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EVP Gallery - Page 3
A selection of EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) from readers and your Guide. If you have an EVP to share, click here.






1. "Pow"
This EVP is an odd one. We were going down the walking trail at Mill Springs Battlefield in Nancy, Kentucky, nearing the area where the blacksmith's shop was. There also used to be slave quarters in this area. This EVP was taken while we were all quiet, and we were not walking at the time. It sounds to us like someone loading a rifle, packing it down and then saying, "Pow."

2. "It's just me"
Recorded at the Mansion at Griffin Gate Restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky. This antebellum house has been turned into a restaurant, and it is known for paranormal activity. Guests have sighted a young girl sitting on the stairs (the employees have named her Greta), and employees report happenings on a regular basis. You will first hear our cell sensor going off, then a small voice says, "It's just me."

3. "You'll never find me"
We were in the process of playing hide and seek with Greta when we had a lady come in to ask some questions about the ghosts. We stopped looking while we were speaking with her, and you will hear us talking with her in the background of this EVP. Greta says, "You'll never find me."

4. "Violet, yes."
During a question-and-answer dowsing session at the Whaley House, I asked if the spirit who was speaking with us was Violet Whaley. She answers, "Violet, yes."

5. "Oh, shut up!"
This was recorded at Victoria's Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, Texas. We had retired for the evening, and I had set out a digital recorder to see if anything happened while we were sleeping. This is about an hour into that recording, and by this time almost everyone is snoring. This fellow is apparently getting annoyed with the noise, and says, "Oh, shut up!"

– Starr, PsyTech
Paranormal Research and Investigation

"Yes, my name is Carol."

This EVP was picked up in a cemetery in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania in June, 2005. It's the crown piece of my paranormal investigation (to date), and thought I'd share. There is, in fact, a gravestone close by with someone named "Carol" buried there. In this EVP you can hear me asking, "Can you tell me your name?" followed behind by a reply, "Yes, my name is Carol" in a clear whisper. There are more of our EVP at www.poconoparanormalresearch.com along with pictures. – John

"There, there"

This here is a class A evp taken in the Winchester Mystery house on October 25th 2003, a time of extream solar activity. We were on a flashlite tour and I had attached a small microphone to my digital recorder and placed it on my back pack which faced away from me. I also made sure to trail the group we were with by at least 15 feet. This EVP came as the group entered the first room of the house. If you listen closely, you can here the poor sound quality of the ambiant noise when compared to the "crisp" and clear quality of the EVP which makes me think that this voice was some how imprinted on my recorder rather then picked up from the microphone itself. I managed to get quite a few EVPs that night, way more then normal. This one is by far the best, in my opinion. – Gene Morris, Seaside Ca

"Hey there"

Here are two EVPs recorded in a prison cell at Mansfield Reformatory. No one was around at the time. These were found on the same recording about two minutes apart. The story: Ghost hunters Darla and Tonya entered a prison cell to look through some old papers left behind. They were alone or so they thought. You hear one of them say, "We're not here to take nothing. We just want to look." A few seconds later a seductive-sounding female voice says "Hey there."

"You're a slut"

About two minutes later, a male voice says, "You're a slut." Darla & Tonya hoped it was speaking to the female voice and not to them! Both evps are located near the end of the clips.

Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team


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