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Your True Tales
November 2008
- Page 21

Ghost Cows
by Julia L.

I was only 12 years old and it was late summer in 1976. I have lived in this rural area of Oklahoma all of my life so I had no reason to be afraid of living in the country or being in the dark, because not everyone had a yard light at that time. I spent the night with a relative of mine who lived maybe a half-mile from us, her mom and dad were going out for the evening and we were going to have a sleepover with us two and her younger sister.

I know it was near midnight when their parents returned home. They were arguing and I heard them starting to fight, so I shook my cousin and her sister to awaken them. They both sat up and their mom came running into the room, telling us to run out the back door to my house. When we reached the driveway, I turned to see him standing on the porch with a shotgun and ran down the road toward my house. We all ran into the grassy area and hid underneath these large oak trees beside the road. We heard their car starting up and their dad drove off. We listened while catching our breath and heard the car way off in the distance getting onto the main highway.

For a moment I felt somewhat safe. My aunt was all upset and I just wanted to be home. She instructed me and my cousin to go to my house for some blankets and that she was staying the rest of the night under those trees. My cousin and I started to walk down the road toward my house and reached an area that was pitch dark because of a bend in the road that had a large gully and creek that ran alongside the trees and fence line. I asked her if she was okay, and just when she answered, we both stopped. The only way I can describe this is like seeing a movie being projected on a black screen: there in front of us were two or three cows walking up from the gully, across the road in front of us, and into the grass on the other side. There was no sound, just movement. We stood there and watched, then turned and ran fast as we could back to where her mom was waiting. We told her what we saw, but she was already upset about what had taken place earlier, that she told us to take a shortcut through the grassy field instead of the road, so we did.

We reached my house and my older brother was up watching TV because the Midnight Special with Wolfman Jack was on. He was surprised to see me at the door, and after telling him what happened, he walked with my cousin back to her mom and little sister with some blankets.

The next day, my grampa woke up early and was surprised to see me home. He asked me what happened and I told him about the incident with my aunt and uncle. He just shook his head and then I told him about the cows. He just laughed and looked at me kinda funny, like he was surprised. Later, we sat down to eat and he was quiet and then he started to tell me a story about when he was younger. The old homeplace still sits on a hill from my childhood home and that is where he lived when he was little. He told me that he used to sit on the porch, and every so often they would hear the cattle trail riders coming through with their cattle from the creek area because they watered them there and then they led them up through the gully where they crossed the road and proceeded on through going west. At that time there were no fence lines only trails. What I saw was real and I have no explanation, but it was very real to me.

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