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Your True Tales
November 2008
- Page 4

Hat Man on the Roof
by Jo

I've read some true tales of the black top hat man and thought I would share my husband's encounter. He said it took place approximately 1970 in Formia, Italy when he was ten. He lived in a 5-story apartment building, which had only one stairwell (no elevators) and he lived on the top floor (only one apartment per floor). His front door was just adjacent to the roof door.

One day he went out to the roof. Only those who lived in the building knew about this roof access. He took a few steps out and saw this menacing looking man with a black cape and top hat that was staring at him and beckoning him with a hand gesture to come closer. Frightened he ran back to his apartment, leaving the door ajar with chain latch on so he could see the man pass down the steps. He never passed and when he went back to the roof to get another glimpse, the man was gone. There was no way off the roof but to pass his door and walk down five flights of steps.

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