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Monsters, Monsters Everywhere

Encounters with fantastic creatures of every description


IT NEVER CEASES to amaze me the variety of strange and unusual creatures that people report seeing. Lake monsters, woods creatures, backyard intruders, river dwellers and red-eyed, sharp-clawed beasts. Here are just a few of the unearthly, unexplained and sometimes terrifying animals people have encountered from all over the country.


This took place two years ago at the bay side of the Cape Cod Canal in mid-September. We were standing on the sea wall at sunset on Scusset Beach. We noticed a wake moving in toward the beach area from the mouth of the canal, but the water was calm. Then we saw a hump shape appear behind the wake or wave, then a second hump. Finally, a long neck and head appeared above the water! It stood about three feet out of the water and was dark in color. We have seen whales, seals and other types of sea creatures and know this was none of those. We were about 50-75 yards away on the elevated sea wall and had a good, unobstructed view of whatever it was. It moved in toward the beach for about 30 seconds, then quickly went under. - Mara C.


One night in the reservation at my house when I was nine, it was dark - about 10:23 p.m. I went out to the backyard and played around for awhile. Then I saw something with yellow eyes crouching on our old table. It started to move and I said, "Hey, who are you?" - and it took off faster than I could even imagine. I wasn't sure what it was, but I went after it trying to figure out what it was, but it just vanished. The next night, I went into the kitchen to get something to drink and I looked out the window - and there it was again! So I just stared at it, not knowing what to do. I went to get somebody to show them and when I got back to the window, it was gone. I told my grandmother what I had seen and she said it was a skinwalker. I never thought that they were real, imagining it was just a tall tale or a story that I had been told just to stay inside after dark, especially on the reservation. - Arlene L.


When I was around 15 years old, I had gone on vacation with my friend to Leeds Point, New Jersey. My friend (who was 17 years old) and I decided to go to the woods where the Jersey Devil supposedly lived. We got out of the car to look around. All of a sudden, we heard a horrifying scream. I have never heard anything like that before. It creeped out my friend so bad she started to cry. "Let's get out of here, please!" she said. I wanted to see what the thing looked like. She emphatically said no! I finally said all right already, so we started back to the car... when we heard the scream again, but it sounded like right behind us. We turned around and nothing was there. I looked all around. Then my friend grabbed my arm really hard and whispered, "Oh my God! Look over to your left in that huge bush." I turned my head really slowly and looked at it. I couldn't really see it well, but I did see its eyes and horns. I can't explain its eyes, but they were depressing looking and evil looking at the same time. My friend and I took off running as fast as we could, and we could hear it scrambling in the bushes after us. We finally got up the hill and inside the car. So the Jersey Devil really exists. -Nigaonahotinroof

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