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Stephen Wagner

News: Anna Nicole Smith Had Sex with Ghost, Oak Island Mystery Information

By June 13, 2004

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Model Anna Nicole Smith admitted that she's had sexual encounters of a ghostly kind: "A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas," she said. Also: Is there a scientific explanation for out of body experience?; some witnesses are shook up over Bigfoot sighting; explorer hopes for Yeti photos; a frozen ring could finally solve the mystery of Oak Island; author claims he is the reincarnated designer of the Titanic... more Paranormal News.


July 24, 2006 at 2:09 pm
(1) Claudia says:

It was perhaps the most terrorific experience that I have had, it seems a little incredible and for some people it will be pure fantasy, but for me it was very real and so far I follow it practicing. Before beginning i want to describe myself, i am a latina woman, i was born in Mexico, I am 25 years old, I consider myself a woman open to the questions of sexuality, although I have had some real lovers and other cybernetic ones, anything you can compare with the kind of sex that I had further on with the visitors of the other world. I consider myself an attractive woman, I measure 1.60, I believe that I am very proportionate although I tough see myself a little fat, the men tell me that I have a very well rounded ass, that I am not fat but I would like to be but thin, I weigh 55 kilos, my bust is of cup b, and my ass it excites most of the men, I believe that it is my biggest visual attractiveness, whenever I put on jeans it gets the attention of guys. Three years ago i began to enter to the Internet in my work, I am a secretary and there I had my first experience of virtual sex that I love and so far I follow it practicing. I have had boyfriends and friends of those “with right” but I have not lasted a lot with them, I believe that I am something demanding in my relationships. Some months ago I had my first contact with beings of the “inframundo”. It happened that in a chat a friend that I won’t say his name to maintain it in the anonimity, commented me about a movie “The Entity” that means in Spanish “El ente”, this movie was about a woman that was raped by spirits, he gave me the address of a website where i could download it free, so I downloaded just for curiosity. I dont like the supernatural stuff and neither less the satanic thing although I don’t go to mass i still believe that a God exists and i always had fear respect to the satanism. Then after a long wait to download the file I finally could see it, the movie was not new, it was as of the 80s, but the quality was well. That day i remember to have been alone seeing it because the friend with which I live in the department left, she will see a relative and I was alone seeing it. The whole movie described the history of a woman who was attacked sexually by an entity. When I finished watching the movie, although i realized that was pure fiction it horrified me enough and i thought what would happen if i where attacked by an entity of this kind. I keep this idea in the mind and i falled asleep. I usually sleep with nightwear but that day it was very hot inside my apartment and i was watching the movie wearing just a blouse and my thong. I don’t know how many hours passed then i was dreaming making love to someone, I don’t remember well with the one who I was in the dream, it looked like a shade over my body and in the dream i was very excited to point of almost arriving to an orgasm. When I woke up i continued feeling very horny, i opened my eyes and the first thing that i saw were my legs opened up with the thong down to my ankles, my hands to the sides and my hips balancing from one side to another, my hip a little lifted of the bed, as if where pushing myself rising my body up with my checks. I felt fear because i could not scream although i wanted and i could not control the movements of my body, It was as if somebody was loading me, and that was not the worst thing, but rather i felt that somebody was penetrating me, something entered my vagina very quickly, every time feeling it more inside, i was upset, my breathing was quick, i was taken a bath of perspiration and i breathed opening my mouth, it felt my vaginal fluids as if i where very excited, i could hear the crack of that thing that was possessing me without my consent. Several minutes later i was still this way without knowing what to make, i thought that it was a dream but i could not wake up, it was as if i where sleeping but at the same time awake because i realized of everything and i felt as something entered in my body and it left. I could not see any being, it was like I where alone having sex with the invisible man, after some minutes of being this way, suddenly everything ended up. I felt as if this ent loosed me and bounce in the bed. I even continued without being able to move, my breathing was still shaken and it started to slow the rithm but, fair when I thought that everything had ended up i felt as if somebody pushed me to the center of the bed and abruptly my body gave half turn, being turned with my exposed naked bottom. This time i felt that my legs opened up slowly as if he they have own life, i could not see anyone, my head turned to a side and with my eyes trying to see, but I couldnt see anything, alone my legs went opening up more and more until I felt a pain, i could no longer open them more and that force continued pushing it, it maintained them in that position and later i felt as my buttocks they opened up abruptly and a force pushing something cold inside me, as if they squashed me to the bed, i felt something cold between my legs that it penetrated me, first slowly and later to a rhythm every time but quick, again i began to sweat, i opened the mouth to be able to breathe better, i could not make some other movement, useless was escape, i felt something of anger but it was disappearing and in its place was increasing my pleasure, i was excited, very slowly was increasing my pleasure, i was very hot and feeling a crazy desire for sex, very slowly it was going up my excitement, and after approximately one hour or more, i was not able to hold it more and explode in the most intense orgasm i ever had and released all energy in my body, it was as if in the moment of pleasure all had been prolonged, all my body trembled and my vagina contracted, i felt like i pressed that cold thing inside me, i lasted this way some minutes and later i felt like that thing left me abruptly as if it had come unfastened. Immediately i could move and speak again. I turn to see the clock and it was three thirty of the morning, that entire experience had lasted as three hours. My body was exhausted, as if i had exercised, I had hardly forces to get up, i went to the bathroom, my body even trembled, my sex burned as if i had something very big inside me, i felt sleepy and i got down on the bed again. Little by little the cold sensation inside my vagina disappeared. I thought that it had been a nightmare and i leaned back again, i put on my thong again, this time i put the nightwear and went to sleep. The following morning i told my friend the dream that i had and he told me that it has not been a dream that i had really sex with an entity. Then i told him that i could not believe him that it could not be certain. This was my first time and i felt so much curiosity for the topic that i began to investigate on the Internet then I was serious surprised discovering websites where people posted very similar experiences to mine where they said that they had been raped by spirits. I discovered a website where it was told how to have sex with this kind of beings. It said that they called themselves “incubos” and that they were masculine demons that violated the women at nights or they made them be sleepy humid. After reading this, i arrived without realizing to a web forum of satanism and it was there where I learned how to evoke these beings to give them pleasure in exchanges of favors.

September 11, 2006 at 8:30 pm
(2) Steve says:

Claudia, you’re not the only one to have such experiences. I’ve been having them for years. If you’re reading this feel free to email me at Succubusluver69@yahoo.com if you want to share info.

December 27, 2006 at 12:53 am
(3) Keith Ranville says:



Theory points to possible connection with nearby Birch Island


HALIFAX, Nova Scotia: Friday, July 14th, 2006 – - For the past two centuries, the tunnels of Nova Scotia’s Oak Island have piqued the imagination of historians and treasure hunters alike. Now, a new theory by First Nations researcher Keith Ranville may add fresh speculation to the mystery. Based on a unique reading of an inscription once found in the “Money Pit,” Mr. Ranville believes that the answer to the riddle may be found on nearby Birch Island.

Oak Island, located on the scenic Mahone Bay about an hour’s drive south of the provincial capital of Halifax, has been associated with buried treasure since the late 18th century. Local settlers reportedly found a ship’s tackle block hanging from a tree branch, overhanging a large depression in the ground. Early efforts to dig down failed when the diggers encountered layers of timber every 10 feet. In the ensuing generations, several organized excavation attempts have drilled down nearly 200 feet, en route encountering some artifacts within the staggered layers of logs, clay, putty, charcoal, flagstones and most perplexingly, coconut husks. Among the scores of enthusiastic treasure hunters was a young Franklin Roosevelt, one of the investors in a 1909 excavation attempt.

During the earlier diggings of 1800’s, the tunnel had become flooded by seawater – which many believed was the result booby trap being sprung – thus complicating further digging since then. A drilling effort in the mid 1800’s was said to have uncovered fragments of a gold chain. In 1971, a camera was lowered into the pit and reportedly captured images of wooden chests and human remains.

One of the most fascinating artifacts from the pit was said to be a flat stone recovered at the 90 foot depth, carrying a mysterious inscription. A fragment of stone with similar symbols was found nearby in Smith’s Cove in the 1930’s. The stone tablet itself has gone missing, but a record of its symbols remains. Until now, the consensus is that the symbols are a code translated as “forty feet below two million pounds are buried.” However, Keith Ranville’s theory offers a different interpretation as to the stone’s symbols, which could lead to a new explanation of the Oak Island mystery.

“I believe these symbols have been incorrectly assumed to stand for something else. In the First Nations tradition that I’m a part of, we believe symbols should simply be looked at in and of themselves, rather than thinking of them as codes that have to be cracked,” Mr. Ranville explained. “In the pictograms of Cree Salavics, for example, the images are meant to be descriptive, not abstract.” Using this approach, Mr. Ranville examined the Oak Island symbols and found what may be a set of instructions about a tunnel system involving both Oak Island and nearby Birch Island.

For example, the stone inscription begins with a triangle symbol, which is repeated throughout. Mr. Ranville believes that this represents nearby Birch Island, which has a distinctly triangular clearing on its north shore. Likewise, a symbol showing a circle divided into two hemispheres can be thought of as representing north/south directional markers. A series of dots in singles, pairs and triplets may be quantitative symbols.

Examining all the symbols in this way, Mr. Ranville believes that the symbols on the Money Pit’s stone tablet are actually technical instructions describing the location and layout of a possible underground network involving both Oak Island and Birch Island. “There was a fragment of another stone tablet that was found on Oak Island’s Smith Cove in the 1930’s,” Mr. Ranville explained. “It too has these types of symbols, but one in particular appears to be a Greek symbol designating ‘underwater door’. In conjunction with the other symbols, I believe this points to underwater doors and additional shafts on Birch Island itself.” Smith’s Cove is on the part of Oak Island that is closest to Birch Island, and is said to have yielded several artifacts itself over the years.

“Based on the inscribed symbols, I think we should be looking at Oak Island and Birch Island together in order to solve the mystery. If Birch Island proves to have underwater doors and tunnels around its triangular clearing, then it would be a huge step forward in our understanding of what Oak Island is all about.”

There have been many, occasionally bizarre, theories as to what the Oak Island tunnels may contain: a Masonic vault containing the Holy Grail, Viking or Pirate booty, Inca treasure, the French Royal Crown Jewels, payroll for colonial British soldiers or even the secret writings of Francis Bacon. Mr. Ranville prefers not to speculate. “Those are interesting and sometimes funny theories, but I’d rather just look at the evidence that we do have, and go from there.”

Mr. Ranville is a self-taught researcher born in Manitoba. While living in Vancouver, he became acquainted with the Oak Island mystery and began studying it. In October 2005, he relocated to Nova Scotia to further research and advance his theories on the subject.

Both Oak Island and Birch Island are private property, and access must be sought by permission of the landowners.

# # #
Native Treasure Hunter

December 27, 2006 at 12:57 am
(4) Keith Ranville says:

Is Oak Island’s treasure really on Birch Island?

First Nations translator deciphers ancient stone as a treasure map

By Angie Zinck- Lunenburg Progress Enterprise – October 18, 2006

WESTERN SHORE – You many have heard about the Da Vinci code, but the Ranville code could be what solves the longest running treasure hunt in recorded history.

Keith Ranville, a First Nations man, has travelled from Winnipeg to Nova Scotia in hopes of unlocking the secret codes on Oak Island. He says he has done so by re-translating one of the stones found on the island over 200 years ago.

The stone was first found in 1803 by the Onslow Company. Found 90 feet down the Money Pit, the stone was believed to be two feet long and 15 inches wide, weighing approximately 175 lb.

Since that time, it has been said that the inscription on the stone read “forty feet below two million pounds are buried,” as translated by James Leitchi, a professor of languages at Dalhousie University. Some researchers have questioned this translation as Mr. Leitchi was involved in a treasure hunting company trying to sell stocks.

Today, the actual stone is lost. It was used as a hearthstone in two homes on Oak Island, but it was moved to a Halifax store front where it went missing when the building was torn down. Its last known location was round the Centennial Pool area.

Mr. Ranville used pictures of the stone to decipher its series of shapes, lines and dots to reveal a new translation that reads more like a map.

“I’ve brought some new stuff to the table,” he says, adding that the stone’s etchings could be used to figure out the mystery of Oak Island.

By his translation, much of the digging in the Money Pit area has been a waste of time and money.

“I believe the pit wasn’t meant to go beyond 100 feet,” he says. “I believe it wasn’t meant to go beyond these symbols.”

If one were to take Mr. Ranville’s code and follow it, it would lead you off Oak Island the site of all the treasure hunting for the past 211 years, under the water of the bay and onto the neighbouring Birch Island via man-made shafts.

“The instructions at the bottom of the pit tell you about where and how to locate these shafts and I believe they’re in Mahone Bay,” he says.

Mr. Ranville believes the two islands are connected by these shafts. He said that aerial shots of Birch Island prove the island has been touched by human hands. These aerial shots of the 16-acre Birch Island do show a large triangle which takes up a good portion of the island landscape.

“What I want to do is investigate this island where I think these symbols lead to,” he says.

Mr. Ranville has contacted the owner, Christopher Ondaatje, to inquire about doing some soil testing and exploring on the island.

In addition to being the home of the famous treasure, Mr. Ranville believes Birch Island may also be an ancient burial site of those who were involved in the original treasure hiding scheme.

“This is a significant Nova Scotia heritage discovery and that is Canada’s national treasure brought here for our guardianship long before Canada was established,” he says. “We should respect the civilization that is responsible for the makings of these structures.

“They were a very unique culture and may hold the secret to many ancient structures.”

Although he doesn’t know who actually buried the treasure, Mr. Ranville believes Oak Island and Birch Island need to be protected from further change to unlock their true history.

At the time of this interview, Mr. Ranville had yet to hear from Mr. Ondaatje regarding the island. He says he will continue to research the island and its tales of mystery and treasure. Check out Google Earth on the World Wide Web to see satellite photos of Birch Island and its triangle.

December 27, 2006 at 1:01 am
(5) Keith Ranville says:

First Nations National News

Birch Islands Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

North American Cree Native, Keith Ranville

December 25 2006
Birch Island has the hallmarks of the North American National Treasure, says a Canadian Cree Native Indian. He believes the Triangle impression on Birch Island is a signature of the American pyramid that is on the U.S currency, if the U.S treasury has an answer to why this emblem is on there American currency, they have not really disclosed it to the general public.

Mr. Ranville Is leading the pursuit in this new generation of treasure hunters, his concepts and theories are all original and are under-rated by the media and some Oak Island long standing organizations involvement in this treasure mystery.

While listening to Mr. Ranville, I was fascinated with his journey across Canada and with only limited resources to none; he believes his dreams are the corner stone of understanding the Oak Island treasure mystery. He also believes his dreams are how the ancients fortified the capacity to process knowledge to a conscious of a limitations of mechanism’s of our own reasoning & thinking capabilities.

He tells of amazing theories of involvement of Sir Francis Bacon, Templars, and Tumbez or Inca Treasure and how they are all connected, by a community Repository built to deposit ancient spiritual artifacts and treasures of incredible wealth to house these covenanted artifacts.

Keith Ranville born in Winnipeg, Manitoba the province of the buffalo, of Father Elie Ranville and mother Christine Sinclair, at a young age of two, Keith left Winnipeg with his Family to Vancouver B.C he then became a ward of the court at a early age due to the loss of a parent he spent his childhood years & teenage years in group homes and foster homes. With his rocky up bringing he manage to educate himself to a grade of 9 or 10, he later educated himself, he constructed a custom way of learning that he was able to build on and develop a unique way of processing information. What escapes me is his Sinclair Heritage; he explains that his mothers grandfather Albert Sinclair worked for the missionaries in the Cross Lake, Native Reservation in Northern Manitoba, he languished seven languages and what is known of him is that he traveled from the United States.

In conclusion, Mr. Ranville’s heritage background, there can be a link to him to the Inca’s and the Templars there is no evidence that Keith’s great grandfather Albert Sinclair was a Freemason. I can only speculate that he was a genius and his linguist abilities were handed down to Keith. Also with Keith’s tenacious Scottish Heritage and spiritual Native Heritage may just be the link that is the combination to unlocking the secrets to the Oak Island Treasure Mystery.

If you ever have the chance to meet this individual, the depth of his understandings will captivate your imagination, he has added a tremendous new spark to a once dying oak Island Treasure Mystery. His Popularity is drawing in crowds of people to this mystery like never before, the first by only one person. When it comes to treasure hunting he is far, the coast to coast the most fascinating Treasure Hunter of North America.


Mr. Ranville is a self-taught researcher born in Manitoba. While living in Vancouver B.C, he became acquainted with the Oak Island mystery

READ–> http://kr.mendhak.com

January 23, 2007 at 2:53 am
(6) Keith Ranville says:


April 2007 Edition
Hard Copy Version
Oak Island Update! – Cree Code Breaker Challenges 140-Year Old Cipher

MAHONE BAY, Nova Scotia –The enigma of Oak Island has been called one of the greatest archaeological and engineering achievements of mankind. Often referred to as Canada’s best known unsolved mystery, Oak Island proudly boasts it’s title for hosting the site of the World’s longest treasure hunt in recorded history. Now in its 212th year this 10 million dollar project that has selfishly taken the lives of six young men is no closer to being solved than it was in 1795 when three teen boys discovered a shaft here and began digging for what they believed to be pirate treasure! The boys excavated down to the 30 foot mark, exhausted and unable to continue they realized the dig would be a much larger effort then they first imagined. What the boys found as they dug convinced all three that they had indeed discovered a man-made vertical shaft of sound engineering. Their only conclusion was that it had been built to hide an enormous treasure. Knowing that a proper excavation required equipment, animals and manpower the boys set out to find investment capital. It took years but they did find an investor with whom they became the founders of the Onslow Company, the first of many treasure recovery companies that would come and go on Oak Island. To date the cost of this intoxicating treasure hunt has far exceeded ten million dollars and consigned six sturdy treasure hunters to an early grave.

Now for the first time since the 1860’s one man has come forward to challenge the translation of a cryptic message found etched into a stone that was discovered at the 90-foot mark in the original shaft in 1803 by the Onslow Company. The stone vanished about 1900 and no known image or text was preserved showing the cryptic message. However a Mahone Bay school teacher in 1909 claimed to have copied the two line, forty-character coded text directly from the stone hoping that he could break the code himself. He provided the only image of the codex known to exist stating the code was a simple letter-for-cipher that was accurately translated by Professor James Leitchi, a professor of languages at Dalhouse University in 1860’s. Leitchi’s translation reads… “Forty feet below two million pounds are buried.” Although Leitchi’s translation has never been directly challenged it has always been suspicious since a business relationship is known to have existed between Leitchi and the Oak Island Association, the 1860’s recovery company.

Recently Keith Ranville, a Cree First Nations researcher announced his challenge of Leitchi’s translation stating… “Birch Island holds the secret to the meaning of the construction on Oak Island. According to the Lunenburg Progress Enterprise, Ranville claims that Leitchi’s method to break the code was flawed, citing that his translation using the First Nations tradition, sees the codex as individual abstract symbols that were never intended to be translated into a single message. Using Ranville’s method to decipher the code, which reads more like a map, Oak Island is directly linked to its sister island, nearby Birch Island by underwater man-made shafts. He cites the repeated use of the triangle from the original inscription and points to the large triangle that he discovered on Birch Island which is only visible from the air. The triangle on the 16-acre Birch Island takes up much of the Island which Ranville believes is also the ancient burial grounds for those who were involved with the complex construction found on Oak Island.

Ranville’s work offers a completely different approach to solving the Oak Island mystery. Traveling across Canada Ranville has presented his findings to a number of scholars and groups many of whom have supported his work in principal. He has been interviewed on radio programs and his currently looking for funding to help pursue his research further. Those supporting Ranville’s research include mining engineer, Steve Zou, P.Eng.,PH.D, the Bear River First Nation of Nova Scotia, the Sault Ste. Marie Museum and to learn more you can log on to Ranville’s web site at: http://kr.mendhak.com

Interview with Mr. Ranville December-2006

March 2, 2007 at 4:26 pm
(7) Rosa says:


April 4, 2007 at 5:50 pm
(8) Nadia says:

Do you know that somebody’s selling a recording of Anna nicole smith’s GHOST on ebay ? I saw him on TV. That guy is obsessed about paranormal and has 10000 hours of ghost recordings. But he’s not american. Kind of caucasian living in africa. I wonder what Anna nicole smith’s said on the message ?

June 21, 2008 at 6:12 am
(9) escjktmza anxcg says:

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September 7, 2008 at 1:47 am
(10) The Truth says:

Ok there are no Ghosts or aliens folks. Only Satan playing games with us. It’s important not to watch horror films or participate in the occult cause then you open yourself up to the occult/Satan. Like the womans story, she was never visited till she watched that movie. Satan uses his tricks to appear as those who have passed to fool us, mislead us about the bible and to scare us. “The living know that they shall die and the dead know nothing”. That is in the bible. Pray to the Lord if you ever experience anything paranormal and the Lord will be with you and protect you. Satan will eventually flee, Satan fears the Lord. Let Jesus fight all your battles.

February 9, 2009 at 1:00 pm
(11) thomas says:
February 9, 2009 at 1:01 pm
(12) thomas says:
October 16, 2011 at 2:25 am
(13) susan says:

I had sex with a ghost before. Just the other night i came home from work. I felt exhausted. I went in my bedroom to go put on my pajamies, brushed my teeth, and got ready for bed. As i went in my bed, i turn the lights off. Suddenly i felt like if something strange lifted my blanket half way.Then i felt like somebody’s hand touch my ass. i woke up and turn the light on feeling shocked and scared. At 2:00 am. I didn’t want to go back to sleep but I felt sleepy anyway. When i woke up the next morning, I WAS NAKED! I really didn’t know if this was a weird dream or not.

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