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Your True Tales
November 2003
Page 25

Strange Marks
by Phil R.

I was living with a girlfriend in southern Ontario, Canada back in 1987 - 1991. We had been asked to accompany some of my work acquaintances for a dinner out on New Years Eve, 1990. After shaving, showering and generally preening, I was looking in the mirror straightening my tie and stared at my reflection in disbelief. My girlfriend also saw what I did. Strange marks had appeared on my forehead in the pattern of a circle and long deeper marks I can only describe as indents. It was as if my forehead was made of plasticine, and somebody had taken a pen cap or nail and scratched something onto my skin. The circle was almost dead center on my head and had what seemed to be dots or very small letters or numbers inside. This circle has only appeared rarely.

The longer "scars" or "scratch like indents" appear still to this day and at random, and I can be anywhere or doing anything. Strangely enough, few people have noticed when they appear, and often when I point this out to those I am close to, they almost instantly vanish, but I do have witnesses. I have tried photographing this phenomena to no avail; it never turns out clearly enough, but I'll keep trying. I don't really feel any different when this occurs, but it does give me the "spooks" at times. I wish I knew what was really happening and why it happens. Perhaps it is some connection to the occult-type dabblers that have passed through my life, that I unwillingly attracted myself being an artist of sorts. I am not against anyone interested in occult, but I feel that perhaps someone is or has taken an offence or disliking to me for some reason. Could it be a spiritual attempt at contacting me somehow?

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