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Your True Tales
October 2003
Page 25

The Tripping Ghost
by Cassie B.

It was the first Christmas I spent with my husband's family. We went to his oldest brother's house Christmas Eve. When we got there they (my husband's family) told me that the house was haunted. I didn't mind because I've been in haunted houses before. Well, they told me to be careful walking down the stairs because the ghosts pushed people down the stairs.

So I was coming down stairs to look for my husband, when all of a sudden I felt like someone pushed my feet out from under me. I ended up falling down the first four stairs. After I did that, everyone came running to make sure I was ok. They asked me what happened, and I said it felt like someone pushed my legs out from under me and I just fell down the stairs. Christmas morning we all got up to open presents. Everyone asked me how I was doing and I told them I was fine but my legs and back kinda hurt. Later my husband told me it was because I had an oval bruise on my back and on the back of both my legs. After that Christmas Eve I never got pushed down the stairs again or heard anything else about the ghost.

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