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The Haunting at Harvey Woods

A scary prank becomes a night of unexplained terror in the dark forest


Would you go in alone?

The unknown lurks in every forest.

The woods have always been a place of mystery, where danger and the unknown lurk in the thick dark. The deep forest links profoundly with our subconscious, where both good and evil live. And wandering into it can only lead to adventure and the unexpected. Liz R. and her friend Danielle found that out in a way that will stay with them forever. It began for them as a prank they wanted to pull on their friends to scare them. But it was the woods that reversed the trick on them - and turned the trick to terror. This is Liz R.'s true story:

ONE EVENING, my best friend Danielle and I were walking in a thick wood near our houses. We would often meet in these woods - the Harvey Woods of Wallingford, Pennsylvania - because it was halfway between both our streets. We had always suspected something creepy about these woods. There is a stone bridge with a plaque marked 1827, old broken street lights, an old flooded stone path and two small stone structures.

One of the structures slightly resembles a jail cell or torture chamber of some sort. It is all stone except for an open spot, where a door used to be, and a barred window. There are two visible steps leading into it, but it is flooded from there down with black water. The other stone structure is slightly larger. It too is all stone. It has no windows but, like the other, it has an open space where a door existed at one point. Inside there is a somewhat large metal device, quite dense in appearance. It looks as if some form of electricity ran through it. Next to it there is a broken metal chair bolted down to the floor. There are four pits against two of the four walls. The pits are filled with black water, like in the smaller structure.

This certain evening was strange. Danielle and I can be quite bold and we do not get scared easily. We are not the type to run from an adventure. We were walking back to the small structure (which we called "the cell" at the time) with bottles of red spray paint. We were planning to scare the pants off our friends that night by taking them back to the cell and finding "blood" (the spraypaint) on it.

When we got to the cell, it was dark and cold as usual - quite eerie, actually. We began spray painting the "blood" on the bars of the window. I took one of Dani's house keys out of my pocket to make scratches on the wall to make it look like soemone had tried to climb out of the cell. Suddenly, something knocked the key out of my hand. Dani had not seen it because she was on the other side of the cell doing the same with her key. I watched as my key dissapeared into the depths of the black water. I walked out, minding my step as usual, so I didn't join the key at the bottom of the water. I told Danielle that I dropped my key, so I couldnt finish, although I had made some scratch-marks.

Just then, our friend Kevin walked up and saw us. He told us he had been looking for us all day and that Dani's dad told him we were in the woods. We left with him so he wouldn't be suspicious of our planned trick.

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