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Paranormal Story Archives
November 2000

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Coolest Story of the Month

Time Slip to 1954 by Nick V.
Slightly over three years ago, a friend and I had a most unusual experience. It was late August in '97. My friend Larry and I got together in Cambridge, Mass. around noon to play some lunch-time tennis. We had never played in this particular part of town before, so we drove around looking for some courts. I drove up to a policeman who was directing traffic around a small construction site on a side street and asked him where the nearest courts were. He thought for a moment then gave us clear instructions to courts only about two blocks away. Following his instructions, I took a right into a driveway. Sure enough, right in front of us were the tennis courts. All three courts were occupied. It struck us both as odd that everyone was dressed in white. We both noticed a very attractive, young lady wearing a white tennis dress in the far right court as she was preparing to address the serve. Still looking at the courts, we decided to wait for one to come free. I pulled my car into a small parking lot directly on my right hand side. When we got out of the car everything we had been looking at was gone! The tennis courts were no longer there. A small field on the left was gone. Instead, there was a cement building that we did not see when we pulled in. It was as if we were somewhere else. Strangely, neither of us was particularly baffled at that moment. I felt very annoyed for some reason. We both agreed that what we had just observed was "too weird" and we went off to play tennis somewhere else. It was only while thinking about it later that we spoke about it. Afterward, I did some research into the area. Indeed, at one time there were tennis courts there - but they were torn down in 1954! Did we travel back in time? We have no doubt about what we experienced. I sometimes wonder: Did the tennis players also see us? I may never have an answer. 

For being selected as the "Coolest Story of the Month," Nick V. is receiving a free copy of Celtic Mysteries in New England, courtesy Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383.

My First Ghost Sighting by BJB
My first visit with a ghost did not really seem scary at all, when I think back on it. I was playing in a garden area shared by my family and the neighbors. Ed, the master of the house next door, approached me and began a conversation. I was surprised to see him as I had been told he had "left" - my parents delicate way of stating that he had died. He was dressed in a white shirt, dress pants and a straw hat - his Sunday best. I said hi to Ed and expressed concern as to the length of time since our last visit. He seemed bothered that he could no longer walk the path between our farms, something he had always done while alive. He said he didn't know when he would be back to do that as his farm was a lot bigger now. I told him that if he wanted that I would do that for him. He seemed pleased. So early next morning I started a task I expected to last forever. At week's end, my parents questioned me as to what I was doing. When I told them the story, I don't think my dad believed me.

The Visitor by Deb D.
Between 1981 and 1983 I was living in a small apartment with my newlywed husband. The bedroom was furnished with a bedroom suite that belonged to my great-grandmother. My husband was a night owl and I had to get to work early the next day, so I went to bed without him. I have always had a difficult time falling asleep. It's normal for me to toss, turn and twitch for up to half an hour before dropping off. I mention this because I want you to know I was not asleep at this time. I turned over in bed, opened my eyes and saw an old man - really ancient - dressed in some kind of a white robe, standing in the corner of my bedroom. He didn't speak, but smiled at me, raised his hand and pointed to the door of the bedroom. Taking that as an indication for action on my part, I proceeded to run. I ran out of the bedroom, down the hallway and was headed for the front door. My husband caught me. I hit his outstretched arm so hard my feet flew out in front of me and I landed on my rump in the middle of the living room. The final part of this story comes years later. I was at an aunt's house and she was showing me pictures of the family. She was unaware of what happened at my apartment. She asked if I would like to see a picture of my great-grandmother (the woman who owned the bedroom suite) and her brother. The brother in the picture was the man I saw in my bedroom! I have no desire to repeat the experience, but I often wonder what would have happened if I had recognized him and spoke to him. I have never felt threatened by the incident, just startled. I think maybe he may have been trying to tell me something. Since that marriage turned out to be disastrous and ended in a messy divorce, perhaps that was it.

Haunted by My Still-Living Grandma? by Michael F.
It was October, 1986. I had just been discharged from the US Marine Corps. I had been stationed in 29 Palms, California and decided to stay there after my discharge because I grew to love the desert. I rented a small house in the middle of the desert about five miles from the main town of 29 Palms. My only neighbor was a motorcycle mechanic who lived about 200 yards south of me. Other than him and his wife and two very young children, I had no neighbors within a mile. Now mind you, while in the Marines, I was an infantry marine. I had been sent to a lot of special schools that only those who excelled were sent to. I was solid in my skills of survival and combat techniques. I was also a member of the base wrestling team, a brown belt in ishi kaikan karate, and a trainer in "taking out enemy guards." I had no fears. The story really starts after I got a call from my mom telling me that my grandmother had cancer and was dying, but was comatose at that time. I had only met her twice in my life, so I was not feeling very bad about her cancer. I did, however, feel bad for my mom. One night my television continued to turn itself off. I would turn it back on, only for it to go off a few minutes later. I thought to myself that it was time for a new TV, and left it at that. That same night, my oven door kept falling open. Once again, I discounted this as hinges coming loose. This continued for about three or four days with the TV and the oven door. Then weirder things began to happen. I had a wood pile for my woodburning stove located on the north side of the house. One night, after tiring of the TV shutting off, I went to bed. I turned out the lights and closed my eyes. Within a minute I heard wood being chopped from my woodpile. I didn't know what to think, so still having the Marine in me, I grabbed an old entrenching tool (a very small shovel with serrated edges on one side), kept the lights off and went to my back patio doors to see who was messing with my wood pile. As soon as I opened the doors, the chopping sound stopped. I walked outside and examined the entire area. I saw nothing, nor had any wood been chopped. I went back inside and got back into bed. Once again, as soon as I closed my eyes the chopping sound started. This continued on for about two weeks. I am not easily scared, but this was starting to get to me. I had and still have no clue as to what would've made these chopping sounds. Then after about two weeks of this continued chopping throughout the night, I lay in bed, not wanting to close my eyes, when I felt a hand run across my forehead and through my hair. I jumped up and turned on the lights, but did not see anything. For the next two days, the chopping continued and I would continually feel a hand moving across my forehead through my hair, or a hand on my shoulder. By this time I was scared out of my wits. I stayed up for approximately the next week all night long with the lights on and either my Marine Corps K-Bar (fighting knife) or my entrenching tool close by. When I was out of bed with the lights on, there was no chopping sound coming from my woodpile, nor would I feel the hand touching me. It was then that I got a call from my mom telling me that my grandma had finally died. After this news, the TV stopped turning itself off, the oven door no longer flew open and the woodpile noise ceased along with any "touching hands." I have no explanation for what happened. I finally confessed to my mom about what happened and after some thought she told me that it could've been my grandma reaching out to anybody from her comatose state. She said that she was raised in Alaska during the depression, which I already knew. She said that it was an everyday thing to chop wood for the fire, and being without a father, my grandmother did it all the time. The stove door during that time was often opened to generate heat within the cabin they lived in. The hands could've been my grandma trying to reach somebody in the present from her comatose state. No explanation for the TV as they never had one. I don't know if any of this can relate to the paranormal, but it is still a mystery to me.

Angel Encounter by Kathy D.
On the Morning of March 31, 1987, around 3:00 a.m., as I slept alone in my apartment, I was aroused by three very gentle tugs of my bed covers by the foot area of the bed. I had my bed covers up around my neck, which is always how I sleep. I did not awaken, but was aware of something. I guess I fell back to sleep, but the same three gentle tugs came again. I again was aroused, but again did not open my eyes. The third time the tugging happened, I was aroused enough to turn around to my right, and open my eyes. What I saw was a most beautiful man standing, now away from my bed, by the side of my bedroom wall. A white light surrounded him from head to foot. All I could see of his skin were his hands and face, which were a dark bronze color. He was not looking at or facing me now, but was facing my open living room door. As I stared at him, I took in his garment. He was wearing the most beautiful long white robe. He had a sash around his waist of the same color, but about six inches high. The white robe was a color white that I remember as so beautiful that I had never seen such a beautiful cloth before. He had a white turban wrapped around his head, which covered all hair. He stood very straight and his arms were straight down by his side. What a beautiful face he had. He had to have been almost eight feet tall. I say that because my ceilings in that apartment were at least that high, and he almost reached the ceiling. He said, "Do not be afraid. It is the voice of God. Read Isaiah, man of the patient realm." At this point, I do not know how he got from the wall to the side of my bed, but somehow he was right there. He reached out his mighty arms as he bent over coming down, as if he were going to pick me up - which is exactly what he did. All of a sudden, I was cradled in his arms, but I now felt as if I was just a little baby, cradled in the arms of her mother, wrapped in a warm blanket. Then I heard a noise that sounded like a whizzing sound, and we were moving in that sound. Then we were standing on a very rich and beautiful earth, which somehow I could seem to feel with what seemed now to be bare feet. We were in what seemed like a marketplace of some kind. There were others walking around like him, in the same white robes; some were alone and some were walking in twos. We were facing a booth, which resembled a booth at a carnival. Inside the booth were three rows high of large hand-crafted vessels. He then said to me, standing on my right side, "Choose something." I said, "I don't have any money." He answered, "You don't need money here. Everything is free." At this point I remember hearing that same whizzing sound and we again seemed to be moving at a great speed. Now we were again standing by the same side of my bed. He very slowly began to lean over, with me in his arms, again feeling like a child cradled in a warm blanket. He leaned over and carefully and very gently placed me back into my body. I could now feel my body in the bed, and he was gone. I thought about it for a while, because it all happened so fast. Realizing that something happened, I got up out of bed and turned on a nightlight to write down "Isaiah, man of the patient realm." For the next few days I read the book of Isaiah. I found out that God is real, and that he heard all my cries for help and proof that he was indeed there.

Unexplained Vision by Lowes
My friends and I were having a sleepover. At around 12, we decided that we wanted to do a séance. This was around the time when Princess Diana had died and no one knew what had happened, so we decided to call upon her spirit. We had never done this before. We all held hands and my friend Brittany started to talk: "We are gathered here tonight to call upon the spirit of Princess Diana. Princess, if you are here, tell us your story." After about 15 seconds, Brittany all of a sudden screamed "No" and started crying. We were trying to make her stop, but she just wouldn't. About half an hour later she fainted. We got her back after 15 minutes, and we asked her if she remembered anything. She asked us where we were. We told her about the "no" thing, and she said she didn't remember at all. We still don't know what she saw that made her cry out like that, and I know we never will.

Strange Orange Light by Jim C.
While at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in April of 1981, I was awakened by one of my men who was on guard duty. He came running up the steps of our barracks screaming for everyone to wake up. I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 3:30 a.m., so I jumped out of my bunk and ran toward his voice. When I got to him he was scared, shaking and so out of breath I could not understand what he was trying to say. He pointed at the window and said, "What's that?" I turned and looked to see what was so terrible that it could be seen out of the second-floor window. By this time everyone was looking out the windows. A bright orange light was glowing on the horizon. It was so bright that you could see as if it were daylight. The light kept coming toward us until it was everywhere - as far as the eye could see in every direction. It was as bright as the afternoon on a sunny day, but everything had an orange glow about it, including us. It passed over us within seconds. As it passed over we could see the darkness closing in behind it. The next day, every enlisted person on the base was talking about it. When we asked our drill sergeants about it, they said they never saw anything, and told us we never saw anything either, and not to bring it up again. We never got an explanation about what had happened. As far as I know there were no injuries or side effects due to what ever it was. If anyone knows what it was, please post it on this site.

The Writing on the Wall by Ilana W.
About two years ago, my friends and I went on a camping trip in the woods. We arrived at the site at about midnight, due to traffic, and were too lazy to start setting up our tents. We decided to rent one of the nearby cabins for the night and went to bed. When we woke up in the morning, there was all this strange, tiny writing all over the walls. We assumed it was some kind of Indian-style wallpaper that we didn't notice in the dark the night before, but when I went to brush my hair in the mirror, I realized that the writing spelled "Help Me!" backward on the walls. It really scared us and we obviously decided to just go home that night, but I will never forget that trip.

The Bald Ghost by Martin H.
I had a paranormal experience when I was in Grade 6 at an old house I used to live in. It was a sunny day and I was just coming home from school. I entered the door and it was very dark inside. I took a shower. When I finished, I slid my shower door a quarter of the way open. I peered through the hallway and saw a bald man peeping at me from my parents' bedroom. I first thought that it was my brother, but I couldn't see the face clearly. The figure had his hands across the wall and was looking straight toward me. I began to feel a little breeze of icy wind. I moved toward the figure and it disappeared. I went to look behind the door of my parents' room and there was nobody there. I began to feel really freaked! As I slowly moved away from it, I heard my brother coming home from work. I told him everything, and I also told my parents. They said that an old man died here in a car crash outside his house. That spooked me real bad because they also said that the old man had a bald head!

The Day it Snowed Caterpillars by Jeanannd
When I was a teen living on my mother's and step father's acreage, there was a strange snow storm one year. There was a lot of invading, non-native thistle growing all over not only their 20 acres, but all over eastern Colorado. This invading thistle still presents a problem, but not in certain areas of Colorado, and not on my parents' acreage. One year we had a strange spring snow. I say strange because all over the snow there were strange-looking caterpillars. I never found out what type they were, but they were only on the snow that melted quickly. My stepfather had been telling us we would have to kill the invading thistle and then this strange snow that was loaded with caterpillars. His theory was that a wind must have somehow picked them up and they then came out and down with the snow. However it came about, it was great for me. I didn't have to dig out all the invading thistle plants. That non-native thistle plant was attacked by the caterpillars the snow brought! They ate every last one on our 20 acres and surrounding acreages.

Death Dreams by Amanda B.
During the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in high school, my best friend, a fellow classmate, and several friends of mine died. The really scary part of it all is that I dreamed of each death about two weeks or so before it actually happened. The dreams weren't very accurate with the means of death, but just the same the person died. Also, one day when I was in school, about lunch time, this feeling of incredible fear just washed over me, and my cousin Brett's face kept jumping into my head. Later that night my aunt called to let us know that Brett had been in a car accident coming home from school for lunch. The car was totaled, but fortunately he was okay! I've had other prophetic dreams and premonitions, though none as frightening as the death ones. It really scares me, too, because I had a dream a couple of months ago that my oldest brother and his girlfriend came to my house at 3 in the morning and woke me up by pounding on the door. When I opened the door, my brother just said, "We have to go home, it's dad." So far nothing has happened to my dad, but it still bothers me given my past history of death dreams.

Past Life as a Foreign Man by Athenia
I did not come to the conclusion of having had a past life all at once. I remember having consciousness and reason before I was born. When I was born, I remember having very mature thoughts and feelings of anger, upset that I was being moved about so much. The most obvious thing, among everything else, was that I had the thoughts and feelings of a man. As I grew older, however, my "feminine" personality won over. But I remember having a strange dream one night: I was a little boy with short black hair in another country. I was perhaps six or seven and I was on a farm. I stood at the end of the field and someone called me. I understood the language and I ran back toward the house, between the crops, and then I woke up. About a year later I had the strangest experience. As I sat watching television, I began to hear a low sound. I paid it no mind, thinking it was outside. But then it began to grow louder and louder and I began to panic. I felt like I was paralyzed and I couldn't move. I could still hear the television, but the other sound became deafening and my vision of the room I was in vanished. I could still hear the television, but suddenly I found myself on a dirt road between very tall green trees with a beautiful bright sky and cool air. Then the television sound died out all together. I then realized the sound was that of a flock of birds being frightened off from the trees and then that died down too. I was a man in this place, and although it was very beautiful here, I had a feeling of terror. I knew someone had been murdered and their body dumped here. And I knew even then I was already dead. I was already dead and the body that had been dumped there was my own. I walked forward two steps and saw a carved piece of ivory, protruding from beneath some leaves in the bushes. I looked closer and saw that it was sections of ivory pieced together to form a sort of cylinder shape with a pointed end at the very top. When I noticed this I felt that it had belonged to a larger structure that had become somewhat overgrown or merely that part had fallen away. Suddenly I heard the television again and I found myself in the room once more. I watched the television for a few seconds and then I had another vision. I was no longer in the room again. This time I was in the landing of a winding staircase in a home. I was the same man again but this time I was still alive. I stood against the wall in apprehension as a group of people talked and laughed casually as they walked down the stairs and passed me. I was supposed to go up the stairs. There was someone upstairs that I was terrified of. I could see his face in my mind, a muscular man that was very charismatic, and yet for some reason filled me with fear. I was so afraid I found it difficult to move. Somehow I knew that the moment I walked upstairs I would be killed. I was on the verge of tears. This was his house, and I lived here, too. I don't know why he held such a power over me. And then I stepped forward and began walking upstairs very slowly, trying to delay the ascent as much as I could. I was so afraid that suddenly I found myself in my room again. Most recently, my boyfriend and I went to a potluck dinner, and I had some Bacardi to socialize. I drank about a glass and then my boyfriend said I told him I couldn't concentrate. He and the hostess took me to a bedroom where he said I fainted immediately and stopped breathing. He said he was slapping my face and I wouldn't respond. I have a vague memory of seeing his face above me asking me to breathe but unable to do so. He performed mouth to mouth and I began to breathe again. He then said I began talking in a different language. He thought it was Spanish because that is my first language. But I knew it wasn't Spanish. He repeated some things back to me and I told him that wasn't Spanish. Several times after that date I woke up from dreams saying things in a language I didn't recognize. I had an understanding of what I was saying - the message I was giving - but the sounds, the sentences I used mean nothing to me. In my recollections I was a man, slender with straight black hair that reached just beyond my shoulders. I had fair skin, brown eyes and still somewhat adolescent features. 

Can See the Dead by Yan G.
I've been interested in ghosts/spirits and other paranormal activities for years. My mother was (and still is) very spiritual. For some time now, I seem to be able to receive or detect these "ghosts" to the point where I can technically communicate with them. This started when I was about 10. For years I thought it was just a very good imagination mixed with a boring life which resulted in some kind of hallucination. I would get a feeling like a very mild burning sensation to my face in very precise spots on my forehead, usually "pointing" toward where the ghosts should be. I do not see things, I feel them. I am able to follow their movements and get a picture of what they look like. The day came where this took on a whole new meaning for me. One day I was in a bookstore with my mom. I saw something in there - a women dressed in white with long black hair. I just kept on walking. She was obviously happy and smiling and had nothing to say to me. I walked toward the counter where my mom was talking to the owners. The man looked at me and said, "You saw someone, didn't you? A women in white, I bet." I was kind of shocked, but at the same time wanted to know more. I just replied, "Yeah... errrrrrrr." And he just said, "Yeah, she's been there for as long as we have been here, and over here is her friend..." He was pointing to the back of the store where he invited me. I walked in and he asked what I saw: a man also wearing only white clothes. I told him this and he just smiled, explaining how he felt they were looking over the store. That's where my years of hallucinations turned into years of seeing the dead. 

Foresaw an Accident by Donna C.
I was up early on a Saturday morning because my then 12-year-old daughter was going to be having a party that afternoon. As I was picturing our yard to plan a treasure hunt, I immediately "knew" that my daughter would fall down the steps beside the house and hurt her foot. It was a feeling that was unexplainable - I just had a knowing feeling that it would happen. I made a mental note to watch her carefully and not let her out of my sight. About noon, as the guests were arriving, I was watching her in our dining room, then I went to take pizza out of the oven when I heard the door slam and heard her crying. Yes - she had gone outside while I was in the kitchen, fallen on the steps and she broke a bone in her foot. She was in cast for weeks. Strange, but true - and I don't even believe in the paranormal.

Lived with a Poltergeist by bor-con
I had what I can only call a poltergeist living with me for several months in 1977. The thing manifested as a shadow standing in front of my windows at night, produced smoke that did not burn the lungs, rocked in my rocking chair and slept in the bed with me. It often walked up and down the hall, stopping next to my bed and sighing loudly. Attempts to eject it from my home were unsuccessful until shortly before I moved. At that point, it moved down the hill to my friend's home, where it often opened and slammed the cupboard doors and caused a storage closet to remain as cold as a refrigerator. Even the dog was terrified. My friend also moved, and the whereabouts of the creature became a mystery.

Dangerous Black Cloud by Nor8486
About a year ago I was messing with my sword. I had been in martial arts for two years. I was alone at home and was training for a upcoming tournament. I was in my living room when I had a great feeling of anger come over me. I was enraged, and by force - not of my own my hand - moved toward my sword. I rammed my sword in my chest! I told my parents every thing - except one thing. When I was falling to the ground, I saw a black cloud go through the wall. I try every now and then to try and figure it out, but no answers. And every once and a while I feel like something is watching me.

Weird Black Thing by CraigOfAllTrades
I usually walk to school (11th grade) in the morning, and the path I take is not the biggest paranormal hub in the world. A few weeks ago, however, I had the first otherworldly experience of my life. It was about 7:10 a.m. in Erlanger, Ky. and I was about 300 feet from my house. It is a street with several homes, so I usually don't pay attention to my surroundings, but that day something was weird. I had a feeling of fear and paranoia. Something caught my eye when this tension was at its peak. In a tree across the street from me there was a tall creature standing on a fairly high branch. It looked a lot like a very skinny man, but it was completely pitch black from what I could tell. Its face had only two little red slits that I think were eyes. No mouth or nose or ears. It was hunched over. One hand held the main section of the tree and the other held the creature's foot. It was staring at me. I was paralyzed with fear and just stared at the creature. After a couple of minutes, I got up the courage to move again and I shakingly continued to school. A really odd thing is that I had a weird feeling on my chest for the next two days. It kind of felt like mineral ice. Anyway, I wrote to this sight because I need to tell someone. I wouldn't think anyone at this site would call me a liar or a madman.

Hotel Ghosts by Monte N.
My wife MaryAnn and I live on Vancouver Island and come to the city once in a while for a concert. We had an odd experiences on October 2, 2000, at 1:30 a.m. in the Penthouse Suite at the Century Plaza in downtown Vancouver. We had a drink in the hotel lounge and then retired to our room. We were hungry, so I phoned out for a pizza to be delivered. MaryAnn was lying in bed as I sat on the couch having a glass of wine, while waiting for a pizza deliveryman. Apparently, at this time she saw something that she didn't mention to me until a week later. Here's what my wife told me: "Kitty-corner in the hotel room was a woman standing in a long white dress. An apron covered most of the dress. She also had a maid's hair band on the front part of her head, above her rolled-up bangs. She had been standing there for quite some time before I realized she was in the room. She did not move, but stood looking over at me. As I was looking at her, a man proceeded to walk in front of the bed, rather fast-paced, in a black tux jacket with tails and white shirt. He seemed to be carrying something like a small silver tray and was walking in a beeline. Just as I was wondering if I was really seeing this, or had if I fallen asleep and was dreaming, I realized my eyes were open. As I became more aware of the man, he turned his head in my direction, and then disappeared behind a large post by the stairs to the entrance. I became intrigued with where he went. My eyes started to wander around the post and I wondered if he would appear on the other side, but he was gone. While all this was going on, the women was still standing in the same spot. She took awhile to disappear. She seemed to be surrounded in a sort of glow. I remember lying in bed quite mesmerized by the tie on her apron being very starched and perfect."

Dead Brother Helps Out by CB W.
My father died when I was a year old and my brother died recently. I am an orphan. For as long as I can remember, my father always counseled me when I had problems. I've always mentally communicated with my father for his thoughts. One day I had a really painful decision to make, so I took a walk around campus while holding his hand to discuss the problem. I instinctively dropped my father's hand when a friend, in passing, asked me who it was that I was talking to. I was so surprised at her question I didn't think to ask her if she saw him or how she even knew I was communicating with someone. Recently, my brother passed away. I couldn't sleep for three nights. On the third night a beautiful light enveloped me and I fell asleep immediately. I assumed it was my brother telling me everything was okay. When I went to his apartment the next day, I had to locate papers concerning his military service for burial purposes. I couldn't find them, try as I might. Fortunately, without the papers he was given a military burial after official phone calls. Later, when I returned to his apartment I was still angry I hadn't found his file. Well, there it was on the kitchen table. And there he was, sitting in his favorite chair with a smug smile on his face. I went to chew him out for putting me through all this trouble and he disappeared. Later, I asked his landlord to check his car for me as the tow truck was going to stop by the following morning to take it to storage and I hadn't found the car registration. He assured me that he had checked very carefully (the visors, the car compartment, the trunk, etc.) and found nothing. The following morning I went to his apartment to wait for the tow truck and decided to check the car again. I opened the driver's door, and there on the driver's seat were the car registration and insurance papers. Needless to say, the landlord came over to see and freaked out. My brother and I were so mentally bonded I guess he had to give me a last tease as he did in life to leave me loving memories of his shenanigans.

Vision of a Killing by Brandy S.
I was living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I went with some friends of mine and my daughter to an abandoned mine a few miles out of Las Vegas. I don't care for being under ground, but I followed them into the mine. As I walked into the entrance, it was like hitting a brick wall. I couldn't go any farther. After a few seconds I started to understand what had just happened. It was like watching a movie - I got full color, sound and pictures. A man had been killed right where I was standing. I could see him and another man fighting. They were miners. I walked in a little farther and could see men sitting on the ground. They were eating, and the fight was about a woman. The man that died had red hair and the other one had dark hair. It was an accident. This is not the only time I have had this happen. I know I need to use this ability. I just don't know how.

Poltergeist in the House by deyarmond
I have an on-again, off-again poltergeist in my house. I was sleeping on my couch when my radio turned on by itself. I even asked my husband, when he came home from work, if he'd turned it off. He didn't. I got up to check, and it was off. This house has had odd things happening since we moved in, from day one. On the first night I took a bath here, I could hear movement in the attic space over head. I knew my mother had said she needed to get a box of books down, but I hadn't thought she'd do it while my husband was trying to sleep. The sounds kept getting louder - scraping, dragging sounds, then scrabbling and loud thumps. I grew angry at the thought of my mother up there. Finally, I jumped out of the bath, grabbed a towel and flung open the door, thinking, "How dare she make so much noise when she knows Tony (my husband) has to get up for work." The very first thing my eyes laid on was my mother, asleep on the couch. I looked up to the open attic space right over my head (it's only reached by ladder). I heard what sounded like a soft giggle and that was all. Needless to say, I was a tad freaked. At the front of our house we have a screened porch (as we say here, a "Florida room"). At the time we moved in, we had three cats, which we didn't want going outside, so if we went out the screen door, we'd push this large rock against the frame, so they couldn't pop the door open. After we got the cats fixed, there was no need to keep them in, so therefore, no more use for the rock. Oddly, though, it kept getting placed on the step and pushed in front of the door. At first, we assumed it was a prankster in our neighborhood, a child close by. But it happened at all hours of the day (we've worked all shifts). My mother even stayed up one night on the porch to catch the culprit. I tossed that rock off the porch, into the bushes. I figured it was the "other" mysterious member of our household when one day, I came home from work (no one else was here), opened the screen door, took the two steps to the front door to the house, reached to unlock the door. I turned to close the screen door, it already was, and I pushed the door. The rock was once again braced firmly against the screen door. No one was around, could have come around, nor got that rock without my knowledge, or in the time frame of a few seconds and get away. On a night I had to get some rest, needing to get up early, I was trying to sleep. Every time I would drift off, steps would wake me up. I'd get up, walk around and find nothing. It happened over and over again. I had placed my cats in my bedroom, just to be certain it wasn't them. Once more, I'd drift off, and then tapping would start, and then steps. Once again I'd get up...find nothing. Finally, as I walked into the dining room for the umpteenth time, I just spoke out loud, "Cut it out. I have to get up early. No more jokes. I don't want to play." Yes, I felt odd, but sleep was more important. I guess it worked. There were no more noises other than the usual settlings of the house. I stopped taking nightly baths for a while when I was alone. It seemed that every time I did, a soft tapping would start on the door. I'd get up, open it... nothing there, not even a cat. Occasionally, we'd see a black or gray spot dashing about. I had a black cat and a gray cat, so many times thought it was them. Soon, though, we'd notice it happening when those cats would be outside or not any where nearby. I nearly stepped on this "creature" one day as I walked out of my bedroom. The black mist or form dashed from the bedroom across the hall, straight to me feet, stopping me dead in my tracks, then seemingly through my legs, sending a cool chill up them. 

Grandfather Still Hanging Out by Heather J.
I live in Loveland, Ohio. I live in a mobile home and it all started when we moved in about eight years ago. The first thing was when I was at my friend's house next door and she asked me, "Heather, who is that man leaning on your car? I said, "What man?" She started to explain what the man was wearing and what he looked like. So I ran to the door and the man was gone. So I looked around the house down the street. No man. A few days later, she came over and said, "Oh, by the way, that is the man." She pointed to the picture of the man in the picture and it was my grandfather. I told her no way it can be the man in the picture because he has been dead for 13 years. She freaked out and so did I. If I put anything in front of the picture, it ends across the room. My husband saw this: His pager flew across the room one night and he could not believe it. Decks of cards flew across the room. Noises come from under the floor... and then shadows. I have had someone call my name when no one is there.

Voices, Sightings and now DOP! by Sherrie T.
There are strange happening in my home. I was the first to hear them - the voices. It sounds like a man and a woman talking, but you can never make out what they are saying. The voices only occur in my husband's and my bedroom. Then our animals started noticing "them," which was not apparent to us... until now! I have seen one of "them," like a flash, coming out of my home office and going toward my bedroom. It was about 5'5", smoky white; it did not have a shape. I have seen reflections in my computer screen a couple of times, too. Now, we are experiencing the DOPler effect. The only thing is, none of the objects have returned yet. This is kind of scary, because two of the objects are scissors! They have not been physical or mean, so I hope that this does not change.

Black Thing by Hyghelander
When I was about 15, I had a good friend that I used to do everything with. One night we were preparing to go to Gatlinburg for a ski weekend with his mom. I was spending the night at his house and we were sleeping in his big four-poster bed. At the end of the bed was a large framed window, and immediately outside, less than 20 feet away, was a large street light. The window had wispy lace curtains on it, and you could see right through them. We were talking and having a good time when we noticed a large black "blob" slowly rising up at the bottom of the bed. It was completely gelatinous in form, and solid; it blocked the light. It oozed up and over the edge of the bed and slowly spread out until it was as wide as the bed. We were both petrified and couldn't move. It continued to move up over the bed and we could feel the bed "give" under it's weight. It was at this time that we suddenly could move again and jetted out of the room. We slept in the den that night, and never figured out what that thing was. We were both awake, and the room was fairly well lit and we could see it well. It was black, and completely absorbed the light, like a solid shadow. It was pretty scary.

Accurate Ouija Messages by Linda L.
About 30 years ago, when I was around 17 years old, my friend and I would ask questions on a Ouija board I had. We asked who my girlfriend Rosemary would marry and it told us "Steve." Two years later she was engaged to a Steve and is now married to him. We asked who my friend Laura would marry. Laura was working the Ouija board with me. It said she would marry Michael. About 10 years later Laura got married to a Michael. I asked who I will marry. It gave me a first name and a last name, which I will not reveal. It was a very odd name and did not seem like a name to me at all, so I thought it wasn't answering me. I also asked it when I would be married. It told me in the year 2003. Naturally, since it was then 1970 I thought it was absurd that I wouldn't marry until almost the age of 50. So I dismissed the whole thing as being untrue, until now. I recently thought back on that day and questioned why the Ouija was so accurate about the names of Rosemary's and Laura's husbands and not mine. Then I nearly lost my breath when it occurred to me that the name the Ouija gave me - 30 years ago - was the same as a man I met in night school three years ago. He is foreign so his name did not seem like a real name to me. We have become very close friends in school and still keep in touch. He is currently married, but has expressed unhappiness in his marriage. I bought another Ouija board recently to see if I could tap into that source of information again. Again, I was told that I am to marry that man in 2003. If it is our subconscious that works the Ouija, then we know the future. However, I believe it is spirits that work it. I currently feel that these spirits somehow know what the future holds. However, unfortunately they have not been accurate on the lottery numbers. I was given a lot of information and I am waiting to see if any of it comes true.

Bizarre Hospital Creature by Scotty
I live in a small rural town in central Alabama. When I was 36, my mother became very ill and was hospitalized. She was in a private room and someone had to be with her at night. I fell asleep and was awakened during the early morning hours. When I looked up, I saw a creature above my mothers bed. It was floating in the air. It did not acknowledge me. And I sure did not believe what I was seeing. The creature had ears like that of an owl. They were light pinkish to dark red orange brown. Its ears were like fur and feathers. The eyes were tiny round red and glowing. I saw no wings. Its teeth were sharp like razor blades and was in motion of opening and closing. It was almost like its teeth were going around and around. It was a small creature. The rest of the creature was fuzzy fur, like a dirty dog. It had small claw-like hands that were very small compared to the rest of it. The claw hands were pulled close in its front. But it had hooves for feet. And It had a somewhat long tail that folded across to the front with what looked like an almost spaded ending to it. I closed my eyes. Looked again and it was still there. I am sorry to say I left my mother alone with it and ran into the bathroom. Then I washed my face with cold water and finally got up the nerve to go back out. It was not there. Thank God! And yes, I did pray. I swear that I'm telling the truth.

Séance Reaches Mother by Erica
A family I know lived happily until they came to know that the mother of the family had cancer. On October 14, 1999, she had an unfortunate death. I am very good friends with her daughter, so I came to her house that night and comforted her. A few weeks later, my friend Danielle and I slept over the daughter's house. Her father wasn't home and neither was her brother. I wanted to have a séance. We sat on her bed with candles, which were the color lavender - her mother's favorite color. We put the candles in front of pictures of her mom. There was one picture with the mother and daughter. The daughter started trying to contact her mother - and the candle that was in front of the picture with her and her mom started to flicker excitedly. All of a sudden, the flame started to rise about five inches high and started to flicker even more frantically. Then the dog stared barking while looking at the candle. We were so astonished. Then out of nowhere we saw an image. It was a female-shaped body. We figured it was her mom. I got up and blew out the candle and we just sat there in awe.

Haunted Picture by April M.
Just a few months ago, I took an experienced man in the field of paranormal to a restaurant named "Ashley's." I had seen it on the local news that the place was supposed to be haunted, so when I heard that this man was coming to visit my husband and me, I was very curious as to what he might see. When we were at the restaurant, he asked me how many ghosts are supposed to be there. I read him the story off of the back of the menu describing three ghosts, two male and one female. The back of the menu excluded the little girl that was also supposed to haunt the place, then I mentioned that there was a young girl, and he said, "That's her. Don't just whip around to look, but she's standing in the corner." I waited a few moments and casually glanced over at the corner behind me and saw nothing. Then I asked him what she was doing he said that she was "just standing there, looking around." I was very disappointed, so disappointed that I thought about going to the ladies room where there have been many reports of a ghost, but being the weenie that I am, I didn't want to go because I was the only girl at dinner that evening. Right after we ordered dessert, I noticed that a large painting of a man that was on the wall had changed! When we had come up the tiny stairway to the second floor where we were eating, the man's eyes were staring at the door. Then sometime during our meal, the man's eyes were staring directly into the back of the head of the man that had come to see me. My husband, who was also with us noticed it almost immediately before me and I was just noticing it when he said something about it. I said a few nasty remarks about the man in the picture's eyes, and then moments later it seemed to begin staring at me. The man that we had invited to dinner there made a comment along the lines of "ignore the petty ghost" and it's facial expression changed right along with the eyes which again began to stare at the back of his head! The most convincing part is when we left, the man in the picture watched us go down the stairs and out the door. On our way out, the man that we had invited with us, noticed another presence on the ground floor, watching us leave. 

Ghostly Firestarter by Rachel T.
I just moved into a house in Warren County, NJ. I have always believed in ghosts and I believe there have been ghosts in the houses I have lived in before. This house is different. It is in a very small town and the neighbors always want to find out about the new kid on the block. For background, I was aware that the house had been built before 1900 and there had been a significant fire in the house at some point - there was evidence of that in the attic as several beams are charred. In speaking to the man next door, he told me of an incident that happened when his uncle owned the house I now own. He said a strange thing happened: one of the kitchen appliances had caught fire and done some damage. Appliances can be quirky, so I wrote it off but wondered if that was the fire that caused the damage in the attic. Not possible, I figured because the house is two stories and it would have to be a serious kitchen fire to affect the attic. As I've been staying in the house, I've felt that "I'm not alone" feeling, but nothing scary. I just feel that there is something else in the house. One morning I put the teapot on the stove in the kitchen and went to use the bathroom. Just as I was leaving the bathroom, I heard a funny sound and went into the kitchen to find black smoke and flames coming from the back of the stove's control panel. Apparently it had shorted and caught fire internally. I called the fire department, but fortunately it blew the circuit breaker and put itself out by the time they arrived. Another neighbor - who has been in the area for over 40 years - told me later that day about the fire that had caused the damage to the house. Her girlfriend was living in the house at the time with her pets and children. The kids were outside playing and she went to run an errand. My neighbor was looking after the kids. When the woman arrived home, she found the house ablaze because her dryer had caught fire. The laundry room was an internal room and allowed the fire to spread to the second floor and attic without being noticed. Between the fire and then the water from the fire department, only the outer shell of the house survived. This is all I know right now. I am beginning to conduct my own investigation into the history of the house.

Footsteps on the Ceiling by Scott H.
I was visiting the old mining ghost town (more like city) of Jerome Arizona. It now houses an art colony of sorts and is a popular tourist location. They have two hotels in town, and both claim to be haunted. My girlfriend, two children and I decided to stay at the Daisy Hotel. It recently was remodeled as a hotel being the former miners' hospital during the heydays of the early 1900s.The hotel sits on a hill that overlooks Jerome and the surrounding Verde Valley. After we ate dinner in town and put the kids down, we watched TV and went to bed. Earlier that day, we left a small window open in the bathroom to get air in the small room. I woke up at 3 a.m. for no reason. As I turned over, there came a loud crash. My girlfriend woke and asked me what it was. I didn't have a clue. Maybe pipes? I looked around the room and everything was okay and the kids were still asleep. I lay back down and tried to go back to sleep. About 10 minutes later I heard little pitter-patters across the ceiling above my head. I listened for about five minutes before it stopped. The next morning I went into the bathroom to get ready and I noticed the small window was shut and the glass was cracked. I asked my girlfriend if she shut it and she didn't. The kids are too small to reach it. We both remember it not being broken. I assume that was the "crash." The odd thing about that was it took a lot of effort (years of paint and warp-age) to even get it open, yet it shut with force to crack. I mentioned the window to the lady upon check-out. She said that was odd, that the only reports of anything from the room were tiny footsteps across the ceiling! I almost dropped. That's what I heard! I asked if maybe there was someone staying in the room on the next floor, but we were on the top floor! The owner told me there were several different spirits that stayed there, and they were active during certain times of the year. I guess we were lucky.

Ghost of Young Woman by Coleen C.
When we first moved to our place in May 1996, we knew there was something odd, but things really didn't start happening until about two years ago when we heard doors opening and closing, music from out of nowhere, cold chills through covers on my bed, cold breezes when there was heat in the house, feelings of pressure on my lower limbs upon going to bed, feelings as if someone was pushing me into my pillow as if trying to smother me, footsteps on the basement steps, or outside in our rock bed in front of our house, or on the ramp leading to the front door. Then a young woman made herself known: average height, dark hair, print top, dark skirt swirling around the bottom as if a wind blowing in the house where she was seen.

Mysterious Dark-Haired Man by Lisa
One evening my niece, who lived alone at the time, saw a tall dark-haired man peering at her from her kitchen. He frightened her so that she threw her bedroom door shut and called 911. The police came and found the door locked and no one but my niece in her apartment. She told only her mother. The next night while I was rocking my infant daughter a tall dark young man appeared in my living room. I was paralyzed and couldn't scream. I thought perhaps this burglar thinks we are sleeping and pretended to be asleep, all the while watching him. When he got no response from me he walked across my living room coming within two feet from my rocking chair the disappeared through my locked sliding glass door. The next day I told my mother, who of course had already heard my niece's version that morning. When we compared notes, our descriptions of the tall dark-haired young man matched. We can only summarize that a family member had unfinished business.

Ghost Encounters by tweety-78
Seventeen years ago, there was a girl that lived in this town who was murdered and raped at a bridge called Middlebridge. The bridge has been torn down, but she still comes back every night at 11 p.m. to find the killers. We all went down there too see this. We walked down this two-mile stretch with trees hanging over us in pitch black. All we had were flashlights. We got to the end of the bridge at 10:15. We were cutting up, laughing and so forth. Then the guy that took us there said, "Okay, you did not believe, so be quiet. You'll find out for yourselves." Everything got quiet, then we then it all started happening - little stuff at first. Then it came. We started hearing footsteps and little whispers. Then we heard four big steps. Then we heard a bloody murder scream. I started running - all eight of us did! Then another scream! We all started running faster. The girl behind us said she looked back and saw something in a form, but no one else did. We ran two miles back to our vehicles. We were terrified. 

Spirits in the House by Moe M.
It seems anywhere we move that a spirit or two seems to follow. We recently purchased a new house (well new to us) and we have a few unexplained things happening. First of all, our dog will sit in our daughter's room on her bed and stare into the hallway as if he was mesmerized. Then he will start barking at absolutely nothing. I installed a motion sensor light in the hall and now it keeps going on and off by itself. Just the other day my wife was sleeping in a little and around 8:00 a.m. she woke and was lying on her side in bed and felt the bed sink in next to her backside and asked the dog what he was doing on the bed and when she looked the dog was not there and the dog was downstairs. She quickly got up as she did not want to snuggle with whatever it was.

Real Imaginary Friend by Tania
When I was about two years old, my family had just moved to Bremerton, Wash. There, I had a "friend." My mom never saw my friend, but there was evidence that she was there. We would go to the store and my mom would make sure that my room was clean before we left. When we got back, toys were all over the floor. Every time I told her that Yolanda had done it. She had gotten upset thinking that I had an imaginary friend named Yolanda that I could use as an excuse for whenever I had gotten into trouble. She decided to talk to the neighbors about it and the reaction she got was not what she had expected. The neighbors had told her that a little girl had lived in that house a few years before. The little girl's name was Yolanda. She had gone for a ride with her mother's boyfriend on his motorcycle and they had gotten into an accident and both of them had died. The house was vacated and my parents had eventually rented it. We have since moved away and I never saw Yolanda again. After moving to San Diego, Calif. When I was six years old I had an odd "being" come into my room late at night. It was shaped like a bowling pin, but was black in color and just over three feet tall. I have also seen a ghost at my father-in-law's house. My husband was sitting at his computer, when I looked over from on the bed and I saw a man in his late teens early twenties pointing at the computer screen and what looked like he was showing my husband how to use the computer.

Little Ghost in the House by Croy1
When I was 12 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. When I opened my eyes, I saw a little girl standing in front of me staring at the wall. She wore a dress and had braided hair. She looked somewhat like a girl from the "Little House on the Prairie." Exactly a month after this occurred, I was woken up by a voice calling. I opened my eyes and the little girl had appeared again on the opposite side of my bed same position staring at the wall. I looked at my alarm clock, then looked back to her and she was gone. Does this seem like a figment of my imagination or did I really see something?

Angels in the Clouds by Angelhdhipster
I was living in a small town in Texas. To unwind after work, I would always take a drive out in the country; traveling mostly on back roads. This activity was heightened in the summer months when I could watch the many mighty thunderstorms pass through the area. One evening I was heading west toward the sunset (unsurpassed in Texas) with a weak thunderstorm moving in just north of the setting sun. The two natural phenomena together was such a beautiful sight with such gorgeous deep color that I stopped my car and stepped outside to gain a better view. My attention was at once caught by a gray patch of scud clouds drifting in from the storm that were illuminated by the sun's rays. I could see the forms of a whole host of angels. This was more than a case of vivid imagination. I saw such detail of every angel's face. I could see their profiles and their hair and and their wings. It was as if they were using the cloud vapor to show themselves to me. It was so real. It was not my imagination.

Demon in the Cave by Ragingtrucker
Once I was walking up my hill behind my house. It was a dark night. I love scary journeys - unlike this one. I found a little cave that sat in the east side of my woods. I walked by it and shined my light down in it and saw a skull with long horns! The second I turned to run, I got pushed down the hill - super hard! At the same time I heard a loud echoy voice saying, "Good evening, my friend." I will never be the same.

Mystery Light by D. Hatcher
When I was about 10 years old, my cousin and I were playing hide and seek at our grandmother's house. Wanting to scare each other, we were hiding in the dark where the streetlight couldn't reach. I was walking beside the house in total darkness when about five feet in front of me a round light about the size of a handkerchief suddenly lit up. As I watched, it rose from the grass and began to float or "walk" toward the neighbor's fence. It rose high enough to clear the fence and drifted down into the grass on the other side and the light disappeared. This thing made no noise at all and the next day when I went to look for it, there wasn't a trace of anything. I have no idea what I encountered that night but it scared me to death. The really weird thing about it is my grandfather told me that as a boy he was walking home on a country road one moonlit night. There was high grass on either side of the road and a light about the size of the one I saw, came out of the grass on one side and crossed the road about 20 or 30 feet in front of him and disappeared into the high grass on the other side. He was scared too and I believe he told me that he ran the rest of the way home. I have no idea whether this thing was alive or if it was a machine, I just know I really don't want to cross paths with it again!

The Black Shadow by Mary A.
Since 1983, the year my parents purchased their first home, there have been numerous paranormal activities. One of those is of a black shadow that has been seen running from my parents' room to my brother's room. When you see this shadow, it seems to be acting like it's sneaking from room to room. I sometimes wonder: Who's supposed to be scared - it or us?

Another Werewolf Explanation by Bill D.
I thought you might be interested in this explanation of werewolves. There is a blood pigment disease called porphyria in which some people have more porphyins in their system. These porphyrins cause the distruction of tissue when sunlight hits that individual, so they are photophobic because the sun is painful to them. The disease causes them to be very hairy, and their gums recede to expose long teeth. These long teeth will fluoresce red in the moonlight. Because of the destruction of tissues, they are often stooped, hunchbacked and deformed. Now you think about having a neighbor who was never seen except at night, he was very hirsute, stooped over and deformed, and had long red teeth. Don't you think that would easily start rumors of them being a werewolf?

Weirdest Story of the Month

Hand from the Grave by Laura B.
One bright, sunny morning I went to the cemetery there because I had the startings of an obsession with the Dunbar family. I don't know who these people even are. All their dead relatives seemed to fascinate me; so much that it was important to know the genealogy. This graveyard had a man and wife that somehow I was quite impressed with. I would go there and remove weeds. This one morning I was removing weeds and talking to the headstone when suddenly an arm came out of Capt Robert Dunbar's grave. This man died in 1825, so you can imagine my surprise. What a healthy looking arm! From the elbow to the hand. I didn't scream, just slowly walked backwards and said, "I think I've come here a bit too much." And left. I didn't run at all or freak out. The arm was as real as if physical. I've never seen anything like that before or after. And by the way, I'm a cemeteryologist. It isn't unusual for me to hang out in cemeteries. Seeing an arm is.

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