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Your True Tales
October 2003
Page 18

OBE Visions
by Lisa O.

On January 16,1997 I suffered a critical illness when I suffered a triple rupture brain aneurysm while driving my car. The next day I under went 24.5 hours of emergency brain surgery to repair the ruptured aneurysms that had left me in a deep coma and dependent on life support. My family was told that there just wasn't much hope, but that they were going to operate anyway. I survived the surgery; however, I was far from being out of the woods. I was still in a deep coma and it was unknown whether it was reversible.

On the Tuesday immediately following my surgery, I suffered a significant setback when all the veins on the left side on my body collapsed. This is a critical complication not uncommon to brain surgery patients. When I awoke some 11 days later, I was completely unaware of anything that had occurred.

I had limited visitors; my children were allowed in. The only recollection I had was of leaving the hospital on Tuesday morning, I remember recognizing the hospital and exiting the hospital and going to my car and leaving the hospital property heading for home. I was stopped at a traffic light when I noticed myself in the mirror. I had a large dressing wrapped around my head, and was very confused as to why. I did indeed arrive at my home. Upon arriving at home, I automatically removed the mail from the box at the front of the house. I entered the house and I was very dismayed to see the state of the house, laundry baskets in the living room, dishes not done etc.

Imagine my 19-year-old son's amazement when I was able to tell him exactly what mail had arrived that day, which in fact he himself removed when he got home that day. I also expressed my concerns about where the laundry basket had been left in the living room, near the stairs, which I thought was too close to the basement stairs and that was dangerous, if someone tripped over the basket they would have gone head first down the stairs. My son actually turned white and had to sit down. I had recounted everything perfectly and in detail - during the time that the doctors and nurses had declared a code and were attempting to necessitate me during a medical crisis. If they hadn't pulled me out of the crisis, I would have been declared dead. I had, in fact, been clinically dead for approximately 7.5 minutes.

This is my story, it is absolutely true; it has been documented by the nurses at the hospital, because when I did actually wake-up, I demanded to know how I had gotten back to the hospital, because when I woke-up I told the nurses the exact same story. One nurse told me privately later that she was an avid believer in the paranormal, that all the nurses were talking about my situation, and she was in fact the one that explained to me what she thought I had had was an OBE. When I told the doctor about my experience, he said it was an oxygen deprived hallucination. I have now had several years to research OBE and am now convinced this is in fact the explanation of my experience. I am an educated person, the doctor's explanation is plausible from a medical stand point. However, the doctor can not explain to my satisfaction, how I was completely correct on every point: the mail that had arrived, the state of the house... I was even able to tell him what dishes had been sitting on the counter not done. I had been air-lifted to the hospital by medi-vac helicopter, my car was never on the hospital property, my purse was left at the scene and returned to my family after I woke up along with my keys. This is my story it is absolutely true.

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