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Your True Tales
October 2004
Page 14

Cursed by the Witch
by Lana

There is a rather large wood near where I live. During the summer, at the weekends, I would often walk through the wood and enjoy the scenery and the sound of the birds singing. Last year, something bad happened to me while walking in the wood, and I have never gone near the place since.

It was a bright sunny day and I was feeling quite energetic, so I thought I would go for a walk in the wood for at least a couple of hours and have a drink in the pub on the way home. I walked through the lush, green trees and felt very relaxed as the summer sun spread its rays over my face and the birds chirped away sweetly. In the middle of the wood there is a large, crystal-clear lake and I sat by the lake for a long while enjoying the sunshine. I then decided to explore a deeper part of the wood that I had never been to before.

As I walked through the trees, I started to feel uneasy; this was unfamiliar territory and I was worried about getting lost. I had been walking through the wood for quite a while, when directly ahead of me I spotted a small clearing. As I got out of the dense bushes and trees and entered the clearing, I realized I was probably in the center of the wood. I could suddenly hear a woman's voice chanting nearby. I followed the voice and was curious as to what was being chanted.

As I approached a bush, a twig beneath my feet snapped and an old, ugly woman suddenly jumped out from behind the bush. She was small, fat and middle-aged and she was completely naked from head to toe. In her left hand she was holding a long, gnarled twig. She glared at me malevolently and her beady eyes blazed with hatred. I stood there startled and shocked for a few seconds, wondering what on earth she was going to do to me. She raised her left hand and pointed the twig at my face and chanted some strange words that sounded like Latin. Several times during her chanting I heard the word "Satanas."

When I saw that she was not going to hurt me, I laughed at the sight of her and called her a "crazy old bat." She looked furious and her face reddened with rage. I walked off laughing. The woman had startled me and I felt quite shaken, but I could not help but laugh at her – she looked ridiculous standing there ranting and raving with no clothes on.

As I came out of the wood and was walking along a country lane, I tripped suddenly and fell very awkwardly. When I tried to get up, I was in a lot of pain, I had twisted my ankle. There was a woman jogging a little way behind me and she rushed over to help me. I put my arm around her shoulders and she helped me as I limped towards the nearest house to use the telephone and call an ambulance.

Since that day, I have had nothing but bad luck. I have been plagued by misfortune and calamity. My college work deteriorated badly, I had a lot of trouble sleeping, a lot of my friends stopped talking to me for no reason at all. I have had some deaths within the family, and one of my cousins was involved in a very serious car accident that nearly left him disabled. I feel that the woman must have placed some sort of curse on me, and ever since my life has never been the same again.

I have even been to church to pray and sing hymns, hoping that would change things. It has made no difference at all. Sometimes I think of going back to the wood and finding the woman, asking her to take this curse off. But I am too scared to see her again. Those hateful eyes of hers scared the hell out of me.

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