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Paranormal Story Archives
June 2001
– Page 14

Ghosts in the Bookstore
by Mary S.

After Thanksgiving Day, my sister and I went Christmas shopping at Valley Forge Mall. On the way back to her house (she lives in an old section of Exton), we stopped at a very old used book store we had admired for a long time. It was an extremely cold, but also very brilliant winter day. We walked around the bookstore examining different articles and were about to leave the store. I was reading some calling cards standing next to the exit door when a very cold blast of cold air caught my attention. I looked up and saw a man guiding a woman through the door. They were dressed in beautiful period costumes and were gliding through the door. My sister said, "Nice costumes" and gave them the thumbs up. The light was just blinding. We then left and when we went through the door, the man and woman were gone which I thought was surprising. I thought we would see them getting into a car. I asked my sister where did they go? She said they drove off in their buggy. I just looked at her because it was so so cold. About 25 degrees. Too cold for a horse to stand around. We started talking about something else and forgot the incident.

A few months later, I was reading a book about how we encounter ghosts when we least expect them. The store people returned to my mind and I became convinced we had seen ghosts. This past weekend I brought up this incident to her. She admitted the people disappeared very suddenly and there was no place for them to vanish from sight so rapidly. She saw their faces and said they were very pale. We got to laughing because she treated them so casually. This all happened about 2:30 in the afternoon. Believe or not, we went antiquing this weekend and yes, she saw another ghost in the antique store. A shadow on the floor where there was no one. This store is about 120 years old. Spooky.

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