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Your True Tales
August 2004
Page 29

The Top Hat Man
by Jewelz

The first time I saw the Top Hat Man was my freshman year at Eastern Oklahoma State College in my hometown of Wilburton, Oklahoma. I was walking from the library to my dorm and I saw a man wearing a long black coat, shiny black boots, a top hat and sunglasses. He had long black hair and carried a wooden cane with a silver handle.

The apparition scared me to death and I told my roommate about it. She said that she and some of her friends had seen the man as well. They weren't sure what he was, but believed that he was a demon closely related to shadow creatures.

A friend of mine named Heather claims to have seen the Top Hat Man on a daily basis since she was 12 years old. She made a deal with him that allowed her to speak with animals in exchange for taking 10 years off her life. Now he torments her constantly.

A few days after the first sighting, I saw Top Hat Man standing in the doorway of my dorm room and I haven't seen him since. However, he has been spreading to nearby towns. In the town of Stigler, which is about 30 miles NE, a girl saw the Top Hat Man and disappeared a week later. She was soon found, but now will not speak with anyone, including her parents and siblings.

All who have seen the Top Hat Man know we are not crazy because so many others have seen it. It usually appears to women and occasionally to men, though men who see it are usually gay. One day, we drew on a map all of the place where the man has been seen and it formed a perfect isosceles triangle around a small town called Centerpoint. We think he originated from this area.

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