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Stephen Wagner

New Bigfoot Video from Utah

By September 3, 2011

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Utah Bigfoot videoIt's definitely Bigfoot season. This latest video comes from a couple of guys who were fishing, target shooting and camping in the mountains of Utah when they say they scared a creature from the trees. They captured these video images.

Is it a genuine Sasquatch? The movement, hair color and possible size fit common descriptions of the elusive creature, but it is too distant and obscured by trees to help us make a conclusion one way or another.

Near the end of the video, the guys also "discover" a small structure made of tree branches, which might or might not have anything to do with the creature. The possibilities are:

  • It was built by other campers (it looks man-made)
  • It was built by the guys who took the video to further a hoax
  • It was built by the Sasquatch, which, if it did, is an indication of higher intelligence than previously known

Read more and watch the video.


October 22, 2011 at 11:18 pm
(1) Karen H. says:

I’m not sure yet. Keeping an open mind on this video until i see the complete thing. If you have ever known real dedicated hunters, then you also know they can sit for hours without talking or moving if they are determined to get thier quarry. Ditto for photographers! We really need to watch it in its entirity. Looking forward to the next installment guys! Hope it is for real, if not , i sincerely hope the next time you or other hoaxsters try to pull a stunt like this, that a Bigfoot comes out and bites you firmly on the RUMP!

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