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Your True Tales
December 2005
Page 15

Deathbed Visions
by Keen

I have been with two people that died who saw "people" approaching them within hours of their death.

My grandfather (who came to the States from Russia when he was 13) was in the hospital dying from cancer. He was in pain and when we (my siblings and I) were brought into his room to see him. He was moaning and couldn't speak. Suddenly he sat up in bed and pointed across the room and started speaking in Russian. He seemed excited and so happy! My brother and sister and I were rushed out of the room... but I heard my father say, "He's speaking to his relatives in Russia... that was his mother, that was his sister... etc." My father knew the names of some of my grandfather's relatives that never left Russia, so we all knew who he was speaking to. He died within an hour.

My other experience was with a man (Mr. H) who was in hospice care for nine months. I had been hired as his assistant. I drove him places, arranged appointments, generally tried to make his last year comfortable and social. One day Mr. H felt ill and spent part of the day in bed. The following day he still was in bed, and this was very unusual for him. He had not been in pain for all the months I had been with him. I was alone with him as his daughter and wife were out doing errands. I called the hospice nurse and she was quite far away. I described what was happening – Mr. H was in pain, he couldn't eat, and he was hemmoraging. She told me she would get to us as soon as she could, and that he was dying.

I was nervous to be alone with him. I do not have any medical background at all. However, I stayed near him and tried my best to be reassuring. Two very interesting things happened that morning.

Mr. H called me to his side and repeated, "Take it away, take it away... can you take it, please?" and he reached under his covers and appeared to pull something up with his hand. I said "Yes, I'll take it" and he passed his closed fist to me and released it. There was nothing there, but I "took" whatever he was giving me and scattered it to the floor. He seemed very relieved and more relaxed after I did this.

He then slept for perhaps a half hour or more. He then woke suddenly, sat straight up in his bed and said to me, "Oh, please, welcome them, welcome them. Oh, please pull up some chairs." And to the room, "Come in, come in! Please stay for lunch. I cannot join you, but please stay and sit for a while."

I looked around the room and it seemed brighter. I spoke to whoever Mr. H was addressing, telling them who I was and that they were welcome. I told them I was so happy that they were here. Within approximately five minutes, Mr. H was asleep and he rested for several hours. He died that evening.

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