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Your True Tales
March 2006
Page 10

The Old Troll
by Skittles

I have always been really into the paranormal. You know, ghosts, witches, freaky stuff. But last Thanksgiving was one I would never forget.

My family and I were buying a summer home in Maine. My mom also said people could rent it while we weren't using it, so we could make a bit of extra money. My cousin is into supernatural too. So, even though we were just 10, we were looking for fairies and borrowers, just for the heck of it. We were just innocently playing our game when I nearly fainted when I saw a purple spool of thread in a vent in one of the homes me and my parents were looking at with us. We told our grandmother. Instead of smiling and patting our heads like she didn't believe us, she grinned. I don't know, but I think she believed us. At least she didn't say, "Awwwwwww... that's sooooooo cute!"

We went to the next house with the realtor. My cousin and I saw a green string attached to a doorknob. I remembered that technique was used to keep witches away. We went outside to the backyard of the house with my grandma. There was a tiny frozen stream out there, too. I was looking in the wood piles for salamanders when my cousin yelled, "Look at that!" I rushed over and looked where she was pointing. There I saw a frog-like creature. It was a sickly yellow-green and had what looked like grass growing out of its back!

Soon we left. My mom, dad, aunt and uncle went to have a meeting with the realtor, leaving me and my cousin and my grandmother at her house. My cousin and I decided to go out back and play. I decided that my cousin and I should keep looking for fairies. While my cousin went in to get our "fairy research equipment," I stayed outside to keep looking for fairies. I hid behind a tree to keep a lookout. I heard a couple a branches break. I peeked out from behind the tree and there was a gigantic troll! It was brownish-yellow, like dead grass and had long matted black hair. Its nose looked like a gnarled branch. Animal hides that were poorly sewed together were made into rugged pants and a shabby cape. It looked about 300 years old with deep baggy wrinkles and shackles on its wrists – yes, shackles! I think maybe people back in the medieval times captured it and it broke loose. But I didn't want to find out. I ran inside to my grandmother and cousin and told them everything.

"We have to find out more about them. It's not a game anymore," I said. My cousin agreed, and from that day forth our lives have been plagued by the fairy world.

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