some reports of ghosts that are thought to come from the era of America's War for Independence.

New Bigfoot Photos, Prudish Shop Ghost, Lorde Seeks Ghosthunter

Paranormal News and Views for July 1, 2014: New Bigfoot photos from Virginia... Mystery predator kills pets... Prudish ghost haunts shop... Lorde gets help from ghosthunter... Telepathy connected to phone calls, email... Psychic tackles cold cases... Ancient and modern time travel... OBE research study... Giant skeletons in burial mounds... Similar near-death experiences... Quantum mechanics theories wrong?... more news.

2014 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories

JULY STORIES, including: Black-Eyed Kids at the Door... Poltergeist Kept Me Awake... Mimicking Entity Scares Us... Past Life in Concentration Camp... The Wood Gnome... Legend of the Hoofed Lady... Keys Popped Out of Nowhere... General Bowie's Ghost... It Wasn't the Tooth Fairy... Giggling Ghost of the Stock Room... Kids Played with Ghost Boy... Saved from Fatal Accident by a Voice... Sun Valley Creature... Witch of the Mexican Hills... and more.

The Witch of the Mexican Hills

Guliana thought the stories of the witch were just tales... until she met her.

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