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EVP Gallery - Page 1
A selection of EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) from readers and your Guide. If you have an EVP to share, click here.

"Robeen, can you hear me NOW?"

About 5 years ago, I had tried experiments by recording "silence," trying to capture unknown voices. To my amazement I listened to what sounded to be nothing on this tape after recording... then heard slight underlying murmurs of something. After filtering, this is what I came up with. I have listened to this hundreds of times and it still brings chills to me. The voice is a woman's (an older Southern woman)... it does sound vaguely familiar to me and she is saying "Robeen, can you hear me NOW?" - Robin S.

"I would"

Around 15 years ago, I bought the classic record: Jeff Wayne's musical version of "War Of The Worlds" on vinyl. I loved the music and played it a lot. I moved to a new house a couple of years after that and the record was unplayed for a year or two. Upon rediscovering the record in a box, I played it and in the opening seconds of Richard Burton's Intro, a new voice seemed to have appeared! Whether this is a random scratch the record suffered, manifesting as a vocal sound, I don't know, but as Richard says, "No-one would have believed... century." The "new" voice seems to say, "I would!" I can guarantee this is no hoax and still have the vinyl record. I recently bought the CD version, and needless to say there is no sign of the new voice! Included is a sample of the voice though it's not so pronounced on my new hi-fi turntable as it was on my old one, it's still audible. - Gary
Note: It's very faint, and you must listen carefully.

"Take your fuc**ng pants off." (whisper)

Several strange things have happened around the apartment, where things were being turned off and such. I've encountered many paranormal phenomena including violent poltergeist activity in the past so I am very receptive. I began recording this when I noticed strange muffled sounds coming from the television as if someone were trying to speak into a microphone. I lowered the TV volume all the way and I sat down on the sofa. I had a slight stomach ache so I undid the front of my pants as I sat there. When I played back the tape 20 minutes later, I caught this. It sounds like someone whispering, "Take your fuc**ng pants off." I was stunned at what I heard and I had to rewind it over and over to make sure it wasn't something else. In this .wav it starts at the 12 second mark and ends at the 14 second mark. - Athenia

"We are watching you" (in German)

A couple of months after sharing my "Beethoven Ghost" picture with you (which actually now is in your gallery), I came across an old disk with some EVP (electronic voice phenomena) segments I recorded some years before. I started the whole experiment after watching some dubious documentary on TV - trying to prove to myself that all this EVP stuff was nonsense. I "surfed" onto a white wave on my simple radio recorder and did some recordings of satisfying nothingness. The tape was almost over when suddenly voices appeared. Of course things are pretty vague, but I immediately made out the first line: "Wir sehen dich" ("We are watching you" in German. Of course, the EVs speak my native language.). The next lines, as far as my humble ear is concerned, are: "Bitte (inaudible word) wer hier spricht im Diesseits" - "Please [...] who is speaking here in Diesseits" (German opposite to "Hereafter"). Unfortunately, I never came across any technical help to find out about frequencies or other kind of modification, but I just thought I might share the file with you. - R. B.

Singing Monks

I tried EVP for the first time and found this old monk type singing. I recorded it with a pc microphone in a totally silent room. I then put a bandstop filter on for 300-21850hz and amplified the sound. I also filtered out humming. It was originally 44100hz sample rate, but played it back at 64000hz. I heard singing. I've resampled it at 44100hz so you could play it on anything. It totally freaked me, so I thought I'd share it. Wowzers!


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