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More Illumination on SLI
Streetlights are blinking off all over the place. But what's the cause? Some weird psychic phenomenon? Or is there a simpler explanation for this ubiquitous occurrence?

Apparently, the street lamp interference (SLI) phenomenon is quite widespread. Last week's article on SLI elicited more responses from readers than any other article appearing at this site. People all over the country are reporting that they are affecting streetlights. Some are saying that they are also affecting their house lights, watches, TVs, and other appliances. Others, however, suggest that there's nothing to SLI - that its apparent effects are due merely to coincidence or explainable mechanical reasons.

Many of the responses received included the following:

• Wow! I thought my son and I were the only ones! I didn't even have a clue that the streetlight phenomena would be so widespread.

• It is strange that this should suddenly appear. I have experienced the street light problem for years, and have always joked about it. I never thought that it would be an occurrence that happens to many people.

• This is great! I thought maybe this just happened to me, since I can pretty much count on at least one streetlight going off every time I am driving at night.

• For a while, I thought I was alone. I started noticing streetlights going out when I was driving toward or underneath them. In the beginning, I thought it was just me being silly. Then it continued and I was sure it was just streetlights in general being faulty somehow. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that there are other people out there with these experiences.

• Both my daughter and I have the experience of shutting out streetlights when we are each driving. Sometimes it is only one and sometimes it is three or four in a row just as though they were shot out or switched off.

• When I leave work at night, a streetlamp goes off as I'm going under it at least 50 percent of the time. We've even driven around to watch them go off!

Other Effects
SLIders are claiming a whole host of bizarre effects that they believe they are causing:

• My friend has a light above her sink in the kitchen, and whenever I get near it, it turns off and on by itself. She said it NEVER happens unless I'm there. I am also constantly burning out light bulbs in my house. I also cannot wear digital watches. They stop working within a week.

• This has happened to me for years. As a matter of fact, about a month ago I blew about six light bulbs in my parent's house. Every time I touched a light switch, the bulb would flash and blow out.

• In my case, phones fly across the room, flipping light switches burn out bulbs, radios turn on by themselves...

• I once had a girlfriend whose best friend couldn't wear a watch or use credit cards. She was ALWAYS setting off car alarms, home alarms, garage doors, etc. She got to the point where she couldn't even go shopping in a grocery store because when she went to check out, the amount owed for a gallon of milk and some crackers would be $28,837.33 or some ridiculous amount, and every other cash register in the store would start malfunctioning like crazy!

• The power switch on my VCR goes on spontaneously and apparently randomly as well. No other electronics in the immediate vicinity are in any way disturbed.

• Although I do believe that anything is possible, the SLIder effect has a very different meaning to me. Many years ago, I lost my mother and then more recently my brother. Whenever I see a light turn off, I just know that it's them, my guardian angels, saying hello and reminding me that they are with me always.

• The computer I use at work seems to break down every few weeks. My commander has asked me if I have a lot of energy, because that may be the cause of all my computer problems. I'm beginning to believe her!

• My SLIder experiences happen with cameras. If I am in a bad mood or don't want my picture taken, then the camera either doesn't work or the pictures come out distorted and blurry.

• For a period of about six months, every time I approached, drove over, or had just driven over the railroad tracks near my parents' house, the warning lights would alternately flash, once each. It happened EVERY time I crossed these tracks. I did watch to see if it happened when other vehicles crossed the tracks, and it did not. One evening I pulled over to see if this was a timed warning. After two minutes, ONE of the lights came on, as a solid light, for about two seconds. Two minutes later, the other one came on by itself for about two seconds. I waited to see if it would do the usual flash, and that's when it got weird: It didn't flash or light up or anything -- ever again.

• I have turned on and off the TV, VCR, fire alarm, and many other electronic objects. I also cannot wear a watch because it will stop working, and I have stopped other people's watches. I also have frozen my computer on several occasions.

• I buy at least two to four packs of light bulbs a month. As far as electronic devices, I get zapped a lot. Dosen't matter whether there's carpet or I'm barefoot.

• There is one of my grandchildren's toys that plays by itself when I enter the room, which I always thought was kind of spooky.

• I now carry my credit cards in a thick plastic pouches because I was tired of having to get a new one every six weeks. Another wonderful phenomena is that I can "call" the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). When they are out in the distance, I sing to them and they come over my head and dance.

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