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Take a Haunted Vacation

How well would you be able to sleep in a haunted inn?


Hotel Jerome

Hotel Jerome, Aspen, Colorado. Check out Room 310.

~ Hotel Jerome

It's one thing to read about the paranormal - ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists - and quite another to experience it for yourself. Do you have the curiosity, the courage, the sense of adventure to confront the unknown? Think about it. It's easy and safe to read books and articles from the security of your easy chair about ghostly apparitions and unnerving poltergeist activity that other people have experienced. But what would it be like to actually place yourself in a location where there has been a tradition of spirit sightings and unexplained events? Could you handle it?

You have an opportunity to find out the next time you take a vacation or a weekend trip. There are dozens of motels, hotels, and bed and breakfasts around the U.S. that claim to have unregistered guests or unpaid staff - in other words, ghosts.

There is no guarantee that you'll have a paranormal experience at any of these places, of course, but all make the claim that employees or other guests have had a brush with the unknown: a vaporous apparition, a touch by unseen hands, unexplained noises and fragrances, objects being moved, broken or disturbed.

Here are some resources that can help you plan your itinerary for your haunted vacation:

AllStays - Haunted Hotels

This site has a long list of haunted hotels in most states of the U.S. Here are some examples:

  • Monte Vista Hotel, Flagstaff, Arizona - "One of the ghosts residing here is that of a phantom bellboy who knocks on doors and then vanishes. This annoying phantom has been experienced by dozens of guests over the years and he is joined by the ghost of a woman who has been seen outside of the Zane Grey suite and another man who endlessly paces in one of the rooms."
  • Hotel Jerome, Aspen, Colorado - "Ever find a lost, shivering and soaking wet boy in your hotel room? Well you might at the Hotel Jerome. A woman recently found just that in Room 310 of the Hotel Jerome. When a staff member arrived to help, the boy had vanished, leaving only wet footprints."
  • The Inn at 835, Springfield, Illinois - "Stories seem to indicate that the spirit of Bell Miller is still in residence. One resident noted hearing a warm and friendly voice saying 'Well, hello there.' No one was around. Another event included a single book being placed in the middle of the room multiple times. Each time it was moved from a tightly packed shelf, where it would not have fallen from and landed in the middle of the room."
  • Hotel Maison deVille, New Orleans, Louisiana - "A 23-year employee of the hotel first encountered a ghost around 20 years ago, while she was letting a guest into Cottage No. 4. She and the guest entered the room and saw a man dressed in a military uniform. She felt a chill, shook a bit and then the apparition disappeared."
  • Grove Park Inn Resort, Asheville, North Carolina - "A mysterious Pink Lady has been seen, felt and experienced by hotel employees and guests at The Grove Park Inn Resort in Asheville for more than three quarters of a century."
  • Brass Lantern Inn, Stowe, Vermont - "The guests at the Brass Lantern Inn have a similar story to tell. They may hear some people arrive late in the night, speaking loud and talking about the good time they just had, possibly at a party. In all cases, it's in reference to the same room."

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