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Your True Tales
August 2004
Story of the Month

J.J.'s Ghost
by Darlene

My family is a big one with three girls and five boys. When I was younger (about 12 ), one of my brothers, J.J., was really sick. He had a kidney disease and needed a transplant. My father gave J.J. one of his kidneys and it worked for a while, but then it just started to fail. Ten days before his 10th birthday, my sweet, loving little brother passed away.

We were all very heartbroken and sad. We loved him so much. Well, not long after my brother passed different members of our family saw J. J. in the house. My dad saw him ride down the hill in front of our house on his Big Wheel. J.J. used to like to hide behind the door to his bedroom (when he wasn't hospitalized) and jump out at our step-mother and scare and pinch her. To this day (and he has been gone for 24 years), my step mom still gets pinched in that room. And the cabinet door where J.J.'s medicine used to be kept, swings open every day at the precise time he was suppose to take his medicine (witnessed by scores of people throughout the years.)

My oldest brother saw him one night standing over his bed watching him. J.J. started pulling at the covers and this scared my oldest brother. But as this was going on, my oldest brother saw a yellowish orange glow coming from across the hall where two of my youngest brothers were sleeping. He realized the room was on fire. He ran into the room and got our brothers out just before a can that was in the room exploded from the fire and heat. All the windows in the house blew out and the house had some damage, but my brothers were still alive thanks to J.J.'s spirit waking my oldest brother and making him get out of bed.

Safe to say, J.J. is still watching out for us. We still miss and love you very much, J.J.

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