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Your True Tales
January 2008
- Page 14

Missing Time in the Willamette Valley
by Ellie

It was about 1978 when we were living in the Willamette Valley in the state of Oregon. I was a high school drop out with two little toddlers and a husband who took over in the evening while I drove to town to attend GED classes. One evening as I returned home after class, my husband asked what had taken me so long. He was agitated at me for being so late. I never thought anything of it, as I believed I got home at the usual time. I replied, "I left soon as the class was over."

This incident has bothered me over the years. I wasn't late, was I? It didn't add up. It wasn't until a few years ago that I had pieced it together. It was during this same short period in my life another incident happened, and today I believe they are connected.

I can remember one night just out of town, I was driving home from my GED class and I saw three steady white lights in a triangle formation floating just barely over the treetops. There was a turnoff close by on the right, and last I can remember, I was "considering" pulling over and watching it, as it didn't look like an airplane. I don't know if I pulled off the road or not. I have no memory after that. My next memory was of my husband asking what took me so long to get home. And I am puzzled by the fact that I didn't realize something was wrong. Why I didn't question it. Why I wasn't alarmed by the missing time.

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