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Your True Tales
June 2005
Story of the Month

Time Warp to the Future
by TNT

On one late mid-Michigan summer afternoon back in the late '80s, a friend of mine and I were exchanging weird, odd and bizarre stories that we either experienced or were told by other people. The final tale of the afternoon trumped every strange thing that I had ever experienced and still plagues my mind with fear and curiosity.

My friend started by asking, "You've met my next door neighbor before, haven't you?" "Yeah, the seven foot two inch body builder who smokes and drinks a lot." "Yes, him. He and I were talking the same way you and I are -- about the same things. Now I've heard a LOT of B.S. stories before," he added, "but this guy turned white and started shaking like a small dog when he told me his experience."

This is his story from his perspective:

I was stationed at a military base in Oscoda, Michigan in the late '60s. It was close to Thanksgiving and a lot of the men were on leave for the holiday. Five of us were stuck at the base and pretty much had to fend for ourselves. We had a two-day pass for the weekend, but none of us had family in the state. We wanted to spend the weekend outside the base, but really didn't have anything planned.

Friday evening, one of the men had found a "Top Secret" file that was suppose to have been destroyed. We snuck it into the barracks and shared the contents with each other later that evening. Its contents revealed information about a mathematic / scientific genius who developed a formula for tracking and locating existing time warps for historic and futuristic time travel. He warped hundreds of years into the future and came back in the early 1960s completely insane, and was also considered a dangerous threat to humanity as he had returned with a highly advanced state of telekinetic energy. The report also stated that he was being secluded in a remote, isolated 50-square-mile radius of state land in Grayling, Michigan. The parameter had a 15-foot chain link fence going all the way around it. There was also a map of the location.

We all unanimously agreed to investigate the validity of the file by taking a visit to this place the next day. We drove on dirt roads in the forest for hours, traveling a distance of about 40 miles, when we came to what seemed to be a dead end. Upon closer inspection, we realized that the rest of our journey would have to be taken by foot.

We hiked nearly 10 miles as dusk was closing in. As we were about to give up the chase, there it was... the 15-foot-high chain link fence that seemed to go forever. We were both anxious and excited to discover it. We trekked further for another two or three miles on the outer perameter, when we came upon an enclosure that was about 100 yards on the other side of the fence. It appeared to be a small structure made of white painted cinder blocks with a wood-shingled roof. There was a window and a door.

By now, it had gotten so dark that we couldn't tell if the door was open or closed. Four of us were starting to feel very uneasy, and as though there was something watching us from the other side of the window. We saw a pair of red eyes staring back at us. We were about to retreat back to our vehicle, when out of nowhere the only skeptic in our clan decided to scale the fence. As he got 10 feet up, another decided to follow behind him. After the first climber scaled the 15-foot fence, he went to jump to the other side and was suspended in mid-air about 10 feet off the ground for about five seconds and then was flung 300 feet back over, breaking his arm in the process.

We quickly gathered ourselves and ran like hell back to our car. In the distance, we could hear the fence shake violently along with a maddening scream. To this day, I'm afraid of the woods.

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