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Paranormal Story Archives
December 2001
– Page 20

Dragged from Bed
by Marisa W.

My mother had been living with my husband and I for several years when she was diagnosed with cancer. They were the hardest years of my life, especially because of her suffering and emotional drain it takes to take care of a dying loved one. Approximately three weeks before she died, we were talking one night and she said to me, very matter of factly, like if it was nothing, that someone had been grabbing her by the ankles as she lay sleeping and pulling her toward the foot of the bed a couple of times! I asked her what she did and she said she told it to stop and it did. She was put in hospice shortly before her death, and I was with her until the end. I was, to say the least, devastated despite the fact that I knew she was dying.

A week or so before she died, I was startled by a loud male voice one night while I was sleeping. It appeared to be coming from the foot of my bed. All he said was, "Listen." I was not dreaming of this voice, but actually awakened by it too see nothing. Later the next morning, I knew that what I had experienced really happened, not a dream. The following night was worse. As I lay on my stomach sleeping, something grabbed me by the ankles and dragged me a good foot off the bed. I was awakened startled and screaming. As it turned out, I was told I had been through a lot of stress and consequently was experiencing this on account of it, but I never believed it. And thank GOD it never happened again.

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