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Your True Tales
October 2003
Page 22

The Ghost Car
by Niki

It was I believe 1985 or 1986. I was driving in a little Datsun 510 with my sister Kristine and friend Connie. We were in our early 20s driving to a party on a rainy night. We weren't familiar with the road. It was a three-lane road going one way and we were kind of lost. There were many cars on the road that night. I was driving at a normal speed (the same as the other cars) when all three of of us noticed, all of a sudden, a gray van right in back of us going about 100km/hr when we were only doing about 50km/hr. He was speeding right into us!

We didn't even have time to speed up or scream! Just as we saw him, a second later he was in front of us! The van went through our car like a ghost! I didn't and couldn't change lanes to my left or right because there were cars right beside me. When this happened my knees went all weak and I was having a hard time driving. For a about 30 seconds, the three of us said nothing because we didn't believe what we saw. Then one of us said, "Did that car just go through us?" We all saw it and experienced it. 'Till this day, when we see each other, it comes up in conversations. I will never forget it!

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