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Your True Tales
November 2008
- Page 12

Top Hat Shadow Man Returns
by Lorraine C.

I am a Christian person and really was skeptical about ghosts and such -- until, that is, I had an encounter myself.

I was working for an older lady as an attendant as she was old and incapable of caring for herself. In her home, there was a long hall with a bedroom on one end and the living room on the other end with other rooms along the hallway. She fell asleep on her rocker one day as I sat in a chair next to her reading.

Something caught my eye in the hallway. I looked up only to see a dark, shadowy figure coming down the hall. I could see the bedroom window through the shadow, but it looked almost solid enough to touch at the same time! It resembled a very tall man in a top hat and cape or long coat, and instead of moving up and down as a normal person walking, it glided along! I was startled as I kept watching it coming along the hall when I suddenly said, "In Jesus name, get out of here!" Immediately, it went sideways through the wall without turning. It just went into the wall. I went to the room and tried to open the door, but it was stuck. None of the doors used to stick but that one did! When I finally banged it open with my hip, no one or nothing was in the room, but it felt chilly. Perhaps because the door was closed but it was a summer day!

I never told my lady about it, although on her own one day she told me that while she lay in bed, very often she would feel someone looking at her and she would cover her head and wait for me to arrive. If she had known what I saw, she would have been terrified! I never told her, but always believed she was indeed being watched by someone or something!

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