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Paranormal Story Archives
December 2002
Page 8

Cemetery Gravity Hill
by Gwaampaa

I viewed with interest your info on gravity hills and thought you might be interested in a rather creepy one. In Southern California there is a cemetery called Rose Hills, located in the Los Angeles suburb of Whittier, on Workman Mill Rd., near Rio Hondo Community College and the interchange of the 605 and 60 freeways. It's been over 10 years since I've been there, but growing up nearby I visited numerous times as a kid and later as a student at the nearby community college. 

Rose Hills Cemetery has several entrances and several different sections. In the section that contains the rose gardens, proceed past the entrance gates, rose gardens and burial vaults, turn right and proceed along the base of a small hill, then make your first left and you are on gravity hill. Park near the bottom, put car in neutral and you will roll up the hill. Park at the top and you will not roll down. It works in cars and on bicycles and skateboards. Creepy thing is, the road down the gravity hill has graves on both sides! You have to find it and experience it quickly because cemetery employees are aware of the strange road and are quick to chase kids and the curious away when on gravity hill. I have taken numerous friends to this site and the doubters came away amazed and creeped out believers!

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