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Your True Tales
August 2006
- Page 11

Grandpa's Comfort
by Wendy

When my oldest son was 10 years old, he was helping his friend and the friend's dad put brakes in their 4x4 two-ton truck. Everyone went in to eat and my son stayed outside to try and fix the rest of the brakes (you know how boys are). As he was trying to pull the brake off, he shifted the truck and the jack fell off and the FRONT axle fell on my son's left side of his head. Everyone heard him screaming but they didn't know it was my son because they thought he was in the house with the rest of them.

He said while they were trying to get the truck off him, he saw my grandfather (who had died three weeks earlier) and he had said to him that everything will be ok and that he wasn't going to die. This is a miracle because he recovered fully with no brain damage, no neurological damage, only a scar that goes from his temple to the back of his head. I think my grandpa saved his life because my son and him were best of buds.

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