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Your True Tales
October 2008
- Page 9

Top Hat Shadow Man
by Yazmin N.

When I was a little girl, I lived in San Diego, California. In the 1990s I would see a lot of things in our new house. One of the things that I saw was a man with a top hat. Actually, a shadow of a man with a top hat. My room used to be at the end of a hallway. The light from the outside of my house would shine in the hallway. So I could see pretty clearly it wasn't complete darkness in the hallway.

Anyway, one night as I lay in bed, I looked at the hallway to find a tall shadow man with a top hat. I could never see his face, for it was faceless, yet I knew it was a man. He peered at me, standing on the side of my doorway and did not say a word. All I could do was freeze, look, blink, and look again. After that night, each night until we moved years later, I would see him. Sometimes he stood in the doorway, other times he would run back and forth through the hall. I never told anyone about the top hat man until I was older.

My sister, who is four years younger than I, one day told me about the top hat man she used to see. I started getting mad at her because I thought maybe I had told her and she was making fun of me, but she wasn't. She didn't see him as much as I did and she doesn't remember him having a top hat, but she did see him.

For a while I thought maybe it was just my imagination, but after my sister told me she saw him I realize that what I saw was real. I've Googled "top hat man" and there seems to be a lot of people that have seen shadows like this all over the world. I always wonder: Was this a ghost? An entity? And why would he peer at me? And why would he run? Was he trying to tell me something? I guess I will never know.

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