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Your True Tales
November 2004
Page 29

by Jann

During January of 2002, I was awakened at night by my dogs as they barked fiercely outside my bedroom window. I sat up in bed then looked out my window where the outside light was sufficient for my viewing. I was very shocked as to what I saw.

There was a goatman creature walking under my pecan tree while my dogs steadily nipped at its heels. This creature was about seven feet tall and standing upright as a man with slightly curved shoulders, with the horns and hooves of a goat. His hands were slightly curled with some very nasty gray fingernails. His skin was a yellowish-green color with sparse hair all about his body. Its legs and body were that of a man.

I didn't see him straight forward, but caught a glance at the side of his face, which was nearly the shape of a man's. I can only say that I was shocked and afraid, but the goatman never turned to look at me and busied himself to walk faster and away from my dogs.

From time to time, I can hear the sound of a goat calling in the night. Strangely, we do not have goats in this area of Normangee, Texas, only cattle.

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