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Spontaneous Human Invisibility


Higbee offers no explanations for the phenomenon, yet wonders if it is in any way related to the powers claimed by yogis and practiced members of the Rosicrucians, both of whom say that human invisibility is not only possible, but controllable. Higbee raises the possibility that this invisibility might somehow correlate to the experiences of UFO abductees. In the cases of many abductees, their abductors not only seem to be able to become visible and invisible at will, but the abductees themselves are often rendered invisible by their alien captors, transporting them through closed windows and solid walls all the way up to the spaceships which, themselves, may be capable of invisibility.

If the stories these victims relate are true, then it's difficult to know what to make of the phenomenon. But Donna Higbee continues to investigate it and to collect information and experiences from all those who are willing to share them.

Is there proof of any kind? How about photos? There have been some anomalous photos taken that allege to show partial human invisibility:

  • A photo called "She's Lost Her Head" from the Coast to Coast website was taken in Las Vegas. When the fellow took the photo inside one of the hotels, a woman stepped in front of him - but she doesn't seem to have a head. Her torso with her coat and purse strap are clearly visible, but her head is invisible.
  • In this mystery photo at GhostStudy.com of a group of World War II soldiers, one of the soldiers in the background seems to be transparent. Is it a photo anomaly, a ghost or a case of human invisibility?

Voluntary Invisibility

The above cases concern people who seem to have become invisible spontaneously - unknowingly and without effort. But what if you WANT to become invisible? Is there a method for achieving this?

  • There is an unconfirmed story of a man who achieved invisibility through the use of his self-invented Electro-Helmet in 1934. Before witnesses, the story goes, he placed the helmet on his head, stepped into a cabinet and touched some "contact gloves" above his head. When an electric current was switched on, he gradually became invisible, from toe to head. The young scientist's body could be felt through touch, it is said, but not seen. Real or a magician's trick?
  • Wingmakers, which says it gets its information from "guardians," has a webpage on inducing invisibility on small objects as well as your own body.
  • Richard Bartle says he knows how to make invisibility paint. His witch's brew includes cob webs, slug's eye stalks, and the sting "from a poisonous cat" (?) among other things. The crazy ingredients seems to make the creation of the paint impossible - which, of course, it is.

But if anyone succeeds in making it, please let me know.

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