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Your True Tales
June 2007
- Page 18

Griffith Park Creature
by Lirpa

This event took place in October of 2005. It did not happen to me personally, but to three very close and trustworthy friends who still get frightened to even talk about it. I am writing about it in hopes that perhaps someone saw the same thing or something similar.

All of us went to the bars that night. I left for home and my cousin Nicole went to bed. The three remaining men, Karl, Reggie and my cousin's boyfriend Bryan decided to smoke a cigarette on the balcony. They sat out there for awhile talking and smoking. At around 3 a.m., they heard what sounded like a horse coming down the street. From where the balcony is, you can only see so far up the street. The noise seemed to be coming from up the hills in toward the north. All of the guys joked around about what it could be. There is a horse riding facility in Griffith Park, so they assumed perhaps a horse was loose. It sounded as if it was galloping and coming closer. Finally, it was close enough and they knew as soon as it rounded the corner they would see what it was.

To this day, all three shake when describing it to me. According to them, it was a humanoid of some sort. Its legs were very long as well as its feet and it was talking huge strides as it made its way down the street. Its back was bent back and its neck was very long and was bent forward. They said no human could be bent like this thing was. Its eyes were black, but it did have the whites as well. Its skin was transparent green, and it was wearing nothing but white pants and black shoes. Karl said that it looked like a dead Ziggy Stardust because the hair was bright red.

As soon as they saw it, Reggie let out a tiny gasp and then the thing instinctively looked at them and squinted. They said that it was so dark they couldn't imagine that a human could hear a tiny gasp and then immediately locate the sound. This thing did, however. It never stopped moving, and once it was past the driveway and viewpoint of the men, the clomping noise abruptly stopped. Reggie feared that perhaps it had scaled the apartment building and was now on the roof.

I asked all three men to draw it for me in separate rooms. Their drawings were all eerily similar. Karl thinks it is a ghost from the seventies that perhaps was killed in the park. Bryan said he is sure it was a "creature." Reggie said that in the Philippines they would have called it a "spectre." They said that they sensed it was hunting something and that it wanted no part of them. They all agreed that it was after something, but not them. They also said that they felt like they were not supposed to have seen it.

I have been all over the Internet trying to find if anyone has heard of something similar. For one, all of the men said that they weren't sure how this creature or ghost could have made such a loud horse clomping noise. None of them could agree on its feet; Bryan didn't remember what they looked like, nor did Reggie, and Karl said they were black boots. Is it possible they were hooves? Karl is one of the largest and toughest men I know. At 6'3" and 300 lbs, he isn't the type to be easily frightened. I was surprised when I asked him, "Do you think if it had wanted to it could have hurt you?" and he said, "That thing could have f****d us all up!"

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