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Your True Tales
January 2004
Page 33

Premonition of Death
by Matt R.

About three and a half years ago, when my son was two and a half, the two of us, father and son, were traveling by car. I decided to take a country road that was a short cut to my side of town when the city traffic was bad. It was late afternoon and my son was in dire need of a nap so I was hoping the journey would send him to sleep.

About halfway along this 3 km road, I looked in the rear view mirror. Way off in the distance I could see a guy approaching really fast on a motorcycle. My first thought, and it was a serious one, was, "That guy is going too fast for this road. I KNOW he is going to die here."

My son was in the back of the car falling asleep, but suddenly sat upright and said, "Daddy, a man is going to fall off his bike and get deaded." (He could not see the guy, who was still way behind us.) I said, "I know, son."

A bit further along the road, I looked in the mirror again. The biker was a lot closer and was just coming up to the one junction that joined our road. At this point, a car pulled out of the junction just slightly to get a clear view. The biker, traveling about 80 mph (130 kmph) reacted instinctively and made to cut behind the car, but of course the car was not continuing and the biker went right into the side of the car and was catapulted into an adjacent field, landing 25 yards away and dying instantly on impact.

Somehow, we both knew that this man was going to die two minutes before the event. I could have passed it off as coincidence that I had this thought before the event; however, the conviction that I was right was absolute whereas in most situations these thoughts are ideas rather than certainties but this was not the case in this scenario. Also the fact that my son knew to made me convinced that powers that I do not fully understand were at work that day.

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