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Stephen Wagner

Reader Report: Close Encounter with Black Gas Entity

By April 15, 2013

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"I live in Oxford, U.K.," reports Charlie, "and in 2010 I was coming home from work at about 6 p.m. I was driving in my car on the route I take home every day. As I was driving, I noticed this black ball of gas -- that's probably the best description I can give. It was dense black gas in the centre with more cloudy gas around the edges, giving it a spherical shape.

"This object swooped in front of my car from the left and passed me to the right. I remember feeling pretty scared and having a feeling of death. Then I carried on driving home and have never seen that object since. There is no conclusion I can come to over this. I am hoping that someone out there has had a similar experience."

This is a most unusual sighting, Charlie. We've heard of glowing masses of gas, such as ball lightning and perhaps spooklights, and we've seen reports of strange white or gray mists. And, of course, we're familiar with reports of dark, black forms that people regard as shadow people.

But what this dense, dark gaseous blob could have been is anyone's guess. It could have been a natural phenomenon of some kind, and your feeling of dread could have been a result of having such a close encounter with something unknown.

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April 16, 2013 at 5:17 am
(1) shirley says:

Knowing about the real world is easy but what we cannot know is what these things are that are interacting with us like simple mists fogs smoke-like shapes which appear and disappear. Whatever we are seeing they appear to be so diverse in appearance. What it tells us is that other lifeforms are already here on Earth amongst us without doubt. Hope SETI and other scientists can accept and understand that.

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