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Your True Tales
June 2003
Page 12

Mystery Dimes
by Dorothy

May 15, 2003 was an auspicious day for me and my fiancé, and not just because of the total lunar eclipse. We had both been going through some rough times lately - he, with the custody arrangements for his two children by a previous marriage, and me, with a troubling medical condition. He was extremely depressed and upset yesterday, and so was I.

After driving one of our colleagues to her job, we parked our car in the alley behind the building where we both do volunteer work. It's also the smoking lounge. About an hour went by between the time I parked the car and the time I went outside the building for a cigarette break. I noticed two bright shiny dimes sitting squarely in the middle of our car seats. This was puzzling, because I distinctly remember having only quarters for the parking meter, in case the alley was too full to park there. The people we work with are quite impoverished economically, so the thought that one of our colleagues put them there (or would even leave them there if they saw them) was quickly ruled out. I had seen the psychic, Sylvia Browne, counsel somebody on "The Montel Williams Show" about finding dimes coming out of nowhere while she was showering... that it was the spirit of our loved ones telling us they're still around and watching over us... basically reassurance that everything's going to be okay.

I quickly went to find my fiancé and told him about the dimes. I gave one to him and kept one for myself. I explained the significance of these dimes, according to what I had seen on the TV show. Later, after I was home and had had a nap, I looked up "paranormal dimes" on the Internet, and came across a few stories about dimes appearing out of nowhere. As I read through the posts, I saw that one person had noticed the year stamped on his found dime was his birth year. Curious, I pulled out my "mystery dime" and saw it was the year my fiance's mother (and my best friend - long story) had died. My fiancé was still sleeping, so I waited until he woke up. I said, "I suppose that dime I gave you is just one of a bunch of dimes by now in your pocket, huh?" He replied: "No, it's the only dime in my pocket - I didn't have any dimes until you gave me one." So I asked him to pull it out and read the year stamped on it: It was also the very same year as his mother's death. I was stunned, to say the least - but really not surprised anymore.

When she died, it was suddenly from cancer - nobody expected her to go so fast. But she wouldn't have wanted us to mourn her passing, as full of the zest for life as she was. Both my fiancé and I have had trouble really mourning for her, because we both felt that she was somehow still around us all the time. Now we have a 20-cent confirmation of that feeling!

P.S. Before finding the two mystery dimes in the car, I had noticed several dimes in odd places for the last few weeks, but didn't consider them, because change is known to be on tables, etc. from time to time around our home. These were instances of lone dimes - no pennies and nickels and quarters with them - just a dime. Now if his mom could just start placing Sacagewea dollars!

- Here's another case of "Dimes from Heaven" - S.W.

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