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Your True Tales
October 2007
- Page 5

Ghost Goat
by João

I would like to report a frightening experience I had last week connected with a strange entity. It happened May 2007 on a farm I rent from a widow in the central area of Portugal. I use it for spending my weekends with relatives and friends. It's a one-story, four-bedroom place with a new living room with fireplace and a new kitchen. The place is far from the next house, and the rural area around is calm and quiet. We only can hear the birds, the insects and the wind shaking the trees.

Since the first day I entered the house I noticed something was not normal. I sensed chills on my spine! The first night I heard strange noises from the wooded ceilings and "something" invisible began to manifest - usually making knocks in the walls. The following weekends the same occurred. I began to be concerned and upset.

I talked with the owner and asked if she knew something about it and she told me her husband committed suicide in the garage a few years ago. He suffered from depression and even that this was an unexpected tragedy as it occurred when she was attended mass in the next village and found the body when coming back. At my advice, she met a medium women and succeeded making contact with the deceased who assured her he wasn't responsible for the events as he was fine and apologized for what he did.

Well, the weeks passed until last weekend. I invited a friend of mine to rest with me as won't to be alone in that house. In the Sunday morning my friend told me he would come out to take some photos from the propriety and the landscape with his phone-cell camera. Soon he came to me and said he took a photograph of a "goat" that wasn't there before. When I looked to the display, I froze to death! We could clearly see a "goat" sitting on the fence and looking to the observer! He was dressed in what seemed a yellow scarf. His body was blurry and brown except the low middle, which was dark blue or gray. My God, he had horns and casks and the whole aspect like we use to see in medieval representations of the devil!

Of course nothing was there we could see with our naked eyes when we looked out before and after! Now, I asked my friend to keep the photo and send it to my e-mail or my cell-phone. He did that and later he erased it by accident. I haven't been able to receive the photo yet. Maybe "something" was not interested the people be aware of what could be a material proof of the existence of such beings. By now, I am thinking about leaving the place as I do not want to be near such a creature who seems to like that place.

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