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Your True Tales
July 2004
Page 8

Haunted Table
by GameboyRMH

I was just reading "The Walking Ouija Table" from the '99 True Tales and it reminded me of a story my dad told me.

I live in Barbados and a lot of my dad's family does. Whenever we passed a little blue wooden house called Clydesdale in Belleville, St. Michael, my dad points it out as a super-haunted house where his grandfather lived and had a chiropractor practice. He tells me that there was a dark little room in the back with a painting of an old-fashioned horse-drawn hearse on the wall and a little three-legged table. Every night without fail, the house got very cold and some very creepy stuff would happen. You would hear a loud shaking noise at night, and in the morning the little table would be in a different place. If you were in the room, you'd hear the sound of galloping horses as if they were right there in the room with you.

My great-grandfather got tired of this moving table and tried putting it upside down, but it still shook violently. Apparently, the previous owners of the house were practicing Ouija on the table, and my great-grandfather eventually burned the table. In 2002, the house was demolished and a new house was built in its place and I think people live there now. My dad says the land was probably haunted and not the house on account of the galloping noises. I can tell you I wouldn't buy that house if it was the last one on earth!

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