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Your True Tales
July 2008
- Page 4

Healing Light Being
by Robert O'Hop

From a early age, I've had a sharp pain from time to time on my left side, sometimes intense. I have never seen a doctor; I just lived with it. At the time, I was living in Tucson, Arizona, in a small apartment. I was really tired after work and went to lie down. It was about 1:00 a.m.

I was lying on my back and just about the time I was going to fall asleep, I felt a (tap) on my left side where the sharp pain reoccurs. I opened my eyes without moving, and the room had a glow to it. I turned my head to the right, and there standing against the wall was this figure, about six foot tall, glowing with this brilliant bright white light. I couldn't see any features, just the outline of an... angel... spirit... I don't know. I just stared at it for about two or three minutes and it flowed out of the doorway.

When it was out of the room, I could still see a glowing light shining in the doorway, so I didn't move. Then the room went dark and I knew it was gone. Slowly, I got up and peeked around the corner. The next room was now dark. I thought, "Where did it go?" I checked the front door; it was still locked. I even checked the sliding window to make sure it was locked. The being was gone. Somehow, it just vanished.

I got the chills and lay in bed, (surprisingly) hoping I would see it again, but I haven't seen it since. But I swear, I've never had that pain again.

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