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Paranormal Story Archives
October 2000

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Coolest Story of the Month

The Demon Elves by Tyler Z.
This happened in 1967. The weirdest part of this story is that my younger sister and I never knew that our older sister had seen the demon elves too until all of us were grown with kids of our own. My younger sister Clarice and I loved to ride horses. Almost everyday in the summer we would set off to the stables. We left very early in the morning, so it was our habit to climb out of our bedroom window so that we would not wake the rest of the family. One morning Clarice was part way out the window, when she let out a god-awful scream and started moving in reverse, quickly! I was trying to push her forward, but she came crashing back into me and we landed in a heap on the bedroom floor. Clarice was white, and I could tell she was really frightened - in shock almost. I kept asking her what was wrong, but it took her a while to be able to tell me. When she finally told me what she had seen, I didn't believe her. She said there were four little men outside in the bushes and they looked like little demon elves. She said she could tell they were evil. I was skeptical. I didn't believe in the supernatural at the time, so to tease her (and because I couldn't see any demon elves outside) I leaped out of the window and ran over to the bushes and started crouching down calling for the evil elves to show themselves. They didn't, and I wrote the whole thing off as a very vivid imagination on my sister's part. Now comes the part that makes me now know for sure there really were demon elves in the bushes that morning so long ago. Years later, we three sisters were together visiting and talking, and Clarice asked me if I remembered the demon elves. At that, our older sister Cristi turned as white as a ghost and said, "You saw them too?" It turns out that on the very same morning Clarice had seen them, those evil elves had awoke Cristi by scratching at her window, laughing evilly and calling her name. She said when she got up to see who was at her window she almost fainted - it was the same evil elves Clarice had seen. She screamed at them to go away, and after some time of tormenting her they backed into the bushes where the unfortunate Clarice saw them. The scariest part was when Clarice said, "Remember that you couldn't see them?" I nodded my head. She continued, "When you ran up to the bushes, they were still there. You were just inches away from them, and then they disappeared." We never saw the demon elves again, but to this day, we three sisters all agree, they really were there.
For being selected as the "Coolest Story of the Month," Tyler Z. is receiving a free copy of Celtic Mysteries in New England, courtesy Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383.

Image of the Goat Head by Lisa M.
One of the oddest experiences I've ever had occurred after I read William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist. I put the book down by my bedside and went to sleep. Something told me to wake up immediately and look up. There, halfway between my bedroom ceiling and my bed was an image of a goat/human head. I was fully awake and blinked my eyes and moved around to ensure I was not hallucinating. I closed my eyes and opened them again - and the image was still staring at me. I broke in to a cold sweat and prayed "The Lord's Prayer" as earnestly as I ever have. I opened my eyes and the image was still staring at me. I then not only prayed "The Lord's Prayer," I also rebuked the power of Satan and focused on the power of Christ. I think I kept this up for at least a half hour. Around the 15 minute mark, I opened my eyes only to see the image still staring at me. I kept on praying, and finally I felt at ease. I looked up and the image was gone. The most bizarre outcome of all of this was I saw the image again a few months later in a Time-Life book about the supernatural. There was a 19th century drawing of this thing called Basomophet (I think that was the right name). Anyway, it was a large goat/human thing that looked just like what I saw. Needless to say, I calmly closed the book, re-shelved it and walked out of the library to get my mind off that image.

Grabbed By a Ghoul by angryanne
Years ago, when I was living in at a local hospital, I had a strange experience. I went to bed. I remember waking up thinking that the room was cold, and I became aware of a mist. I told myself that I was dreaming and shut my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw a woman kneeling by the side of my bed! Her features were indistinct, but I knew it was a woman. I closed my eyes again and tried to convince myself that this was not happening, that I was dreaming. Then I felt something grab my arm and pull me forcibly toward the edge of the bed. By now I was terrified. I lay there absolutely frozen, not daring to look or move. After a time the room warmed up. I got up and sat for the rest of the night with the light on. I went to work as normal. During the morning, one of my colleagues asked me what had I done to my arm. When I looked, there were bruises on my upper arm as though someone had squeezed it.

Punching the Devil in the Eye by Frances B.
I am not sure what happened to me, whether it was a nightmare or not. I was undergoing a caesarian section. I had had a massive number of complications with my pregnancy, and my baby was premature. During the operation, I seemed to be up on the ceiling watching myself on the operating table and the doctors and nurses (they were all good friends of mine). Then I was pulled away into incredible darkness - it almost seemed solid. A voice told me that I had accepted a gift of evil during my life and had to entice others to accept a gift of evil, too, or I would never get out of there. I was very, very angry that finding an embroidered handkerchief in a gutter was a gift of evil. I was told that anything one did to change one's destiny was a gift of evil. I became even angrier and attacked the other beings who were delivering the gifts of evil for others. I was so angry I seemed to burn the others when I touched them. Suddenly this presence appeared with a strange kind of voice that said there had been a mistake. I thought I would burst I was so angry and asked who the hell did it think it was to do such terrible things to people. I shall never forget the words. It said, "I am man and I am woman. I am night and I am day. I am good and I am evil. Without one there is no other." Two days after the operation I regained consciousness. The doctors told me that I had died, and they had just given up on trying to revive me when my blood pressure rose suddenly. They said that one of the nurses (now my son's godmother) said, "She's punched the devil in the eye, and he's thrown her back." I don't know whether it was anything but a bad dream or a hallucination, but it certainly changed my life.

Falling Clam by Charity S.
After watching the movie Magnolia, my husband and I went searching the Web for documented cases of living things falling from the sky and came across the article on your Web site. I thought I would take you up on your invitation and tell you my own story about something that fell from the sky. About 15-16 years ago, I was camping with my family near Lake Somerville, Texas. I had been sent to collect water for the campsite. As I was filling my bucket from the spigot, I heard a "clank" as something dropped into the wash basin, which had previously been empty. Looking in the basin, I saw a freshwater clam, which had apparently just fallen from the sky. I put the clam in my bucket of water. We ended up taking it home with us, and it lived happily in our aquarium for many more years, constantly entertaining us by moving about with its pseudopod. The only explanation I can think of for why this clam fell out of the sky is that it must have been dropped by a seagull flying overhead.

The Strange Craft by Drizzt D.
I was in the car with my mother after taking care of her friend's house and cat while he was gone. I live in Colorado near NORAD and Schriver (sp) Air Force Base. At a deserted four-way intersection, my mom and I saw what looked like a craft. It had alternating red and blue lights on both points of its crescent-shaped form. It was hovering strangely, as if caught in or following currents of something (gravity?). Oddly enough, it then started to move erratically and the lights blinked off longer. That made me notice it even more. I'm not sure if that was its intent or not. As we left the stop light (my mom not taking very much interest in the thing!), I saw what looked like aqua-green afterburners, although I'm not sure what purpose they served if the craft did indeed use gravity or some sort of magnetic propulsion system to move about. I have seen things similar to this in the past, but always excused theme with lack of evidence. And now I have been recalling memories of other events. I remember being lifted off my bed at around four years old and then being taken through the window into a light, but I have no memories of the event after that. The same thing almost happened a few years ago, but my mom opened my door thinking I had the lights on, playing the computer or reading. 

Something in the House by Mary
In 1982, two days after Christmas, my mother collapsed from a brain aneurysm and, unfortunately, she never recovered. She had gone to work and had asked me to close the garage door when she left, which I did. About 1-1/2 hours later, I was sitting in the living room fixing a pair a jeans when all of a sudden a very strong chill ran through me. I just blew it off until about 30 minutes later when two nurses came to my house and told me that my mom was in the hospital. We buried her on New Year's Eve. Through the course of time, I have felt her around me. When I was 14 I was the only one in the house and excited that I got free reign for a little while. I went upstairs to my room. My stepbrother and I shared a walk-in closet. I was going to get some albums to play downstairs when I heard this weird deep rrrrrrr noise in the closet. I blew it off, went downstairs, put on the album, sat down in the chair next to my dad's old German weight clock when all of a sudden the weight somehow broke off the clock crashing to the floor. From the basement, which had a floor of cement and dirt, I heard a stomping noise. Needless to say, I called my sister at her boyfriend's house they came and got me. I told my dad about what happened and he just laughed. I did not sleep in my room anymore, but only in my sister's until she moved out.

I have had other strange occurrences. My best friend Denise and I were very close to one of our friend's who was gay. His name was Ronnie. Denise called me five years ago to inform me that he passed away. I was so upset. I wanted to be there for the memorial, but couldn't afford the trip. On the day of the service, I was sleeping when something happened. In my dream I could see this old rotary-dial phone. It started to ring. I picked it up and said, "Hello." "Hi, Mary. It's Ronnie," said a voice. "Hi. How are you?" I asked. He said, "I am doing good." I told him that I will miss him very much and that I loved him. He told me that he was happy and was okay.

Message in the Angelic Alphabet by Terre
I feel very strange telling you this, but this was an incident that happened two years ago and still leaves me perplexed. My best friend and I had been using a Ouija for four years before this happened. We usually contacted the same spirits who claimed they had been our soulmates in many lives. Because of this, they tended to get a little overprotective, moody and act like typical guys when it comes to real men in my life. Usually, they would claim that if I liked a guy, it was because he was an incarnate of one of them. But with one particular boyfriend, the spirits had a big problem. On many occasions, Aervim - the most protective of the spirits - told me I had to break up with my boyfriend, that he was a demonic sort of spirit that would do eternal harm to mine. I ignored Aervim, saying that I couldn't break off a perfectly good relationship based on the jealousy of a spirit, but Aervim continued. One day he asked me to look at my drawing pad. I looked and found that one page in my new book had become wet and had dried, leaving behind traces of a yellowish substance. Upon tracing lines around the yellow impressions, I realized he had left me a note written in the angelic alphabet (as seen in Buckland's book). I went home and translated the alphabet and it read: "Beware of Bats." That phrase meant nothing to my best friend, but it did mean something to me. My boyfriend, the very one Aervim was warning me about, was an avid collector of bat paraphernalia and even had a bat tattooed on his back. The really creepy thing about all this is that I finally did break up with my boyfriend because he told me that he believed he was a fallen angel and that he could produce an ethereal alter-ego to avenge his sorrows, etc. The point is that my boyfriend did turn out to be psychotic, if not demonic, and Aervim had given me the physical proof to believe so. No one but myself (in my immediate circle) is familiar with the angelic alphabet. No one knew about the bats. No one had a chance to draw in my artbook... and with what?

Automatic Ouija by Beth L.
My husband tried a Ouija board in high school. He and a bunch of his friends were in the art supply room behind the main classroom. He says they were all fooling around, each pushing the pointer in different directions while trying to make it look as if a spirit were moving it. Finally, the owner of the Ouija board got mad and told everyone to leave it alone - the board was being put away. As soon as everyone's hands were off the pointer, it started moving on its own! It scared my husband so bad, he refuses to use a Ouija board now. Has anyone else reported such an experience or have any explanations?

More on the Pi Chord by Kendra
Something odd happened when I played the pi-chord on Page 9 in the Gallery. The first time I clicked on the icon, the sound was too low and I only heard a faint "click." However, it really startled my two male guinea pigs (the female, in another cage, didn't seem to be affected). The guinea pigs had been dozing, and as soon as the sound played both males jerked their head up. The second click (after I turned up the sound) didn't bother the guinea pigs, but did wake up my cat (the dog sleeping next to it wasn't wakened), and my chair seemed to "rock." There certainly is something in this sound byte! I wonder what it is. The sound didn't follow me to other sites or elsewhere, and after the first two times it played there were no further reactions from my animals - or chair. This was a very strange experience, indeed, and I'm not likely to forget it.

And More... by Kim P.
You wanted feedback about the Pi sound. Well, I tried it and I have to say I keep hearing - ever so faintly - the sound over and over through my computer speakers. If there is some other piece of sound on the speakers at the time, no, I don't hear it, but if the speakers are quiet, I do hear the sound. Like a very, very, faint vibration. I now have my speakers turned down, and nothing. Just turned up, barely audible, but I do hear. I wonder if I will hear it tomorrow.

And Yet Even More by Robert J.
I have had a similar experience as the "pi sound" man. It was in 1984 and I had been sitting in my bed in NYC for hours. I was naked and was sitting with my back against the wall with my legs and feet pointing to the other end of the bed. After about the sixth or seventh hour of being in that same position (deeply depressed and deep in a trance) suddenly it felt like two hands came out of the wall, grabbed me by my shoulders and slammed my back into the wall, while a tone, a combination of tones, (I can say seven tones exactly) came up from my gut and out my throat. It was a three or four second burst in a perfect harmony that sounded Druidic or Tibetan. I also have described the event as if gravity had suddenly and momentarily flipped 90 degrees and an unknown force had rung me out from my gut to my throat. I also have experienced the shaking ground - quite a bit, as well as a veritable "can of worms" of other unbelievable events. I have a picture of myself just after practicing some "resonance" in a hollow, metal telephone pole. In the photo there is a cloud - fog, ghost, poltergeist - or whatever coming from my mouth. The "pi" sound is very similar to what I was producing.

The Principality by Robbin M.
I was sleeping one night and I awoke to what it felt like someone lying on top of me and covering my mouth. I was struggling to try to breathe. When I opened my eyes, I saw a vision of a huge black bear with sharp teeth growling ferociously at me with a friend standing in front of the bear. It went away and after regaining my peace, I went back to sleep. I learned later on that week that there is a principality in the Bible that is like a bear that comes to take your peace and your joy. It is high up on the hierarchy of Satan's principalities that he sends to torment the Earth. I realized Satan was using someone in my life to stifle my peace and joy that Christ has given me. The Bible says Satan is a roaring lion that seeks whomever he can devour. He comes to kill, steal and destroy. I protect myself by wearing the full armor of God. The belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith and the sword (which is the word of God). I know that Satan will soon be crushed underneath God's feet.

A Glimpse of the Afterlife by Terry
On May 21, 1980 I had major surgery on my lower back. Then on May 20, 1983 my left arm was caught in a transport auger, which is a piece of farm equipment. The injury was so bad that it cut off my left hand and I was trapped for two hours while the paramedics tried to release me. The auger ground rotten grain into my arm, which resulted in a bad infection. One morning I woke up after the drugs started to wear off, which was the only time I could sleep because the pain was so bad. When I turned my head, I thought I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder, which was extremely painful. The doctor came in and said it was the infection and that I was going to die unless we had a miracle. That's when I had a near-death experience. I thought I had only gone to sleep long enough to have this dream where I walked down a normally lit hall that came to a room on the right. I walked into the room, which was empty. Everything was white in the room and there were three doorways. The doorway straight across from me and the one to the right were filled with a really bright light. The door to my left was just pitch black. Something or someone told me I had to go through the door on my left. I walked over to it, stuck my head into it - and instantly there was no touch, sight or sound... nothing. This scared me so bad I backed away from the door and said I can't go in there. Then the bright light came into the room with me, and someone talked to me and I talked to him. And then I woke up. I couldn't remember what was said, but I knew he was giving me a second chance. The doctor and my family was there when I awoke. The doctor said we had a miracle. I told them my dream, and my wife said that I wasn't asleep for a short time - I was in a coma for three days! The doctor had said I would never wake up. But three days later I was released from the hospital. Then on May 19, 1985 I was shot between the eyes while rat hunting in the barn. The funny thing is, with my back, my arm and getting shot, the supernatural caused it all.

Phantom Children of the Corn by Tasha
This has happened to me for the past two summers. In the summer I work out in the cornfields detasseling the female corn. I've been a crew leader both times, which means sometimes I'm way ahead of or behind my group of four. This past summer, one of my crew was complaining about his eyes, so I told them to keep working and I would go back to the bus to get him eye drops. Now, most of these cornfields go on for at least a mile and often more. We were in the middle of the cornfields at the time. So I was jogging back, and to my side corn rows I was seeing other "workers." But everyone was ahead of me! I called out to the other crew leaders to see if anyone was around, but was getting no reply. As soon as I looked directly at the "workers," they were gone. But if I looked to the front, they were on my side again. I was getting a really weird tingly feeling, so I took off, running straight out of the cornfield with my head ducked down. I could see the "workers" legs with jeans or waterproof pants, but I'm not sure if I saw any feet. I was running when I looked up and saw one of them in my way with his back toward me. I skidded and tried to stop, but when I ran into him I felt like I ran into an electrical field. It slowed me down so I didn't trip. When I got out of the electrical field, I could see that all of the "workers" had stopped and I felt them looking at me. So I took off running again and didn't look up until I was out of the corn. I know it wasn't just the light reflecting from the corn leaves because I was seeing colors, like red, and patterns, like flannel. I'm not sure what I saw, but all the "workers" were wearing standard detasseling outfits: jeans (or waterproof pants) a whitish shirt and a flannel or overshirt. And all of them were wearing the same kind of hats and glasses that the company that runs the detasseling hands out every year. I think they were a bit see-through - not completely tranparent though. I don't know what they were. They weren't all one color or floating or anything.

Blue Angel in the Wall by Tasha
I've lived in a very abusive, very uncaring, very unemotional, very messed up family all my life. I believe I have an angel (or two) that sometimes comes to comfort me, or sends others to help me when I'm at my darkest moments. This is the first time I saw my angel: When I was around a year old, I was at a huge family get-together with five generations of my mom's family. I was passed off in the living room with some family members, who didn't care about me and acted like I wasn't there. I was positioned in front of a wall with my back toward everyone. I learned early on to try my best not to make any noise while the TV was on, or not make any noise so I wouldn't get into any more trouble. I remember sitting directly in front of a wall, and I couldn't take my eyes off of the wall. I felt like I was being pulled into place and held in front of the wall. I had been staring at it awhile when I saw a figure in the wall. I was seeing a man's face, shoulders and wings in the background. Every part of him I was seeing had a light bluish tint to it. He had a very pretty face, like he was in his 20s. His eyes were a darker shade of blue than the rest of him, and he had medium-long hair flowing around him. This may sound like I'm describing a female, but I know it's male. He was smiling and giggling with me as I smiled and giggled back. He had the most gorgeous wings, and when he giggled his wings fluttered up and down. I couldn't talk much or understand many words, but he "told" me - like he sent a message directly into my mind - that everything would be okay. Then my mom snatched me up and we went home. I've been in my angel's presence many times. Once when I was hiding from my mom in my locked room (the lock was eventually torn off by my father), I was crying on my bed with my back to the door. I felt a warm breeze over my shoulder and I "heard" very clearly in my mind my name, spoken by a man's voice. I sat up and turned right around and saw only a light bluish glow fading away. I know my angel was in my room with me trying to talk to me. If I hadn't turned around, I believe he would have said more. My angel has also helped me discover my past lives. I don't know exactly how, but I know exactly what song was on the radio, and what part of the song it was on. Since the radio was on, I think I died in a car crash. At the darkest part of my life, my angel "showed" me the song I had died to, and as soon as I heard that song (I had never heard of it before), I had to sit down. My entire body was numb and tingling, and I began seeing parts of my past life. I had never even heard of the song or the band before that, and now I play one of their CDs whenever I'm feeling down and I get cheered right up. I believe my angel showed me this music as a way for me to cope when he's not around.

Powers? by Tasha
I can remember doing this since I was four. Sometimes - not at any specific time - I'll just get a quick vision. The vision overtakes my normal sight for a minute. I'll see a scene or hear a sound that I don't recognize. Later, sometimes later in the day, sometimes later that week, I'll experience the vision. I'll see and hear exactly what I'd already seen and I'll know just what to do or say. No one I've told believes me, so I've tried to block it out and I don't see the visions as much anymore. I've looked at open doors and they slam shut. I can also blow out a light bulb or look at a sleeping dog and it will wake up and bark, like I can make them do it. last December I told my aunt that she was going to have a child in September. She and her husband weren't planning on having another child, but she's due on September 15th. I also told another aunt that her daughter would have brown eyes (she and my uncle both have blue) and guess what? She has brown eyes! I believe I have psychic powers, but I need a teacher to help me bring them out further and control them.

The Scorned Witch by Tim R.
This is a story that my father told me about two years ago. He has never lied to me, so I know that it is true. In the mid-eighties he befriended a self-proclaimed witch. She was interested in more than friendship, but my father, although single, was not. She would often call him over to her house to do odd jobs for her. One evening he went over and they got to talking until late. It began to storm, and she suggested that he stay over all night. He did not wish to, as he had a strange feeling (to say the least) about her. She argued that it would not be safe for him to go home, but he insisted and finally left. About a half a mile down the road he realized that his tire was flat. He pulled over under a street light and discovered a huge gash in the tire. He said that it looked as though something with huge claws had torn the tire's bottom out. Luckily, he had a spare in his trunk, so he changed the tire and continued home, believing his original tire's damage to be related to the so-called witch.

The Old Hag - It's Real by Sue
I just read the story on the "old hag" phenomenon and I've had some unwelcome visitors of my own . An "old hag" jumped on my chest one night in 1997. She was very real - and she tried to pull my soul out through my mouth with her mouth. When she breathed in, I felt so weak. She was a tiny, naked hag with white scraggly hair and wrinkled black eyes. I thought I was having one of my usual alien dreams, but while I was wide awake and walking to the bathroom she was trying to hide in the corner next to the closet door and looking up at me with fear. I just stepped right on top of her and asked her how it felt. I was angry and afraid myself, but I quickly walked away after my foot touched that thing. She felt cold; it was like stepping on wet moss - soft and watery. I have experienced much strange and bizarre, rare creatures for many years. I was face to face with what I called an angel floating over my body while wide awake in bed in 1975. I could even feel her breath in my face while we stared at each other for at least thirty minutes. I've always had strange beings around me. I slept in a bed that didn't rest that belonged to my great grandmother when I was a kid in 74. The spirit punched me in the side all night. It would moan and lift my body completely off the mattress and into the air. I rolled off of the bed when I got the chance and looked up to see an apparition of an old man with white hair wearing white thermal pjs curled up to granny with his arm around her. It's a long story and one that happened to my mother, sister and aunt too. I don't know where that bed is now. When my sister moved out of her old house into another she left the family bed behind. I feel sorry for the people that are trying to sleep in peace on that bed., anyway I have some true, real, experiences filed away. If you have any questions or interest in my world please let me know. Sue P.S. I've never used drugs in my life. There has been no rape or abuse in my family. I'm not at all crazy. These things are not a reflection of the emotions.............. THEY ARE REAL!!!!

Voice from Beyond by Aason Z.
I have been fascinated with the Ouija board as early as the age of 10. I distinctly remember when I was 13 years old, while my my mom was at work, I invited a couple of friends over; there were five of us. When we tried to play the Ouija, the planchette would not move. When one boy named Jose gave up, he removed himself and so we proceeded to ask questions. Amazingly enough, the planchette started to move. It spelled out his name and the word holy. Being very daring and dumb, we asked it to prove that it was with us; we asked it to do something. A few questions later, we heard a weird voice. We all got creeped out and got quiet. Jose had turned on a cassette of "mixes/jams" and was playing it quietly in the dining room. Then we all heard this monstrous voice say my name - "Margie." It was a slow, deep, horrible voice and we all screamed and ran outside. Since then I will never play the Ouija. We all heard that evil voice - it was not imagined.

The Dorm Ghost by Sarah Y.
I am a freshman at college and my roommate and I have experienced many activities which we jokingly attribute to "the ghost." I however, actually think there might be one. For no reason, books fall off of our bookshelves. Twice now it has caused one of my lamps to fall, which knocked off my printer, disconnecting everything from the outlets. Several times we have experienced electrical appliances turning themselves on. Once my stereo turned on at full volume, for no reason. Another time the television did the same thing, and on yet another occasion our microwave just stopped when it still had three minutes to cook. Things like pictures and calendars are always falling off of our walls. Just two nights ago, after a brief reprieve, our shade flew up and wrapped it's cord around itself. And now I think it might be following me. After taking a shower, I was drying off and all of a sudden the shower turned on again. It's gets quite creepy sometimes. I'm am not superstitious, and to be quite honest, never believed in ghosts until recently. I don't even know if I do believe, I just get a little jumpy when I can't explain what is going on.

Power of the Wind by Billy H.
I'm 14 and I have the ability to move the wind in any direction and at any force I choose to think about. I first discovered this ability when I was working outside and my dog was being a pest around me. With the force in my hand I unexpectedly blew him over with a gust of wind. I further explored this occurrence by willing the wind to move in the direction of my choice. I was a perfect 20 for 20. I still haven't told my parents or anyone of my power for the fear of investigation or any other problems. So on a hot day, I'm always sure to be the cool one outside.

Baby Spirit by Anonymous
When I was 14 I was date raped. I had a feeling that I was pregnant, but I did not tell anyone. I missed a period, which I had never before done. I decided that if I missed a second one I would take a home pregnancy test. I was fairly sure already, though, and had begun to feel a presence around me that I knew was the baby. It would be a son and I named him John, but I also knew that I could not have him. I was not even out of junior high yet. I researched some different herbs that cause miscarriage (I was raised to appreciate herbal remedies.) and found one with a low risk rate and took an infusion. The next month I had an especially heavy period. The presence remained, though, and now seemed hurt. DOPlers began, often centering around toys. When I babysat I would often come home to find the kids' toys in my purse or pockets, and a few times on my dresser. I continually got the impression that "John" did not understand why he was not born. The DOPlers continued, and I began to try to contact him. I told him that I loved him, but I could not have given him a good life at that time. I encouraged him to find a new mother or to wait until I was ready. I gained a sense of peace from him after this, and about two months later he left. The night he left I was asleep and was suddenly awakened when I felt a light kiss brush my forehead. It was an ice cold kiss, and my dog awoke at the same time and began to whine. I felt a sudden sense of loss, and knew that John was gone. Later that week, word came that my aunt was pregnant and had decided that if the child was a boy it would be called John.

My Death Experience by Bethlehem Y.
About thirteen years ago I had two experiences from the Lord. I had been thinking about a friend, fell asleep, then suddenly thought she was at the door. I got up to answer it and Jesus came up to me, and I realized something was wrong. Then Jesus took me by my arms and guided me backward the exact way I had tried to go to the door. When we got to the coffee table (as I was sleeping on the couch), I then saw my body on the couch, looking as if it were dead. I looked at myself and saw a light in me, (thank God) then Jesus started again to push me backward to enter my body again. Of course I didn't want this and tried to resist, but as He put me in, I could feel myself go in. I went into shock, then suddenly calm came over me and I slept through the night. In the morning, I freaked out and felt all day that I would fall out of my body. Not long after that, the Lord came to me when I was in bed and told me He would stop my heart. In doing so, spiritually, I kept breathing and knew my body had stopped working because my feet and hands were getting cold and I began to shiver. Soon I sat up out of my body, and suddenly a ball of light was in front of me and started to get bigger until all I could see was light. Suddenly, I was lying in bed. I jumped out of bed to see if I was in or out of my body. I was in! I remember saying, Lord, why are you doing this to me?

The Black, Slimy Glob by isenberg
I have tried to make sense out of an experience many years ago, but to date do not know what it was that I actually witnessed. At age 10 I lived in a home located in Burlington, New Jersey, that was estimated to be around 200 years old at the time. My best friend, Maria, and I were playing in what was the third floor of the home. We had gone downstairs for something and were returning to play when the weirdest thing happened. Just as we had reached the top step and were headed to our playroom, a black, slimy glob of something was seeping out from underneath the door that lead to an area that contained the steps of the attic space. Needless to say, we lost it! Immediately, we started screaming, unable to move due to fear. My mother, who was downstairs in the kitchen, heard our screams and came running up the stairs to see what was going on. As her footsteps could be heard coming closer, the glob retreated back underneath the door. Maria and I tried to explain what had happened. My mother then opened the door and peered into the darkness only to report that she couldn't see anything. As we were still shaken, playtime ended.

Ghost in the White Dress by Amanda B.
Both houses that I grew up were haunted. The very first house was an incredible old farm house way out in the country. Mind you this was an incredibly old house and the only modern thing we had was central heating. The very first time I remember something happen was when I was about eight. I woke up really early, like two or three-ish in the morning, on a summer morning. I remember waking up because I was cold. I looked over at my window and the curtains were blowing so I thought I'd get up and close them. The only problem was that when went to the window, it was already closed! I jumped in bed just as fast as I could and was too afraid to go to sleep for the rest of the night. The next thing I remember about that house happened right after my grandfather died. Once again, I woke up early because I was cold, only this time I had the eerie feeling that I wasn't alone. I peeked my head out from under my covers and looked around. Over by my closet there was this sort of mist-looking stuff hovering. As I watched it, it started to move toward my bed and materialize into a human shape. It was a very pretty woman with long, dark hair in a white dress. She just came over and "stood" beside my bed. She vanished when I tried to reach out and touch her. Shortly after that, I woke up again with a very scared feeling. I looked across the hall into my brother's room and there was this little man standing at the foot of my brother's bed, just resting his hand on my brother's feet. He must have felt me watching because he looked at me and smiled a very sweet smile and disappeared. Those were the only real ghosts I saw in that house; the rest I just heard. I was always afraid to be home alone because I would hear footsteps running upstairs and then a really loud crash, like furniture being pushed over. I would hear cars pull up in the driveway and a person in dress shoes walking up to the front door, and when I would look there was never anyone there - but the dogs would be standing on the front steps growling. In the second house, I always felt a presence whenever I was alone. One night one of my friends stayed over and we decided to have a séance. We had a candle burning for light when we called the ghost and told him if he was there to do something with the candle. Almost immediately the temperature dropped a few degrees, the candle flame shot up to about six inches or so and then went out completely. After that, every time I went down to the basement, I always got cold when I stepped on a certain stair and I always tripped on that stair - always.

Cousin Tim's Last Visit by Billy
My cousin Tim died a tragic death after he fell through a glass skylining in his old high school when he was drunk with his friends. I went with my friends to Dallas, Texas for a Cowboys' game. I wanted to see my aunt and uncle (Tim's parents). By the time got to their house it was 11:00 o'clock that night. They said I could stay in my cousin Tim's room. So, I went to bed and I woke up about 2:30 a.m. to banging on the front door. If you looked out my cousin's window, you can see the front door. So I looked out the window and I saw my cousin Tim banging on the door. The weird thing is my cousin Tim is dead! I got so freaked out I just jumped under the covers and finally fell asleep after about 30 minutes of banging. The next morning I asked my aunt Betty if she heard the banging and she said no. She asked who it was and I said it was Tim. She got very pale and looked at me and asked what time it was. I said about 2:30 and she said, "2:30 was the time when the police called and said they found him dead. That was exactly one year ago at 2:30." Since then, I have never been back to their house for the night.

Saved by Grandmother's Spirit by Karen S.
I never knew my maternal grandmother. She died when my own mother was only nine years old. One night, I was walking home after meeting with friends. I stepped into the street, preparing to cross the street, when I felt a strong hand grip me by the shoulder. This hand not only pulled me back on to the sidewalk, but was strong enough to land me on my posterior on the sidewalk. When I glanced around me, I caught a glimpse of a light blue, sort of periwinkle-colored dress with tiny white flowers. Seconds later, there was absolutely no one around me. At the exact same time, a car came whizzing around the corner at breakneck speed. If I had been standing where I was a moment earlier, I would certainly have been run over and either seriously injured or killed. When I returned home, I was visibly shaken and disturbed. I told my mother what had happened. When I told her that I saw a periwinkle-colored dress with white flowers just after I was pulled out of harm's way, she blanched and became completely still. She told me that my grandmother had a dress exactly like the one I described, and that it was my mother's favorite dress. There was no earthly way I could have described this dress - my grandmother passed away 30 years before I was even born. To this day, I feel my grandmother's presence around me at times. I think she is looking out for me.

Weird Out of Body by TKeeper81
When I was living in the Philippines during my early teenage years, I had an out-of-body experience. My dad was braiding my hair and I was just sitting there on this hard plastic chair. It was quiet and the TV was off and I was feeling really bored (I have a lot of hair to braid). I don't don't know exactly when it happened, but the next thing I knew I was looking down from the ceiling at my dad braiding my hair. I remember wondering if I was dreaming, but I know what dreams feel like, and that wasn't it. I decided that what was happening was real, but it was weird because I wasn't scared at all. I think I may have said or thought, "Wow!" Then I heard my dad calling me to wake up - and that was a rush. It didn't feel like normal waking up. Instead, it felt like I was falling, and I think I may have heard a rushing sound, but I'm not sure. I remember nearly jumping out of my seat and opening my eyes with shock. When my dad told me I'd fallen asleep, I was surprised, because I honestly didn't feel like I was sleeping.

The Thing at the Window by Satin-4-1-1
It started when I was about seven or eight. One Saturday morning I sat straight up in my bed. I couldn't figure out what woke me. I got out of bed and almost like I floated toward the living room. When I got there, my brother was kneeling on the couch with his back to me looking out the window. Slowly he turned around and just looked blankly at me. Everything was happening in slow motion. He didn't speak either, like we were in some kind of trance. Inside I was crying because I couldn't scream. All of a sudden, we heard my sister screaming from the back room. My brother ran from the couch passed me, and I was going as fast as I could but still everything was slowed down. When I reached the room, I saw my brother's face staring into the doorway with this look of horror on his face. I stepped into the doorway and looked into the room. My younger sister was standing in the middle of the room with both twin beds pinning her in position. She was shaking all over and staring at the window, She was slowly going down into the floor standing straight up, just like melting down. When I looked at the window, this thing was there. Its entire face covered the window and the heat from its nostrils misted the spots where it was leaning. Its eyes were a terrible, pulsating, fleshy red and its face was horrible. My brother broke his trance, shook loose from the doorway and took off running. I ran behind him into the living room and jumped on the couch. We were both crying hysterically. I felt like I was going to pass out I was so confused with fear. My sister came bolting into the room, crying hysterically and looking at me and my brother as if for the answer to what just happened. My brother looked out the window and saw our mother coming up the street with a friend. We were crying and simultaneously trying to tell her what happened. For the first time in my life I saw raw fear on my mother's face. She grabbed her heart with a closed fist and slowly walked to the back room. When we reached the bedroom, our eyes were wide with shock. The beds were back in their places. There was no sign of anything at the window.

Reappearing Object Phenomena by Richard C.
I was sixteen when I bought my first automobile - a beat 1959 Ford Thunderbird. One summer evening several male friends and I drove from Tampa Florida to Indian Rocks Beach in the area of St. Petersburg to meet with some female acquaintances who were staying at their parent's beach home. After several alcoholic beverages, several of us decided to go swimming in the ocean. Having not dressed for the occasion, I found myself weighed down by my jeans. My idea was to strip in the water, wade close to shore and toss my pants above the high water mark. After having removed my jeans and navigated to more shallow water I was hit by both a large wave and a strong undertow, the latter stripping my pants from my hands, never to be felt or seen again. I found myself in the Atlantic ocean, naked, slightly intoxicated and feeling extremely foolish, for in my jeans, were what little money I had for the weekend, my wallet and my car keys. Extremely em-bare-assed, I called one of my friends close enough to explain my situation. After the expected recriminations for being an idiot, he was kind enough to bring me a floor mat from the beach house with which to cover myself. After returning to the beach house, hiding in the shadows and explaining my situation, one of the young women fetched a pair of her father's extremely large pants he had left and I was once again clothed. Under polite protests I managed to excuse myself and made my way to my auto where I had intended to spend the remainder of the evening, leaving my buddies to enjoy themselves. I was standing at my locked auto when it finally dawned on me how really crappy this night was turning out. Fortunately, I had spent some time in the presence of fellows of dubious means, who had taught me what I needed to know at this instance. After having broken into my own car and hot-wired it, I returned to the beach house and explained to my friends that we were leaving. Apparently my auto took offense to this type handling and refused to leave low gear on the slow ride home. Then there was the flat tire. Shortly after having fixed the tire, the head gasket blew. I finally made it home. The next day I sold the car. Three years later, my family and I were moving from the only home I had ever known. Behind a dresser in my bedroom I found a set of keys on a length of dog chain. On closer inspection I realized that these were the keys I had lost in the Atlantic ocean, in the dark, those three years previous. Even though I had never seen the dog chain, the two file marks on the ignition key of the only car I had ever owned, shown exactly as I had placed them three years earlier, shortly after the purchase of my 1959 Ford Thunderbird.

Powers Through Self-Hypnosis by Wayne K.
Many years ago in the mid-70s, my wife, two young sons and I lived in a modest one-bedroom home in the country. I was an avid reader of many subjects: witchcraft, self-hypnosis and automatic writing to name a few. After about nine months of trying, I became successful to a high degree in self-hypnosis. My main goal was to see if I could increase my senses. I had read of an experiment with coins. With my wife as my helper, she held five different dated dimes. I was lying on our couch and she was sitting next to me. With a towel over my face and eyes, I put myself into a very deep state of hypnosis. My speech was very slow and had to be forced. One at a time my wife put a dime in my hand and and stated the date. She would take that coin back and place another until all five coins had been in my hand. At random she would place a coin in my hand and by the sense of weight alone I was able to tell her the date of the coin. After 20 straight hits, we stopped. I tried other senses: sight, hearing and smell. They all were greatly increased.

Something in Our Bed by Tina C.
A few months ago, my husband and I were in bed. Sometimes our eight-year-old son will climb into our bed in the middle of the night for whatever reason. One night I was dead tired, but I could feel my son leaning over me. Usually I just lift the covers so he can climb in. I remember us being really cramped in our bed that night. Come morning, my son was no longer in our bed. What I did not mention is that our sone spent the night at my sister's house that same night.

Triple Case of Psychokinesis by Rick L.
A few years back, during a time period that I was listening a lot to various self-hypnosis tapes and meditating a lot, I had several cases of psychokinesis, each about a month apart. The first case I was working on my computer and reached for my can of soda. To my astonishment, as I reached for the can it spun away from my hand several inches until it hit the side of my keyboard, then continued to roll down the side of the keyboard. I instinctively grabbed the can with my other hand to prevent it from falling off the table. About a month later, I was at a restaurant eating with three other friends. As I went to grab for the ash tray, it again spun in the same manner as the can did and moved away from my hand, this time moving almost a foot across the table! As I looked up, two of my friends where staring at the ash tray with their eyes bulging in astonishment. I shouted out, "Did you see that?!" Indeed they did, so I was happy to actually have two eye witnesses this time. About a month after that, I went into my kitchen at night, but the light burned out, so I started fumbling around in the dark, trying to find the small fluorescent light above the sink. I ended up placing my hand on the light and as I did, it flashed with an incredible intensity. It scared the hell out of me and I jumped back, noticing that it only lit up where my hand was! I felt no static charge or anything like that. I've never had another case since then, but I sure would like to know how to tap these abilities at will!

Weirdest Story of the Month

The Possession of Lulas Maria by Pirate W.
After having read Marianne's October 1999 account of being mounted by a demon in New Bedford, Massachusetts - "The Whaling City" of Moby Dick fame - I feel compelled to share my own experience with evil. I was born and raised in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, which shares the shores of the Acushnet River with New Bedford. The fishing fleet of The Whaling City was visible from my bedroom window, and it was in my own hometown that Miss Lizzie Borden purchased the axe (allegedly) utilized in the bloody murder of her father and stepmother. Having resided in the greater New Bedford area my entire life, I can attest to the presence of multiple ghosts and demonic entities here. On October 31,1999 my gorgeous Arabian horse, Lulas Maria, became possessed by a demon named Qualuttah Maalasadooz. I first suspected something seriously amiss when Lulas Maria suddenly developed a strange odor, which smelled like a combination of sour milk and spoiled chicken livers. Lulas then adopted several habitual behaviors that could not be attributed to anything but demonic possession. Lulas Maria would bite my fingers and attempt to stomp my toes while emitting a strange laugh-like sound. My beloved horse would slaughter wild birds in the field, devouring only their heads - beaks and all. Lulas would uncontrollably urinate and project an extremely foul, brown vomit during shows and competitions. But most horrifying, Lulas Maria would howl like a wolf, her eyes and countenance acquiring an evil expression - at exactly six minutes after seven (6:66) p.m. every evening! Fortunately, there was a happy ending to all of this misery. A shamanistic practitioner was able to exorcise Qualuttah Maalasadooz from my beloved Lulas Maria!

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