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April Your True Tales


The latest collection of true paranormal experiences... ghosts, poltergeists, premonitions, terrifying creatures, angels and demons, including: Creature Claws Beneath the Door... Missing Time at the Gas Station... Phantom Car Passed Through Us... Giant Spider-like Creature... The Haunted Cadaver... Psychic Dream of Murder... Angel Saved Friend from Fatal Accident... Mom's Ghost Demands Attention... Ghost in the Painting... We Will All Be Together Again... A Sad Near-Death Experience... Haunted Clown Painting... and more

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News: Glowing Phantom, Titanic Ghost, Talking Chicken

Tuesday April 15, 2014

guildhall-ghost.jpgParanormal news and views for April 15, 2014:

  • Photographer catches glowing phantom at city's Medieval Guildhall
  • Ghost of Captain Smith of the RMS Titanic seen after his death
  • World's most haunted island up for auction
  • Queen Mary and her ghosts
  • The myth and mystery behind Australia's bush monster the Yowie
  • Panic after chicken begins talking before being slaughtered
  • Into the synapses of mind control
  • Woman claims to have proof of extraterrestrials in Australia
  • Mystery explosions in Highgate baffle experts
  • Demons, djinn and UFOs
  • Three Pillars' paranormal card game debuts at Phenomacon

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Reader Report: Time Slip or Matrix Glitch

Monday April 14, 2014

"I live in São Paulo, Brasil, and I experienced a time anomaly in February, 2014," reports Giuseppe. "I was in my garage, leaning on my hammock, staring at my parents' car. Suddenly, my sister arrived at the house driving the same car that was parked in the garage and that I had been staring at. When I looked back, the car was gone."

It's bizarre experiences like this that make us wonder if we living in some kind of Matrix simulation. Very weird indeed. Check out these other reports:

Camera Technique for Capturing Apparition Photos

Sunday April 13, 2014

Stanley shadow child

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is reputed to be one of the most haunted hotels in the U.S. The Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers paranormal investigation group has conducted several ghost hunts there with a good degree of success. One of their successes was documented in the article Ghost Materializes at Stanley Hotel. In the following article, investigator Kris Tennant explains some the group's techniques. Read more.

News: Tickling Ghosts, Yowie Video, Rain of Frogs and Fish

Saturday April 12, 2014

new-jersey-hotel.jpgParanormal news and views for April 12, 2014:

  • Terrified hotel guests claim ghosts are tickling their feet
  • Hunters claim to have captured Bigfoot's Australian cousin on video
  • Raining frogs & fish: A whirlwind of theories
  • Peaches Geldof wrote of increasing interest in paranormal
  • Survivorman Bigfoot: What Les Stroud heard
  • Canada's haunted Hatley Castle
  • Ghost photography from the early 20th century is sufficiently terrifying
  • Ghost hunters investigate haunted hotel, find children
  • Why psychics don't win lotteries
  • A nonbeliever tries to make sense of the visions she had as a teen
  • 10 unexplained capabilities of our minds
  • St. Mary MacKillop picture produces oil droplets
  • Near-death experiences: 30 years of research

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