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TV Apparition

I was the only one awake at about 6 a.m. after an all-night stint of cooking to prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner I was preparing (gotta love that English/American background, twice as many holidays). Anyway, I was watching a children's show called The Hoobs on channel four which was about to end in favour of some American sitcoms. The adverts came on and in the midst of an advert for some upcoming awards show (which award show it was I now forget and investigation into what award show was being advertised that Thursday morning has come up with nothing) I had an urge to take a photo of TV and did.

I shot the photo while looking at the TV (and not through the viewfinder). The flash was on at the time, but you can see where the flash was reflected and the image is most certainly not a reflection. I know that captures from televisions that have been switch on are unreliable due to image transition that is not visible to the naked eye (where the previous image on the screen "bleeds" into the upcoming image, producing a ghostly effect if photo'd at the correct moment), but at the time that this photo was taken the only image transition going on was a panning effect. The man you can see in the upper left hand corner of the screen was walking across the stage to join a woman which you can see behind the face of the hooded man. The shot that appeared after they joined was a long shot of the two, not a close up of either of them.

Sometimes sound comes through on my tv when I'm watching videos or DVDs that doesn't coincide with the sounds that the TV should be making. Small voices like the sound of a radio left on in the other room. I chock it up to a bad television, and think that perhaps sounds from whatever program is on "under" the video that I'm watching is coming through. I wondered if images from another show could be coming through and that that was what I captured. We don't have cable so it didn't take long to figure out what was on the other channels. Some childrens shows and some morning talk shows were all that was on, and after examining them with a few channel flicks I concluded none of them were showing anything that could explain the image.

My first thought in seeing the image was that it reminded me of a Greek statue, of Plato or Homer or perhaps a Greek god and I did a large search for a statue that, from the right angle, would resemble the image I captured, but I turned up with nothing. I am wary about submitting this photo to websites because I know that photos of on-tellys aren't always well received.

You asked Steve if I'd experienced any other occurances, and I have, though small. I sense that there are two spirits here. An older man and a young woman. They rarely manifest themselves, and seemed to be most active when we first moved in (September of last year) and their activity has now died down. The house was built in the late 1890s, and some of the occurances can be attributed to a settling foundation (the house is victim to minor subsidence), but not all of the occurances are easily dismissible. The sofa in the living room is situated so that the TV is at the foot of the sofa and the head of the sofa is near the door so that someone lying on the sofa with their feet near the TV and their head near the door would have their backs to the door, the hall, and the landing at the top of the stairs down to the front door. Often when sitting or lying here I feel a cold breath in my ear or on my neck that can't be explained by a drafty house (no wind, for example) and occassionally when I'm home alone reading, using the computer or watching telly doors open and close themselves. Some of the doors in the house swing of their own accord in explainable ways. They're hung unevenly so they always want to be in a certain position. The living room door, for example, always wants to be open, while the bedroom and the kitchen doors always want to be closed. On the occasions when the doors open and close on their own (sometimes when there's no wind, but more usually when there's an electrical storm) the doors that always want to be open or closed move to the opposite positions and stay that way, something they'd never do without a door stop, before slamming shut with no immediate explanation.

Once the kitchen door (which is always held open with a doorstop) shut loudly when I was home alone and when I went to investigate I found that the doorstop was on the other side of the room on the window sill. I certainly didn't put it there.The heater also seems to turn itself on and off (usually off) at strange times, which can only be accomplished by flipping a switch, and as the switch is inside a closed environment (a cupboard) where it couldn't be bumped or touched (it's a slide switch, and in an awkward position, you have to push it deliberately, it's hard to do by accident) and our car keys and such, which we keep on a wide window ledge just inside the front door have been known to hurl themselves across the front entryway a few times. These things are rare, though I often sense that someone is there, even though nothing happens, and nothing has happeend for the past few months, or at least nothing I've noticed (I went back to work after a broken ankle about 3 months ago)...

I've only seen things full on twice, though I've seen a few things out of the corner of my eyes. When I first moved in I was sure the place was haunted, but things have calmed down so much recently that I almost feel I must have imagined things. And I would believe that if it werent for that photo and the two sightings I had. Once I was sitting on the sofa I felt that I was being watched, and I turned to look out into the hall. Up near the ceiling above the stairs I saw what looked like two hazy human shapes, they stayed there as long as I held my gaze, and I began to think it was a trick of the light. I turned to my partner to mention what I saw and when I looked back they were gone. The other time was the middle of the night. I was coming to bed after staying up late reading and watching TV and I had just curled down under the covers when on the other side of the room I saw a large dark shadow moving against the wall that's shared with the living room (where the photo was taken).

I've read that mirrors can conduct spirits, and I might mention that the living room has a giant wall mirror above the mantlepiece and one wall is covered almost completely in mirrored tiles that are about as long as two of my handwidths and as wide as 3/4 of one of my handwidths (I'm horrible with measurements) but I have medium sized hands for a woman.

Anyway...once when upset with my partner I tried to sleep on a love seat in the bedroom that backs against the other side of the wall in the living room that has the mirrored tiles on it. I felt very uneasy and grew frightened though I couldn't explain why and eventually went back to my bed despite my lover's spat. On a similar occurance I went to the sofa in the living room that backs against the mirrored tiles and I felt the same thing, and went back to my bed. I will admit I'm usually easily frightened, but usually because I've seen some scary movie, or read a scary book, or seen or heard something frigthening that will keep me on edge for the rest of the night.

Ok. I just realised I've been rambling and I doubt this e-mail is very coherent. Thanks for posting my photo to your site.

– Arianne

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