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Your True Tales
December 2003
Page 8

Visit to Another Dimension
by Lynn M.

I know this was not a dream. I told my husband he just thought it a dream. I went to sleep this particular night. I have "sleep apnea," moderate to severe, so I stop breathing in my sleep approx. 28-36 times an hour and last as long as 28-60 seconds.

In this strange experience during my "sleep" I started out in a big black car, I was in the back seat with my two sisters, who have both passed on years ago. One was 42 years old, the other passed on five days after her 50th birthday. I never was very close to them in life, though they were close. Anyway, I was back in my home town of Stratford, CT. it was very late at night. We were parked in a shopping center parking lot and were the only car anywhere. I had a suitcase with me, for some reason while in the car with my sisters (half sisters), I said, "I'm leaving, I'm getting out of here." I walked a few feet from the car and though I didn't turn around, I could see them both leaning out the back door, I can't describe the look on their faces, maybe of "want" or "curiosity." The next thing I knew I was up in the night sky looking down at myself walking away.

Next I was standing at the edge of a town, it seemed to me that I knew it was the beginning of the town. Behind me was white, not a light, but just white, like nothing, a blank canvas. I still had my suit case, and everything was gray except when I turn to the left, there was a great gorge or canyon. On the other side of the gorge were tall beautiful mountains that seemed to be the color of gold. They sparkled - there was every color of the rainbow about them, beautiful blues, pale pinks, like the dusk sky some times. The strange part about this scene was that hovering high in the sky right in the middle of the gorge was a "flat bottom" (for lack of a better description) mountain top; it just was there, but had nothing under it as a mountain to support it. This too was surrounded by these beautiful colors, but it was surrounded by a white cloud; I couldn't see the top of this strange peak. I thought to myself, "That must be where God is."

Then I started to walk and realized I had no money. I didn't know where I was and wondered how do I get out of this town and back home. I went into the first building that was on the street. It was a "bar." No one was in there but the bartender. I can't remember his face. He was friendly enough. Without speaking, I told him I had no money and didn't know where I was and needed to use the phone for someone to come get me. But he wouldn't answer me. He wouldn't tell me where I was. Without speaking, he told me I didn't need money here and he pushed these little cards toward me that had numbers on them, like $5. etc. Then he gave me a mug of beer.

Soon, some women came in. I think they worked there. I went over to them, but they just didn't seem to acknowledge me. I decided to leave and I walked down into the town. As I got toward the end, I sat on a hammock-like chair in front of what might have been "a place for entertaining men!" A woman came up to me and told me I can't sit there; I have to leave, "You don't belong here. You can't stay here." I told her how I didn't know where I was and had no money. I just wanted to sit a minute. She also wouldn't tell me where I was. She told me no, I had to go across the street. As I walked, I could see the end of this town, again as the beginning, it was just white, nothing ahead of me. I knew I couldn't continue straight ahead. I crossed the street and tried to talk to one or two people but they wouldn't acknowledge me. I continued to walk the other side of the street, but back toward the way I started.

Again, I tried to ask three men who were standing outside where was I, but they too wouldn't look at me. I neared the end of the town, and a "figure" all in black with a hood and long cape, I couldn't see his face or hands, or maybe he didn't have any. He was a figure that we here on earth might look at as "the Angel of Death." I was never once afraid, and he was very comforting. He put his right arm around my back and his hand on my shoulder, though I didn't feel it. As he walked by my side, without speaking he told me, "You have to go back. You don't belong here." I told him I don't know where I am, how to get back? He led me to the end of the town (or the beginning) where there was like a "bus shelter," just like we have all over the country. He told me to go over there and wait. He said to me, "He'll be along to take you back."

I woke up and it was morning. My very first waking thought was this dream, but then I thought that was not a dream. I just knew it. I knew, somehow, I went to another place, realm or dimension. Did I have an out-of-body experience and gone to another dimension where there are spirits that past on from this world? I will always remember this. It was my first such experience. I ask my Guardian Angel every night to let me go back there just for a second or two. I also plead with my Guardian Angel to let me see him just for three seconds, or learn his name. Though I have definitely heard him speak to me (from outside my ear, not from in my mind), he won't let me see him or learn his name.

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