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Your True Tales
December 2006
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Spirit in the Closet
by Kris Brown

Ever since I've been very young, I've always heard stories about my granparents' house having a paranormal presense. I always took every story I heard with a grain of salt, because I'm the type of guy who needs to see to beleive it. I've heard various stories from my two sisters, my uncle, and even my grandparents who still to this day live in that house.

Back about 30 years ago, when the youngest of their sons (my uncle) was a infant, he would wake up in the middle of the night, everynight at the same time, screaming and bawling his eyes out. When my grandma would walk into the room to see what the matter was, it would be freezing cold. She had the heat checked out to see if there was a problem with the vent in the room, and it was in tip-top shape. After several weeks of this happening, my grandparents decided to move my uncle into another room where he slept fine, and they decided to bring a priest to the house and bless the room. The priest blessed the room and hung a cross over the door and after that.

There was not a problem in that room... but the rest of the house is a different story. I've heard various stories from different people of weird things happening in that house, but none of them were as freaky as what I witnessed.

My grandparents were out of town, and my sister and I were housing watching, picking up the mail, etc. while they were out. I remember specifically that once I entered the house, I felt a presence. I ignored it and walked up the stairs into the kitchen where Shannon was complaining of having to mix a bunch meat and dog food for their German sheppard, Kody. I laughed at her a bit, as she was holding his nose from the disgusting stink of raw meat and Alpo. I turned around, walked down the dark hallway and took my first right into the long, two-door bathroom. I turned on the light, and proceeded the relieve my bladder. I was humming to myself, and I remembered leaning back and peering into my grandparents' room to see the brightly lit alarm clock to see the time.

I finished up, flushed the toilet, washed my hands, dried them off... and as I was turning the light switched off, I saw a Post-It note on the mirror. I had to do a double-take, because when I saw it, I turned the light off. I quickly turned the light back on, and once I did, the door leading to my grandparents' room slammed shut, loudly. It startled me, and I walked down to the door and saw that it was actually shut. I opened it, turned on the light to my grandparents' room, and look around to see if anybody was there. No one.

I shook my head, confused and I walked back down the hallway to the kitchen where my sister was just coming back inside the house from grabbing something from her car. I asked her, "Hey, was that you that slammed the door on me when I was in the bathroom?" She replied, "No, I wasn't even in the house. I was out in my car." I told her what happened, and our conversation led us to the room that got blessed about 30 years prior.

We sat on the bed. As she was picking up something and she was telling me about some of the weird things that happened to her in the house, and out of nowhere, a deep pant, like someone was fighting for air sounded like it was getting closer and closer. We both looked at each other and our blood ran cold. Our eyes getting bigger and bigger in disbelief. It sounded like it was coming from the closet, directly behind us, getting louder and louder. We both freaked out, grabbed our belongings and got the hell out of Dodge.

It was about that time that we were in our car, and we saw the window open to the room. We both looked at each other as she started her car, and he both agreed we wouldn't go back in there. We left, and once my grandparents got back from their trip we told them about it. My Grandma laughed, and said, "Those spirits are good. They protect the house while we are gone."

She also told me that she is so used to hearing footsteps walking up the steps at night, and doors opening and closing while they are trying to sleep. Like it is normal for them! I have so many stories of that house, and now that I have fully witness the power of that house. I believe every single story. I used to never believe in ghosts or paranormal activity, but... nothing has scared me more than being in that house at night by myself. Never again will I.

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